Saturday, February 16, 2002

Today was a crazy, crazy day. Mostly because it was revenge of the super tall beauty girls. Because it was the finals for the "Dresden Model Search" or some other such junk. And guess what? My store is right by where the finals were! And to make it all THAT much better, they all came by and got just water. @_@

IT'S ALL JOSH'S FAULT! Everything is today.

I should be a member of L'Arc~En~Ciel!

I was meant to be a member of L'arc~En~Ciel! I'm not too crazy when it comes to how I dress or how I make my music, but I'm still cute.

Take the "Which J-Rock Band Should You Be a Member Of?" quiz by malloreigh

*teehee* I really don't like them all that well tho... But I'm cute!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I did my second proof for printmaking today. My print just keeps looking better and better. Anyway, I'm liking it. This week is aquatint, so I should have a print of that done soon. Yay!!

I'm not sure if I've shared, but I finally have my scanner problems straightened out and so it is to the land of working scanning. Unfortunately, I've got so many papers due in the next two weeks that I won't have much time to enjoy it.

I'm really looking forward to the next story arc in Journeys Down. It promises to be much fun and introduces two new kyara that I hope some of you will like. Anyway, I think Rue-kun is a hottie. ^.~

Monday, February 11, 2002

*hehehehe* I have a funny search engine hit: How Rei dies in Evangelion

I also got a funny hit for my comic: vampire sex comics. That could be so... kinky! and disturbing. @_@

*heheheheheheh* I'm amused. Oh, am I. Time for work!
Okay, a bit of amusement for today.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers was rolling pretzels and these two boys were watching her. The boy was impressed and said it must be hard to do that. My co-worker said that it was easy, he could try it at home. To this the boy replied, "I'm a hockey player, not a bakery." (and no, for once that's not a typo!) This wouldn't have been so amusing if the boy hadn't been about 12 and old enough to know what he was saying.

Also, there is construction going on for more campus housing. Anyway, spray painted on one of the buildings in construction is "It's 3:15. Do you know where your children are?" Nice graffiti. I hope they put the siding up over it and treasure it forever.

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Mostly for Meg's amusement... THAT DAMN STORY SELECTOR!!

# 1 Elliot Leason
# 2 Evangeline Saul
# 3 Ishmael Huxley
# 4 Eve Huxley
# 5 Michael
# 6 Claudia DeRousse
# 7 Jacob Rutherford
# 8 John
# 9 Lillith
# 10 Whisper
# 11 Luke
# 12 Paul
# 13 Alice Flyinghawk
# 14 David Aaron
# 15 Marcus Huxley
# 16 Matthew Huxley
# 17 Adam Huxley
# 18 Gustav Fraunen
# 19 Rosario Saul
# 20 Vincent Leason

These amuse me... Especially that I got Elliot first. It's rather appropriate. *teehee*