Friday, February 14, 2003

I had the most RETARDED dream about "Animal Crossing". It had something to do with Tom Nook and WINNING animal crossing. *lol* So yeah, it was dumb.

And one side of my sinuses don't work. ~_~;;

take free enneagram test

Wow, that makes me sound so... mentally balanced. *lol*

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I don't wanna work on Journeys Down, so what am I doing? BLOGGING! I'm on this big need to rant, but I don't know what to rant about. *lol* Maybe that my life sucks, I suck, and everything sucks.

My sinuses started hurting so bad they gave me a headache taht made my tummy hurt. I'm so tired of feeling like shit all the time. I've been sick forever now! I just want to rip my sinuses out! I figured, sinuses are god's punishment for us for eating out of the goddamned tree of knowledge. (Little did you know.) Seriously, what point do they serve other than hurting? And maybe smelling, but most stuff smells bad anyway!

Rachel is spending the night over at her friend's house tonight. I haven't spent the night on my own and I'm getting all worked up about it. Which is frightfully odd because I lived on my own last year. *stressstress* Yes, I did have Meg tell me that I needed to unstress earlier today. I swear, these last few months alone are enough to make me go gray at a young age.

And yes, i did end up going to senior thesis. Gilmore prattled about some book he had about artists and their studios. (It was old and was titled "The artist in his studio." Of all the sexist junk.) And then he went on and one about how we needed a studio or we'd never do art again!! And mentioned Mauricio Lazansky 50 times 'cause he's moderately famous and a friend of one of our profs. And he went on about this for over an hour. Good lord. As one of my buds in class said "I love the man, but he tires me out." I don't really love him, but he does tire me out.

I have to find a picture to use for litho! We hafta do realism. GARGH. I think I'll do that tomorrow before class. I want to draw someone playing an insturment for some ungodly reason. Yes, I do like to torture myself drawing stuff, why do you ask?

Speaking of music, I really want a copy of Rainbow, Hamasaki's new album. *cries* It has a bunch of good songs on it. And I want money too, so I can afford to buy it! YEAH!
It's honestly depressing how few job opening there are in town right now. I've hit the whole mall and the parking lot next to my apartment (which is fairly good sized). I think I've found maybe 5 places that are hiring. I've turned in two applications already, and I'm really hoping for an interview from one of them. (I'm pretty sure I can convince him I'm a good hire if I can get to the interview.) Other than that, not much news on the job hunt.

And... I'm staring at that "girlfriend" quiz. Isn't "mercurial" moody...? And isn't that not necessarily a -good- thing? And who says tomboys are the perfect girlfriends anyway? *lol* And all in all, it's funny i'm the perfect girlfriend, all things considered.

The big V-DAY o' DOOM is coming up. I've had the same person for quite some time now and I don't know what I should. Something nice. But then, apparently she hates V-DAY o' DOOM, so I'm pondering if I should do anything at all. Oh the complications!

I have the killer sinus headache today. I'm debating whether or not I should go to senior thesis tonight. Gilmore's gonna talk about studios and how important it is to have one. Honestly, what does that have to do with the senior show? And we're not even going to a real studio, just talking about one. ~_~;;

And lastly, I de-sensitized my litho plate today. AND I started my first round of aquatint on my other plate. (Because I'm an aquatint whore.) I thought you all wanted a printmaking update. (And most of the world has no idea what any of these processes are.)

Sunday, February 09, 2003

*ahem* I have big news. Today, I put in my two weeks notice at work. Long story short, I hate my boss.

In other words, I found out there's a job opening in Toronto for a storyboard writer for cartoons. That'd be so nifty! XDD

Bleh, my sinuses are so plugged up tonight. *cries*