Friday, November 08, 2002

Chapter 5 is written, but i'm not posting it yet. It DESPERATELY needs editting, if not for the simple fact that I've been reading "Survivor" (by Chuck Palahniuk) off and on all night and it's written in the present tense and I keep sliding into the present tense! That and it just generally sucks because I feel no inspiration. Okay, one boring chapter down, hopefully less to come. Next year, I want to do something set in the present. And my wrists are killing me from typing so much. Current word count: 13,018.

I went to Denny's a few nights ago. I wore my fairy wings. When I walked into the restaurant, everyone (literally) was looking at my funny. Meh. No one dresses wierd in Spokane. Then I ate the artery clogging grand slam breakfast because I had a craving for pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Screw da sausage. Um, that could be taken wrong.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Chapter 4 - Torn wakes up in a strange land. MUCH longer than any of the previous chapters, having beaten out chapter 1 by a good 500 words. My current word count is 11, 048 which puts me at roughly 1/5th of the goal for the month. Yay for me!!! I have NO idea what I want to do with the next chapter, so we shall see what happens.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Note to self: Keep up to date on 12 days. Which happens to be Speller's nanowrimo novel. So many people are participating. @_@;

Monday, November 04, 2002

finally! Chapter three is finished! Chapter 3 - Cole rides the train. It introduces the alternate world and *drumroll* Cole!! My pretty little blond boy! *swoon* Anyway, over it. XD
Bwah. I didn't post a chapter last night because I got home late and only got about 1,000 words typed. And I can't seem to write today! So I'm putting it off and blogging. Mebbe inspiration will hit. Yeah right.

Anyway, go read Melissa's beautiful nanowrimo Accidents Happen. If anyone wants to know what a dork I was as a child, I think Leandra is based off of me. (And when I say "child", I secretly mean teenager. XD )

I'm staring at my Cloud skin and DAMN he looks good in Kingdom Hearts. I want a cute blond. Maybe I can talk Meg into bleaching her hair and leaving it that way. XDDD (Sure and maybe she can talk me into dying my hair red.)

Oh yeah! I installed dreamweaver on my computer and I'm SO in love with it now. *hearthearts it* It honestly makes me wonder why I always coded HTML by hand before. *lol* I can make templates!!! *squee* Okay, I squeed and I'm scaring myself, so I think I should just end this blog.