Friday, November 22, 2002

So I went to the doctor's today. Nothing exciting to report regarding that.

And there was a girl who was a bitch. She shall remain nameless to protect uh.. I don't know. But anyway, she said she was going to put in her two weeks because she only got 5 and a half hours this week. But then she got pissed at Lorraine and just walked out. *lol* Well, we won't miss her much anyway. She had excellent customer service. Har harr.

Um... Yeah. That's like... It. I have a 7 page paper due on some retarded painting on Tuesday. I'm so glad the semester is nearly over.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

how would you commit suicide?

Hmmm... I'm not sure how true THAT is. Especially since I'm not terribly apathetic to people who are my friends, just the people who aren't. *lol*

Monday, November 18, 2002

Some fun with googlism:
walker is getting more "he was such a nice boy" buzz than the last kid who went on a shooting spree
walker is a person who wears many masks
oliver is so my bitch
oliver is so my bitch 1 he can't stop talking dirty all the way through his books
oliver is as nourishing to the body as it is to the soul
candra is available to buy
candra is my private property and i sit down in a place and lick up this one disturbs me you know not how much
candra is comfortable to hug and candra deserves lots and lots of hugs
sebastian is in need of a loving home in michigan
sebastian is one of them
jamie is actually the fastest man alive little did I know!
jamie is a plain jane who gets picked on for her pure goodness
jamie is really heavy into the drugs and trish does not want to be apart of this any more
jamie is getting ready for her solo album and tour to follow
jamie is very attractive to members of the opposite sex
jamie is a stinky
kren is going to totally slaughter you
shepherd is a special place — ask our agents
shep is one happy boy now
shep is singing like he doesn't need a microphone
sammael is called 'the blind angel'
sammael is chief of the demons and the angel of death I guess that's what I get when I name one of my characters after an actual angel
sam is a chinese spy
sam is the stuff this doll is made of
sam is now the world's #1 drug pusher

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Last person who.........

Talk on the phone with: Melissa
Slept in your bed: Allie. (But I have slept in a lot of other people's beds... )
Saw you cry: Rachel
Told you, you were pretty: I always get called cute (besides, i'm not not pretty. ^_^;; )
You shared a drink with: Rachel
You went to the movies with: Melissa, Sarah, Jason, and Rachel
You went to the mall with: Rachel!
Yelled at you: Umm.... I don't get yelled at a lot
Sent you an e-mail: You mean I have to check my e-mail? o_O (Prolly Meg.)

Have you ever......

Said "i love you," and not meant it: Nope
Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc.: Um, no.
Danced naked: No
Had a dream about something REALLY crazy?: Yes. Read past blog entries for examples.
Stalked someone: Dear god no.
Had a mud bath: No
Wished u were the opposite sex: Sometimes

What time is it now: 11:35 am

Been to....

New York: Yup
California: Yes
Hawaii: No.
Mexico: No.
China: And no.

Would you rather have......

Apples or banana's: Apples
Red or blue: Blue (gee, which is my favorite color?)
Spring or fall: I like both. ^_^;;
Santa or rudolph: Santa
Math or english: English. I HATE math. T_T;;
High School or College: I like both. 6_6;;

What time is it now: 11:36 am

What are you going to do after this survey: Get dressed.
Do you have a boy/girlfriend: Yes.
What was the last meal you ate: Toast with almond butter on it.
Are you bored: Right now? Yes, hence my survey taking.
How many buddies do you have online?: 2 ^_^;;
Last movie you saw: Harry Potter and Cham (Yes, that's what the ticket says. *images Perfect Blue/Harry Potter crossover* o_O )
Last noise you heard: My sister's alarm. Or Allie purring.


The most distinctive: Melissa. ^_^;;
Is going to have the most kids: Rachel
Known the longest: *lol* Um, Rachel
Is the loudest: We all get pretty loud (I screamed "boobookittyfuck" at the theater on friday. o_O )
Is the Quietest: Read above statement
Funniest: Melissa
Do you have the most classes with: NO ONE GOES TO MY SCHOOL EXCEPT ME!
Will fill this out & send it back the soonest: Probably no one
Is the smartest: o_O All of them?
Do you miss the most: Meg
Where was the last time you went outta state: Idaho. Yeah, I'm cool.
What is your lucky number: 'fraid I don't have one.
What time is it now: 11:42 am

Have you ever...........

Smoked marijuana: No....
Played monopoly: Yes
Jumped on a trampoline: Not one of those big ones, just one of the little ones
Visited another country: I've been to Canada, does that count?
Found licence plates of all 50 states: Why in the world would I want to do that?
Tried the new pepsi: Yeah. It was free.
Colored in a little kids coloring book: Yes.
Had a bubble bath: When I was a kid. ^_^;
Ridden on an airplane: Yes
Ridden on a train: Yes
Ridden in a boat: My parents used to OWN a boat.
Ridden on a camel: No.
Been in a car accident: Three. >_<
Played with barbies: Yes.
Eaten kraft Macaroni & cheese: Sadly, I'm to po' to afford kraft.
Stayed up all night on the internet: Yes
Shoved stuff under your bed & in your closet to make it look clean: Yes. Who hasn't?
Had an operation or surgery: I had my wisdom teeth taken out
Broken a bone: Broke my arm. And my sister's collarbone.
Thought that you were pregnant: Errrr.... No.
Ordered somethin off an informercial: No.
Watched jerry springer: No.
Been in trouble for talkin in class: *lol* Only when I was really little
Been afraid of the dark: Not really. ^_^;;
Been in the hospital: A few times. Not for myself tho.
Had stitches: In my mouth!!
Dumped someone and regretted it: No, not really.
Went out with more than one person at once: Um, no.
lied to your parents: Once more, who hasn't?
Saved someone's life: Depends on what you mean.
Fell asleep in class: Yes. 9.9;;
What time is it now: 11:49
Ever kissed a rubber ducky on the nose, through a rubber garden hose?: No. Can't say I have.
I'm deeeead! Today was a loooong day at work. I rolled for my whole shift and didn't get a break. *cries*

Um, and then I played DDR. Rachel and I discussed how pathetic it is that my weak point in DDR is slow songs. u_u; Yes, it IS pathetic.

Now we're watching Princess Bride He's playing Nintendo! *cackles* I'm easily amused, yes indeedy.

I'm still unmotivated with my Nanowrimo project. It's certainly not helping that the only feedback I've been getting has been less than enthusiastic. Which isn't necessarily a BAD thing, I'm only getting one person's feedback tho. *garbles, dies*