Thursday, August 29, 2002

Rachel made smoothies with strawberry fanta, raspberry sherbet, and a little bit of milk. They are interesting tasting, yet... tasty!! Having fanta amuses me as well, because I am reminded of the japanese commercial where the guy sneezes it out of his nose.

Today I had a very stupid customer. About ten or 15 minutes before the store opens, I'm rolling pretzels. She walks up to me and says "Are you open yet?" None of the lights are on yet, so it's a little bit obvious we're NOT open, nor are any of the other stores open. (And yet, I still get this every morning from at least one person.) So I reply, "Not yet. Maybe in five or ten minutes." That's about how long it's going to take me to finish rolling pretzels for the morning anyway. Then she says "Oh, so when do you guys open?" So I say "At ten o clock!" politely, but I'm thinking "You know, like the rest of the mall?" So then she proceeds to stand out in front of the store for the next five minutes. As if standing out front of the store means that the pretzels will magically cook faster. Meanwhile, I've put the pretzels in the oven and started putting the lemonade out front. After a while, she informs me, "I'm going to go to the bathroom now. I'd like a twenty pack when I come back." I nod and smile. Like she couldn't have done that five minutes before? Well, anyway, she leaves and I pull pretzels. You know, about thirty seconds after she disappears around the corner. Then I make her a twenty pack of sticks. The bathroom must have been REALLY far away, because she comes back for her pretzels about 15 minutes later. So I give her the pretzel sticks, and luckily, I haven't seen her since.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

My stomach-al region really hurts today. I'm quite sad about everything today and I'm crying a lot and/or feeling like crying for no real reason.

Uhhh... I fixed my comic so the archives pages load. It was long and tedious. But the source of the problem has been solved so I just have to keep fixing them as the pages are generated.

And that's... about it.
I'm going to gouge out my stomach, bladder, and other infected areas. I -hate- my "infection" whether or not it's decided to move into my bladder or not. (For those of you who know what's infected, you'll understand. For those of you who don't, or can't figure it out, it's okay!!)

Doctor's appointment on the fourth. Maybe be going back on anti-depressants. Nothing interests me anymore and I'm bored all the time. I do dumb stuff when i'm bored.

But enough about me! I have to get up in five hours. Go me! XD Um, wait, I'm talking about me again. *dies*

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Good news first or bad news?

Bad News: I've tried just about EVERYTHING I could think of to get the archives working again on my comic. Nothing has happened. I went to the help forum to get help, but it's DOWN!! ARAGHAGHH!! I'm really starting to hate keenspace.

Good News: I got a deviantart account. Here!