Saturday, September 21, 2002

The will to live is being sucked out of me! AAAAH! Actually, I just suddenly feel really tired.

I've been unusually productive today. I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and put all my laundry today. (Twas too dark to take the garbage out.) And I even worked on the Journeys Down page. AND I finished reading Emma! Guuuh, I hate that book.

I'm watching the X-Men movie. We need more movies around this house. Of course, it would help if I finished unpacking my movies. (Not that there's a lot of them other than anime.)

Well, I finally finished my first week of work study. I'm working up at my mom's school, helping her out in the management room. It's been very papercut inducing. So far I've stapled, cut paper, and various other non-brain-necessary tasks. (You know, not that my other job really requires a brain.)

I'm soooo disturbed by the 18th episode of Fruits Basket. I'll just leave it at that.

Friday, September 20, 2002

RACHEL LICKED ME!! ON THE SHOULDER! EWWWWWWWW. (Rachel needs help or something.)

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I've decided that I really should blog, but I have a killer headache. Ugh. x_x (you know, the kind that make your stomach hurt?)

I spent the afternoon at my buddy Melissa's house. We watched Labyrinth. *sniffles* I love that movie. Then I introduced her to the wonders of Furuba! And she ordered pizza. My decision -- visit Melissa more often, she orders pizza. XD Oh yeah, and we watched Gargoyles and Melissa, Rachel and I were all "meeemmoorrrries" and Jason got all spooked by the idea of gargoyle/human romance.

My connection is being craptastic today. Like loading anything is taking an hour and a half.


I'm slowly, slowly wading my way through Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It's the sequal to The Talisman in case anyone cared and didn't already know. Anyway, the beginning, quite frankly, sucked. And I'm not too keen on the narrative style. HOWEVER! The storyline is actually quite good. But getting over the bad writing style is a bit hard.

I had the prettiest ff7 dream. I was Cloud and I had to rescue Aeris from out of the ruins of a sunken ship. (I don't know, you drop her in the water when she dies, maybe?) Anyway, I find her, but we're both cold because the water freezing so we go and take a hot shower. In the same room, different shower. I'm all embarrased and keep making her promise not to peek and she's like "teehee, why would I peek?" (It's a sunken ship, but apparently, they have running water.) Then Sephiroth shows up in a submarine, and we get a ride back from the ship to dry land on the sub. Well, Sephiroth and I start making passes at eachother, and Aeris decides she's being kidnapped and I'm a traitor because being Sephiroth's uke makes me BAD! I'm saddened that Aeris thinks I'm a traitor but I have to sleep with Sephiroth because he's my "master". The end!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Quick blog. I've had a really busy day and not much of it is worth note.

First, went to work. It was slow, so I went home half an hour early. Changed into non-work clothes, then drove out to my mom's school where I did workstudy for two hours. Then, went grocery shopping and got a lot of junk food. Came home at about 7. Read "Emma" by Jane Austen. Laughed at Emma for being dumb. Finished my alloted 55 pages (I have to read that many a day to be done in the week that I have until my book report is due). Then I finished my reading for God and Philosophy and did my two page paper for that class. Yay. I love school and work when I have them all together.

Here's proof of how busy my day has been: I didn't even have time to play ddr! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to spend lunch in the print studio. Yes, I know I spent sunday there, but I'm really liking my print. Why? You can see it here. It's creepy, it's what I wanted to draw instead of trying to please my teacher. And I'm trying to make it look oekaki!! (Yes, it is based on an old oekaki of mine. ^_^ )

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Today is my first day babysitting the print room. I shall be leaving to do just that in a few minutes. ^_^;;

Teri's engagement party is tonight. No one can come with me. The idea of being around THAT many people without someone I know around is really stressing me out. @_@;; I don't know if I'll go or not. (Yes, I'm a chicken like that.)

Last night, Melissa's parents came over and we had pizza up at my parents' house. Apparently, they were helping her put her stuff away from moving or something. Anyway, I had pizza! And saw Melissa! Yippee skippee. We played a card game, and ate pizza. The end!

Then I had a heart attack driving home and subsequently couldn't sleep. Oh well. I hate driving.