Friday, November 29, 2002

I'm lonely. Rachel isn't home, Meg keeps going to bed early. I have to go to bed soon so I can't go over to Melissa's. It doesn't take much. It's like I can't stand my own company anymore.

All my friends are depressed. It sucks.

On a happy note, Thanksgiving was good. Stuffing, masshed potatoes and gravy. All good. The reason for thanksgiving. And now I have turkey for sandwich! Sadly, no bread. Must go shopping monday. The usual boredom of having to sit around and entertain relatives all day was alleviated by Melissa and Jason coming over for dinner too! Yay! We got silly and we had to spell out all the food before we could eat it. Then, we did dishes, even though I'd been told at a previous date I wouldn't have to do dishes. However, after that, we watched the Lord of the Rings dvd with all the extra footage. 'Twas good but I talked through most of it and was told to shut up repeatedly. *heh*

Frodo looked like he had to pee.

I have to go to work tomorrow at 7. I'm not looking forward to it.