Saturday, December 29, 2001

I was non-purposefully l33t today. *kowai*

The mall is SLOW today, I got off 2 hours early. *eep* No money for firefly-chan.

I played sims a bit last night. Even though I have hot date, I hardly ever go downtown! I'm so used to romancing my sims the old fashioned way. Anyway, Jeremy is having an affair with three sims, not counting Josh. It's like, Sim soap opera in my neighborhood.
Man, I died three times in the hogwarts dungeon last night. It's a freakin' hard game! *dies*

I'm really hyper. Someone did a tarot reading for me and it's making me all nervous-y hyper! AAAAAAAH!! *runs around in circles*

Friday, December 28, 2001

I got the harry potter gameboy game for christmas. Maybe pokemon did turn based battles better, but it's still fun.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

I'm cold!! that's an important blog.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

*dies* You know the pain over your eyes you get if you've cried a lot? Well I've got that now.

Bleh, I've been so uninspired in the oekaki department. I just did a picture of kren and it was boring. *diiiies*
Oh, Meg. I requested a password change for you, so you should be getting an e-mail with your new password soon. If that doesn't work you can do it yourself and hope for better results. Merry Christmas. ^_~
Apparently, somehow my blog password got changed. I didn't do it. @_@ Anyway, now it's a differen password and I'm going to bed. (one that I made up in case someone originally changed it for me *koffkoff*)

I will blog about my christmas some other time when I'm not quite so tired. I didn't sleep well last night, due to sleep on the parents couch and other stuff.

Monday, December 24, 2001

I'm packing up to go home for c-mas. Don't expect to hear from me.... EVER! No wait, just until Wednesday.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

I'm going offline now. I have a feeling someone got sent to bed after getting on the phone. I just don't feel like sitting on the internet all night by myself.

As a PS. I accidentally deleted all of my contact list on AIM. Therefore, anyone who's sees me online and wants to chitchat should message me 'cause I can't see you. (especially you Sam-chan, 'cause I need to send you that skin yo!)

Oh yeah. I drew myself as a guy.
I did a whole 40 minute oekaki while Meg was on the phone. Bla la la la la.
Poopsnot. I need food.
Spoons have feelings and feelings have spoons, because if they didn't then they'd burn their fingers on hot tea when they stirred it.

Man, I need fooooooood.
*waves arms and cheers* I get to go to work today! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!