Saturday, September 07, 2002

Yesterday I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge (which is an outdoor ampitheatre for those who cared.) I know some of you don't like Dave Matthews Band, but shut up! It was fun. I'm not like a huge Dave Matthews fan, but my mommie bought me and my sister tickets for my birthday. We sat out on the nosebleed hill, but we could still see pretty well. The only bad points were that it was ass freezing cold out and the people next to us kept switching between cigarettes and pot all night.

I've never been to a Dave Matthews concert (or to the Gorge even). Anyway, singing he sounds almost normal but when he was talking he sounded kinda stoned. *lol* And at one point he came out and said "Something smells good out there." I was all with the amusement.

And then when we left, we lost the car. We parked right by the road, so Rachel and I figured all we had to do was find the road and then we could find the car. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the road. so after about 20 minutes of wandering, we finally found the road, and Rachel's car was like two lanes over. And then we got home at 2:30. It was beautiful.

Friday, September 06, 2002

Today, I started on beating five foot songs!! YAY! I'm making some decent headway. I'm suddenly all addicted to ddr again.

Okay, here's another story of how clever I am. I thought school started on wednesday. It actually started on Tuesday. So yes, I missed a whole day of classes. So far the professors that I've actually met with have been okay with it, but I still have one that I've never had before and I missed his class again today!! (I couldn't find the class room.) I'm kinda screwed if he doesn't keep me in the class because I won't be a full time student anymore.

Oh yes, I went to the doctor's yesterday. Now I'm taking celexa. (I think it's for anxiety and depression.) And she gave me prescription strength anti-acids. I'm too young to be taking prescription strength anti-acids! *cries*

For my printmaking class, I have to do a self-portrait. Should be interesting as I'm currently in "I don't like me very much" mode. And I don't feel like drawing myself realistically anyway. There's like 9 people in my printmaking class and it's scary having a class that small!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Wh00t!! I beat "Hysteria". And I think I've beat all the four foot trick songs now. So the only four foot song left that I haven't beat is "Afronova". This is a big accomplishment for me!! (Because I suck. ~_~;; )
Beautiful. Here's something only I would do. I just spent the last half hour wandering around GU's campus wondering what the hell was going on with my printmaking class. As it turns out, it's tomorrow on Thursday nights. ^___^;;;

Monday, September 02, 2002

We have such quality entertainment at my house. Right now I'm watching a tape that has "Neverending Story" (the FIRST one), the second Carebears movie, AAAND "Flight of the Navigator". I'm the coolest kid in the neighborhood. XD
Well, today I went to "Pig Out in the Park", which is the local food festival thingie downtown. Very tasty. Sadly, my friend cancelled on us, so it was just me and my sister. Anyway, I had a chicken burrito something or over, which was super good. Rachel had some chicken fettucini and garlic bread which smelled great.

Then my sister and I walked over to Auntie's bookstore (which is a really, really cool bookstore). And I bought, not a book, but a game that looks really special. It's called "Nano Fiction" and you make up stories with crackheaded suggestion cards. Rachel got a game called "Guillotine" and the point of it is to collect the heads of royalty. Apparently, it comes highly recommended, but it's out of print. It even comes with it's own little cardboard guillotine.

After which, we went back to the park and I got strawberry shortcake which was like the worst I've ever had in my whole life (Well, I only eat it at the fair, so...) and Rachel got frozen cheesecake. Now that stuff is GOOD, I just didn't have any 'cause it woulda made me sick. So, to make up for the bad shortcake, I had some fresh baked bread from the bread barn booth. And that more than made up for it because it was REALLY good and had raspberry honey butter or something on it. Yum yum. (As a side note, there was a typo on their sign that said "pasberry" and I couldn't figure out if it was a typo or there was really such a thing as "pasberry".)

Sunday, September 01, 2002

I can't ever have some of the things that I want. I'm a pitiful person. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong anymore.

There isn't anyone I can count on anymore. I've been blown off a few times tonight, and only one peson had a reasonable excuse.
I'm eating breakfast. For some reason, probably because I go back to school this week, I'm working sunday. And then I'm going to pig out with my dear friend. But school starts wednesday!! I'm looking forward to it, yet I'm not. It's my last year and I got my schedule JUST the way I want it. But, still, it's school!

Here's my list of things to do before wednesday:
1) Buy books
2) Get a haircut
3) Buy new shoes

I had yet another dream about going to Toronto again. I seem to dream about that a lot. (I wonder why? XD ) This dream seemed to involve me flying back home for some reason, and then being frustrated I couldn't go back to Canada for some reason. I don't remember very well. Sadly, I've noticed my dreams about everyone's favorite bookstore Kinokuniya have long gone away. It's a sign I haven't been there in a REALLY long time.

Here's another thing I want to know. So I've downloaded 140 meg of a specific file, and now I've got only 4028 k left. So why is that I can NEVER get connected to anyone for that last little bit of download? It always happens!