Saturday, January 19, 2002

It snowed last night. A whole lot. And it's s'posed to snow more again tonight. DOWN WITH SNOW!

Okay, sinus infection bad... >_<

Friday, January 18, 2002

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

School report. Yes, classes started yesterday for me. I've finally gone to all my classes. Some of them make me want to shot myself. Some of them aren't that bad. Printmaking doesn't look terrible, but I will probably stress out over it a bunch. And it looks expensive. As if I had money to throw around.

I made muffins for myself for a snack because I'm starved. Healthy snacks, healthy snacks. I love to eat my healthy snacks.

My screen tones came in the mail yesterday so I got them today. I am much happy. I got ten sheets of tone. Three practice sheets. 10 sheets of dj sixed paper. 5 pen nibs, a pen nib holder, black ink, white ink, a burnisher, and... an exacto knife. *phew* I also bought a 40 page packet of b4 sized paper. (this is the size of paper that professional manga artists use. All this for a pretty good price. It's really a shame the people I got it from are such bastards.

Anyway, Rachel bought a ps2 yesterday too. So tomorrow I can go over and play ffX. She's put me in charge of getting harvest moon 3, which I will in probably a month or so. I just bought $200 worth of books, and then I had bills. Ugh. And I still have more books I need to buy.

Keenspace seems to be having problems with ALL the comics on it. Mine should have updated today, but it didn't. They're also having problems with boy meets boy (which I suspect is on a different server than meg and my comic.) I've nearly gotten next week finished, because I'm scanning it tomorrow. Yay! Just got to ink thursday and friday.

I found a video of "eriko vs. morning musume play ddr" which I want to get. ARGH! I got half the file when the download cut off. How frustrating. Well, here's to hoping the person get back online someday and isn't a big poopiehead. I have a little short of half the video for surreal right now, but there's a stupid web address in one corner that won't go away. Urgh. Okay, I'm going to stop babbling now. This has turned into a really long blog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I'm blogging because i really should blog today. I don't have much interesting to blog. I'm trying to get a video of Hamasaki singing "Never Ever" live. I shall probably start it before class and see what happens.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Argh. Life is full of stupid frustrations.

I keep getting randomly kicked off of AIM lately. So, tonight, I got kicked off of aim. Then I got back on, only I got disconnected from the net. Then the stupid dialup thingie MSN came with decided it wanted to crash. Then it decided it wanted to crash my computer. So I had to restart. Which is getting to be a big pain in the neck, because my computer never starts up on the first try anymore. So I finally get back online, only to discover that Meg had to go to bed. ARGH!
Oh, and I got chocolate cake tasteeeee at starbucks. *drools*
Today I did some much needed grocery shopping. I spent $66 on groceries, which is an indicator of how much food I needed. I did buy myself a few extra things, like frozen pizzas, and burritos. Mmm, but they sound good. So I now have food and I am happy.

I also went to the art store. I didn't get anything really exciting unless you figure what I'll be using them for. I got an exacto-knife (which is needed for screen tones), a non-photo blue pencil, and a brush for ink. *phew* All comic making materials. I'm thinking of doing a book, 128 or 160 pages, not sure. This will probably be the first place you'll hear about it if plans get finalized. Right now, funds need to be contributed to the "print angel hunter" box.