Saturday, October 12, 2002

I saw the cutest thing yesterday. Some old balding grey-haired guy was running down the up escalator!! He was all "I've always wanted to do that!" and the woman he was with was all "Just like a kid." But I thought it was sooo cute. Old people can be funny.

I got the day off work and I'm not doing anything. Although, I should be studying. I'll study tonight. I have my art history midterm on thursday and I found out that yes, we do have to memorize dates. I'm never going to score very high on the exams. ~_~;;

I've decided I just don't know what's up with the stripes on this layout. I got a little over enthusiastic.

Last night, I watched the last eight or so episodes of Fruits Basket. They were so good and so sad! Poor Kyoh!! *snuggles* I won't say anymore lest a spoil the ending for someone else. But! I do want to draw a Kyoh fanart now. *hee* Another one? Yes, indeed! I also intend to draw a Momiji fanart because I love him!!!
Okie dokie. Layout should be working. And it should be mostly netscape friendly, but I have no clue 'cause I don't have netscape on my computer anymore.

Features Walker Trenton Hathaway-McKinnley. I drew him in paintchat one night, but it was on my mom's computer. Her mouse sucks, so I didn't do any of the coloring in paintchat, but rather sent it home to my computer where I finished it up in opencanvas. He is the son of Damien and Oliver. (don't ask how that works. ^___^;; ) Layout uses stylesheets, but that's as fancy as it gets.

I'm considering putting up a tagboard, but two people read my blog, so it'd get no usage.

Like the links color? I'm kinda undecided myself.

Also, I added a template for the archives index page. Ooooh, I'm so talented.
Working on a new blog layout. Bear with me if things don't work for a bit. ^_^;

Thursday, October 10, 2002

They fight crime!

I had a dream last night which involved one of my classmates making a print of two little girls kissing. (Non-H, it was sweet) And now I think I want to do it. *heehee*

I'm eating cinnamon poptarts and drinking mocha. The cinnamon is making my mocha taste REALLY good tho. o_o;; I'm surprised!

This morning on the way to work, I saw the saddest thing. There was a really sweet looking old lady crossing the street, but she was obviously homeless. It made me sad to think that some old person would have to be out on the street. Shouldn't her family be helping her out? I suppose there's a reason, but when I'm old, I don't wanna be out on the street.

Secondly, I was at my work study job today. (Got the website all nicely fixed up, but now they want me to add more stuff to it! *heh*) Anyway, there were this really cool Maasai dance troup from Kenya or Sri Lanka or something. They all had really nice legs, and the guys had gorgeous shoulders, but all the girls were really flat. But they were so cool! They sang and it sounded like "afronova" (except without the techno) and they could jump really high! I remember my volleyball days and I sure couldn't jump that high! Not all of them spoke english, but the ones that did were really nice to the kids. I think I was really lucky to be able to go to my mom's school while those guys were there.

Okay, have I mentioned driving stresses me out? I think I have and repeatedly. Anyway, there was an accident blocking both lanes that were going the direction I wanted. So I cut through a parking lot to go around it. But I had to turn left out of the parking lot and there was all this traffic so I couldn't turn. And people started backing up behind me, then some asshole started honking. And I'm like "I can't go, dumbshit!" Ugh, I hate driving so much!! *kills spokane drivers*

*lol* People are discussing alcohol on the Nanowrimo boards and I'm like "I don't need alcohol, I have ativan!" Faith forced me to call the doctor on Monday because I was all freaked out from just having driven to work. She said "That's not normal, call the doctor, chica." So I did and they prescribed an anti-panic drug called "ativan". And it makes me a complete and total idiot. So, I avoid taking it when possible. I can't see me typing anything coherent when "under the influence". But it would be funny.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Oh, and Faith is quitting. I'm in shock. And very sad. And probably getting a new job. ;_;
I HATE PEOPLE! Melissa and I are declaring war on the human beans. It's just been a day that makes me want to run around, gouge out eyes, and eat them. I should grow my thumbnails out like Max.

Anyway, I think Melissa and I are also going to enter NaNoWriMo together. Well, we're going to kick it off by having a brainstorming party and handing out halloween candy on Halloween. They should turn out to be "special" stories. Seperate entries, we're just going to support each other together entries. Yeah.

I'm so tired, but even if I went to bed I wouldn't sleep. *claws eyes out*

I had the most retarded nightmare last night. For some reason, my family was at a haunted house. And there was some creepy blind ghost that was all "aaaaah, I'm a ghost" and I was all "EEP! GHOST STAY AWAY!" *push* and I pushed her over and then I realized she was a blind old lady ghost and I felt bad and I offered to be her seeing eye-person until she found her way to wherever she needed to be. And there was an evil witch who took over the house and started doing all sorts of crazy things. And one of those crazy things was to send a group of super scary ghosts that if you looked at them you went crazy with fright. Marie (the blind ghost) told me not to look at them, and that I should think of something good while they passed me by, so that they wouldn't attack me. So I found a laptop and started writing an e-mail to Meg. Then the witch decided to turn the interior of the house into a sea battle and my family somehow turned into pirates on the shore attacking ships. Apparently if we defeated the ships, we could gain back our "ancestral lands" so we wanted to beat them. A part of the way through the battle, I suddenly remembered I wasn't a pirate. Then I wandered around looking for Rachel, but I stumbled out of the house and found myself in the backyard. Apparently, one of the ghost-pirate things followed me out of the house, and he was one of my friends turned into a pirate. I told him not to go over the hill, because that's where hell was and he'd lose his soul. But he did anyway, and he came back with glowing gold eyes. Then he told me to go over the hill with him, it was fun! And I was like "nooooo!! I don't want to goooo!" but he grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the hill. And I was yelling at Marie to go find Rachel!

And then I woke up. It was pirty. I dunno, the glowing gold eyes REALLY had me creeped out.