Friday, March 01, 2002

Blargh. Well, I decided to write a post on the oekaki board complaining about twenty minute drawings and trying to encourage people to spend more time on their drawings. Well, total backfre. People thought I was talking about THEM PERSONALLY when I wasn't. My point wasn't even to try and chase any off, but just to say that some of us would appreciate if everyone spent at least SOME TIME on their oekaki. I didn't think really this was a controversial topic.

But no there's a new rule saying please don't complain about the length of time it takes people to draw. I think Tony is one of those people who would like to avoid conflict. I think I need to take a break from oekaki for a few days, calm down. I love oekaki, so I don't want to estrange EVERYONE there.

I really wish Allison was online since she's one of the oekaki nazis and I'd really like to speak with her. I mean, to ask if I did something really bad without meaning to. *sigh*

I'm an emotional basket-y-case tonight. Dunno what's wrong with me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Ha ha. These last few days have been hell. All I do is study. x_x But now the art history report that I've bitched so much about is finally done.

What Ayumi Hamasaki song are you?

Quiz by Mika Tsukino

My kinda quiz! But never ever wasn't even an option. I can't remember if Appears was either.... @_@

It's snowing again. AGAIN! It got warm, then it got cold. and now it's snowing like a madman.

My guess is Ish? And it's okay you didn't e-mail. If you didn't notice, I didn't e-mail last night either. See, there was this whole thing with my paper and my printer and me having to go home. ARGH!

See, for those of you who don't frequent oekaki (where I already vented), my printer is out of ink. I thought it might have 6 pages left in it but nooooo! it wont even load paper until I get more ink. So then I ended up having to drive home and print my paper. That was a good hour of fun.