Saturday, December 22, 2001

Take the Corporate Mascot Test at Willaston's Lounge!

My moods have lately alternated between sad/depressed, intensely irritated at the world in general, and the fake happy that I put on for work. It's not really happiness so much as just shutting off so nothing gets to me. Everything is work, work, work.

I feel like I'm slacking off and not putting any thought into christmas gifts this. I just... haven't had time to put together my usual gifts which I spend hours looking for. The day off I had it snowed and I couldn't get any shopping done. I just feel so guilty for all this.

I'd be angry over things if they didn't hurt more. Oh well...
Man, I got so much junk food today. It's the saturday before christmas and everyone was at work, so everybody was bringing in cookies and stuff. It was also the secret santa gift exchange. I got tenchi muyo chocoloate which is so effing disturbing. The boy at work also bought pizza for everyone and I stole a piece. *heheh*

Big boss and little boss also had a little chit chat and big boss' boss came in today too. Morning was not fun. x_x

I have no food in my house except cookies and crap.

Friday, December 21, 2001

I'm sad right now. I don't know why.

I had a dream about pets. I dreamt I had a pet weewoo (it's a neopets petpet). But it belonged to someone else so I had to give it back. And there was a kitty and it was friends with the weewoo.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Anime cursors. The page is in Japanese, but they all look like .ani extensions so you don't need to unzip them or anything. They've got a really cute Supi-chan and a cute Kero-chan cursor too!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

I'm a TV show.

I got my ceramics portfolio review done. Now I have like... 30 ceramics pieces to find a home for. I just don't have room for this. x_x
Well, after falling down in the snow yesterday, like the whole side of me hurts. I seem to have taken most of the impact on my hip and my shoulder and now it's all stiff and sore. Uggggh.

Got my ceramics portfolio review today. And then I have to clean out my painting cubicle and take all my crap out to my car. Yaaaay. ^__^;; Who wants a pot for christmas?
Hotaru-chan CG site. They're all very nice CGs and there's a lot of them! *gaspgasp*

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Search engine hits
gryffindor scarves (5 hits, 3 in a row) : God freakin' lord, I get so many hits for these.
kiss dolls : well, you're not going to find them on a BLOG.
harry potter kiss dolls : why am I getting so many harry potter hits? Oh, I know! Because I keep posting my search engine hits
free manga pics black and white : if people are charging you to download manga pics, I think you are getting ripped off
"kiss+dolls" : Another, ne? why, why??
Ribbon Fighter Death by Kimiki : christ on a crutch! (thanks, d, for that saying) just go to her homepage!
black and white anime : sometimes it's called manga. and those little dots are called tone. bleh
fruits basket anime skins : I'm so tempted to just put up a permanent link at the top of my blog. "fruits basket skins here."
kiss dolls : YOU AREN'T GOING TO DOWNLOAD KISS DOLLS FROM A BLOG, FOOLS! I mean, it's not like it's hard to figure out this is a webjournal, it's on blogspot.
kiss+doll+search+engine : That's actually a cool idea, but can you imagine how much work it would be to put that together?
black and white unicorn sketches : When did I talk about unicorns? Oh wait, that's my wand from the harry potter website. ^_^;;
obsession pics black and white : I'm... confused
fruits basket winamp skins : What, am I the only person that's made fruits basket skins?? It's honestly too bad that no search engines are actually linked to the actual site you can download them from
"Aura Green" : Hey, that's mah aura color. *heheh*
mokona apapa painting pics : That'd be... interesting. I didn't know she painted.
"Ribbon Fighter" : ANOTHER stupid hit for ribbon fighter? I don't even LIKE kimiki that much anymore!
I went christmas shopping. I got my littlest sister a gift certificate to Hot Topic. I also bought myself a pink hat with kitty ears. ^_^ And I got Amy and Adam's gift, but I'm not saying it what it is!!

Then my sister and I left the mall and there was all this snow all over. On the roads. And when we went into the mall everything was clear. Anyway, we decided to go straight home after that even though I really wanted to look at micheals and target for my secret santa gift. The roads were messy.

And then we decorated the tree. Much fun was to be had. I drank kahlua and babbled about boy meets boy all night. ^__^;; Then we watched the grinch as a family and admired the tree. The animated grinch, mind, not the live action one. I'm still scared of the idea of a live action grinch.

I updated keenspace so the missing comics are up on journeys down. Never fear if you didn't read them, 'tause they're just two oekaki that I already had up in the oekaki room. The link that goes nowhere is still there. BTW, I'm gonna be taking down the journeys down blog, so anybody who's linking to it (*koffmegkoff*) might want to take it down.

I really wanna go to anime north next year. ;_; I'm gonna miss not sitting at an art table with Meg and stuff. Oh, if only I was a millionaire.
I figured out why my comic wasn't updatng . *laughs* It's embarassing. I forgot to upload the comics while uploading the layout. Ha ha ha. ^##^;;; I need to take the link down to the page about me because THERE ISN'T ONE! I forgot I even put that link there. Sorry guys, I'm such an idiot.

My sister and I are gonna go christmas shopping today. WHOO! I haven't done any shopping at all. And only 6 shopping days left! AAAAAAAH!! *runs around screaming*

And I get to do laundry today! *runs around screaming again* AAAAAAAH!!

*hits self* I forgot to eat breakfast.

Monday, December 17, 2001

Blogger wouldn't let me blog yesterday. I was just gonna tell the pretty story of how the lemonade urn broke yesterday and how lemonade got all over the floor. It was exciting.

Wow, my comic didn't even update! Whoo!

Oh, now I'll tell you about my strange dream instead.

My family (not my real family, but my dream family) were sailing. See, we were fisher people and we went sailing around this group of islands fishing and that's how we made money. It looked a lot like the Puget Sound, these islands did. Lots of green trees, rocky beaches, overcast sky, and gray water.

We stopped at this one island and my family and I all went ashore. When we got there we found this whole group of people dead set to enter this tomb and get some treasure that had been hidden in there. Apparently this was a rich man's tomb. My family, being poor, decided to join them because whoever found the treasure first would get to keep all of it.

We went into the tomb and it was a loooong ways underground. There were bits and pieces of soggy dead bodies on the ground, arms and legs and stuff. And as we looked, water began to cover the ground. I tried to tell my parents that when the tide came in, it looked like this place would be completely underwater. But they told me that they weren't going to leave until the treasure was found. I tried to find my sister, but I couldn't find her in the crowd.

When the water got up to my waist, I freaked out and HAD to leave the tomb right then so I started running up the ramp to the outside world. When I got to the top, the door wouldn't open. I thought I was going to die for sure, but then some people opened the door to go down into the tomb to look for the treasure, so I slipped out while they were getting in.

I went around the entire island looking for another way to get into the tomb so that I could find my sister and rescuer her. I found all the people that lived in the village on the island gathered around a vent, listening to the people in the tomb drowning and screaming. They throwing snow into the vent and calling the people in the tomb idiots.

There were two girls there my age. I couldn't bear to hear it because I knew my family was in there, so I went to a park with a swingset. After a while, the two girls came down to meet me and they asked where I had come from. I said I came from a big island, far away but my family was poor so we had to sail long distances to catch fish. One of the girls said that she wanted to leave this island right now and get away from everyone here and the tomb. The other girl said that she could never leave because of her guilt for living this way. The other girl got up and left.

The girl who stayed with me said that we should go find her before she hurt herself. So we went to the train bridge (which was a reeeeaally long bridge to the next island that a train travelled on, but you prolly coulda guessed that) and the other girl was standing on the tracks waiting for a train to come and hit her. As we got there, the lights starting flashing to signal that a train was coming. The girl jumped onto the tracks and rescued the other girl.

The girl said that before the others found out that they were trying to leave, we should hurry and get away from here. The girl carried the other girl all the way out to the sailboat and I pulled up the anchor and we started sailing off for my home. THE END.