Saturday, September 14, 2002

Yesterday, I found out (courtesy of doing a vanity search on google) that no one on-line has the name Shepherd Constantin. How sad for Shep!! For those of you who are interested, Shep's last name actually comes from a Romanian sculptor named "Constantin Brancusi". And now you know!

I had a very interesting dream last night. I can't remember it in detail, but the general gist of it is this. I was a person with wings. I hadn't been born with them, but they were like a "gift" after various schooling and tests etc to find out if I was worthy. (Kinda like a diploma, but not ALL the people who passed even got wings, only the special ones.) I kind of lived in a place like paradise, but I got bored and dissatisfied with everything being so perfect. I discovered a portal to another world (at the back of a theater, of all places), so I went through.

Now the world I ended up in was kind of like England during the industrial revolution. Dirty and smoky with factories all over. In this world, they'd never seen a person with wings before, so I was a bit of an oddity. Also, being brought up in paradise, I was a bit naive, so I ended up getting mugged. Afterwards, some girl took me in and we became "friends". Meanwhile, the ruler of the country I'd found myself in heard of me and decided he that I'd make an excellent pet. So he sent his guards out after me and they found me in the apartment of the girl who'd taken me in. The two of us escaped out the window being as I could fly and all.

And now we arrive at the part I don't remember as well. I fly us out past the city, to some cliffs where bear-men lived. One of the bear-men agreed to be my guardian, since apparently a person with wings was worth guarding. Meanwhile, I started to get homesick and decided that if the bear-guy guarded me until we got back to the portal, he could come back to my home along the girl. The king somehow got word of the world I was from and decided he wanted to take it over (and who wouldn't want to take over a virtual paradise?) Somehow, he couldn't open the portal without me, so the search for the person with wings continued. The girl, the bear-man, and I wandered around the countryside and word got around that we were "revolutionaries" fighting against the king and people started joining up with us.

Eventually, we got back to the city and got past the guards. Apparently, the portal on this side worked like an elevator so we all crowded in and started going down. (Shouldn't paradise be up? Hey, but it wasn't in my dream. ) We stopped at one floor, 'cause we thought that was my home, but it turned out to be a world populated by nothing but giant wolves and they were HUNGRY. So we closed the door in a hurry and hit the down button again, but the wolves still attacked the door. However, at the very bottom floor, that was my home and we all got off. And we lived happily together in my home. The End.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Bleh, bleh, bleh. I hate driving home from school. I happen to get out at about the same time as rush hour starts. *cries* Driving has gotten really stressful for me lately. ~_~;; And I still have to drive back to the school so I can take my printmaking class. (We're doing self-portraits and I don't want to draw myself!!)

Rachel says she wants to be a dinosaur. I said "Yes." Now she wants to find a "What Kind of Dinosaur are You?" personality quiz.

I forgot I put "afronova" on the disc for my MP3 player. So it started playing today while I was studying at the library and I didn't know whether to scream or to get up and start dancing. I think it was for the best that I did neither, being at the library and all.

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

Which is funny, because I can't drink just about everything with caffeine in it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

Talkative, huh? Perhaps sing-ative would be more appropriate, actually. When people don't understand something, it usually drives you to cutting, sarcastic remarks. Your other extreme is bursting into song with almost no prompting, often to explain complex ideas. No one knows quite what you are, exactly. You have made many "special" friends, and there's baloney in your slacks.

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*lol* I have "special" friends. *looks suspiciously at my "friends"*
I'm gonna die!! So I've explained how I didn't get to a whole week of my history class, right? (If not, it's below.) Anyway, the first reading assignment was 75 freakin' pages!! And then I have two 30 page reading assignments to do before thursday. Just for that class alone. @_@;; On the good side, aside from that class, I managed to get all caught up. Go me! Or something...

I came home, grabbed a cookie, and then I went into the bathroom and left the cookie on my desk. And then when I came out of the bathroom, Allie was licking my cookie!! She is the wierdest cat ever.

For one of my classes, I am reading simply the SADDEST book ever. It's called "Man's Search for Meaning" (by Victor Frankl) and it's about a guy in a concentration camp. And it's SOOOO sad. I got all sniffly and I'm not supposed to get sniffly over reading assignments!!

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Wh00t!!! I have now beaten all the five foot songs on konamix!! YAY! (Yet, I still haven't beat afronova. ~_~;; )
My parents' decided that they were going to buy pizza tonight as a kind of pre-birthday dinner for me. (Well, my mom didn't want to cook and everyone is working tomorrow, so tonight seemed to be a better time to have pizza.) Then we played guillotine and the hero of the people made out with all the purple cards and we were all disturbed. (No wonder he's the hero of the people!)

ddr update!! I've started on beating five foot songs. I still have to beat "genom screams", "matsuri japan" (on trick), and a few I didn't get to tonight because I was too tired. After an hour and a half of playing ddr (especially after already having been on my feet for work), I think I'm allowed to be tired. However, I still have yet to beat afronova. I want to know why that song got rated 4 feet anyway?

Okay, I'm going to bed (despite the fact that I prolly won't sleep much anyway) because tomorrow I'm gonna pick up my buddy and we're gonna party hardy up at my house. Well, not really, we're just gonna watch movies up at the parents' and prolly do that present thing. If anyone wants to get me something, I want drawings!!