Saturday, November 02, 2002

Chapter 2 is done. Current word count: 5,269. So without further ado: Chapter 2 - The ox-man cometh. I think I'd better say that I'm well aware the chapters have lame titles. And I'm not really proof-reading these before I post them. I do plan to go back and fix up all the words I've skipped or mistyped and whatnot... Just probably not until nanowrimo is over. ^_^;;
bwaaaaaa. I forgot to take my lexapro this morning. I've GOT to stop doing that because it totally wigs me out for the rest of the day. *cries*

And the lock on my door SUCKS. I can never get it open anymore.

I want to diiiiiieeee...

Friday, November 01, 2002

Okay. The first chapter of my nanowrimo novel. On the soon to be finished SAINT site. Chapter One - In which Torn dyes his hair. And yes, his friend is named Ian on purpose. I must apologize, because it's mostly 3,155 words of JUNK at the moment. It gets better, promise!
Yesterday was halloween. I didn't really do anythin special. We had no trick or treaters. I dressed up as Koyh. (And yes, that's more of an outfit than a costume.) However, today I got cheap wings left over from halloween. They're cute and blue and I'm wearing them around the house.

We went over to Melissa's house. After I spent three hours doing drypoint at printmaking. Now my shoulders hurts. ANYWAY, we went over to Melissa's house. WAtched er, played Top Shop (Melissa won) and then our conversation consisted mostly of "COCKtails" and "COCKer spaniels" and licking asses. Jason kept trying to kick us out for sexually harassing his fiancee. Oh yeah, I forgot "SEXagons". Okay, so I guess you had to be there.

I had a dream I was a corvid, like on l'eglise. And I lived in an amusement park, like disney land only it wasn't. And one night, I flew out to watch the opera and I met one of the singer girls and she told me my wings were fake. So, to prove her wrong, I picked her up and flew back to my home. Then she got mad that I lived in a cage, and went off to go to talk to the manager. And after that, I don't remember.

Work update!! Well, anyway, the new boss is trying to do things "HER WAY" which just happens to be the way no one wants to do it. Apparently everyone is fighting with her about it. The things I miss when i'm gone for a week. Even the new assistant doesn't like her. Fun. Work politics are so lame!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

WAH. It's been a LONG weekend. I've been reading 50 million pages out of my book report book for the past few days and working and trying to cram other studying in there. Which is simply to explain why I haven't blogged. I honestly haven't been online that much and not working on something else.

Ummm... other than that, I haven't done much. I went over to Melissa's on Sunday and we played TOP SHOP. And I was Momiji!! And Melissa was Yaq, and Rachel was Lain. It was pretty confusing, but we started getting the hang of it. I kept getting dumb E's. *stabstab*

I had a dream about ddr. It was scary. I'm not... obsessed... or anything. And Melissa told me I sucked and she wouldn't believe that her dream-self was mean to me!!!

I've been playing Animal Crossing. I have one person named "Oli" in one town and one person named "Candra" in another time. We spend a great portion of our time saying Oli is gay. But the only person who likes Oli is a scary hippo we can't figure out if he's a guy or a girl.