Saturday, July 13, 2002

I forgot to blog my good news!! Imouto and I finally found a nice apartment in our price range that accepts kitties. YAY! We're applying there, but there shouldn't be any problems with being accepted.

Also, a baby bird fell out of it's nest. And onto my CAR!! This morning there were bugs crawling all over it and eating it and... >_< I'm afraid to touch it to knock it off. I think I'll vomit. Now it's just a dried up little husk. It still makes me sick. I'm thinking I'll use a hose to knock it off when I get home.
It was 105 yesterday. I don't know the temp today, but i'm sure it's something similiarly gross. We're talking record highs for the area so I'm really not used to it. I'm still sick. My boss is making me go to the doctor so we shall finally found out if my sinuses are indeed infected. I don't really feel like going. Add to the list that I'm PMS-ing, and we have me. Miserable, over-emotional. Ugh, I hate my life right now.

I watched the end of lain last night and the first three episodes of boogiepop phantom. Lain was... eh. I'll just say that the show had me lost somewhere on the third DVD and the ending didn't really make more sense to me. (I suppose it's over my head? *shrugs* ) Boogiepop was okay but the video quality was awful!! I had a hard time telling what was going on half of the time.

I'm now up to episode 12 on Chobits. It takes an interesting turn about episode 8, I think. The things that annoy me with the show is the bad music and how slooooow it is. And Chii's voice actor. Things that only take 16 pages on the manga go on for 30 minutes. (For example, there's a whole episode about Chii buying panties!) And at episode 10 we already had a recap episode. ^_^;; Oh well, I still like it. Hideki is cute, if a perv. Minoru is adorable and I just want to pinchi his little cheeks. (Spoiler alert: I'm kinda disturbed that he makes Yuzuki, who's based on his sister that died, wear a maid's uniform. )

I seem to have run into a stretch of Fruits Basket that's difficult to download. I guess we would call this the middle of the show. People have the beginning and the end but the stuff in the middle is scarce. Alas, I shall persevere! My love for Yuki and Kyoh!! (I can't decide anymore. ^_^;; ) I just love that show and there's actually nothing that really annoys me about it. @_@;;

Friday when I was driving home, there was an accident. They had two lanes blocked off. When I drove by, they were putting someone into an ambulance. o_o;;