Saturday, December 01, 2001

It's a bit windy out tonight. One of the disadvantages to living this close to campus is people like to walk down the street all loud and drunk.
It's very saddening. I drew an hour oekaki of someone (Kren) with blood and stuff. It got more comments than my two hour oekaki. *cries* Well, I guess that just proves my experiment. Draw people with blood, get more comments.

I wonder if I draw people with wings if I'd get more comments? Saa ne.

What should I eat for dinner??? Meg if you say food then you shall die!!!

Friday, November 30, 2001

*squeals and dies* I just finished a two and a half hour oekaki of Laurie as a Hogwarts student. *dies more*

Neee... Neee... D-chan, if you still read my blog... Me and you and Meg should all take over the regular oekaki board. *cackles*
I didn't die. I just couldn't get back on the internet after I got back from the ceramics building. I put in a good two hours work, most of it on my penguin cookie jar for my mother. I reallly need to dry some stuff out so I can put it on the bisque shelf. Anyway...

Went to work today. And I worked. It was slow, so I got sent home 40 minutes early. Grrr.

On the bright side, JC Penney is having their little sale where they give out chocolate, so I got chocolate!!

I went grocerie shopping, so I got lots good food in the house again. I'm actually having a hard time decided what I want to eat! It's usually a case of what I have that I want to eat the least that gets booted out. I'm thinking of potatoes and gravy. Yum yum.

*listens to "love ~since 1999"* I like this song. Hamasaki-sensei sounds pretty in it. It's a duet. (I'm not obsessed, I swear it!)

Thursday, November 29, 2001

I should really be at the ceramics studio... Working on ceramics. I just don't want to drive over there because the roads will be all icy and yicky. Must get over my fear of drivng. ^_~ And my fear of work. *takes deep breaths* Okay, everyone, hope I don't die!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

WAAI! I want!

Errm... Thanks, I think. you vons lovely too, but your drawings be far more bog-like than mine!

PS. I did a second oekaki. *dies* Okay, I'm really going goodbye.
This is truly, truly sad.

0% - 10% (Britney)

Oh dear, oh dear.
Far from being a world destroying DeathKiddy, you appear to enjoy kittens, bunnies and boybands.
Not a cloud enters your sky and all is sweetness and light for you.

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

I'm writing an apology to everyone who's blog I haven't been reading. and well, that's everyone. Sorry, guys.

I'm busy, that's my excuse. I just finished off the second paper I had to write this week. *sigh* This was also after having to read a two hundred page book so that I could write this paper. And next Wednesday marks the last day of forming for ceramics, and I've only got about half my classwork done. So... yeah... Don't expect to hear much out of me anytime soon.

It snowed today, tho! Like.. a lot. I don't know how much, but about a half a foot. x_x;; All my clothes are wet from walking back and forth from the art building. *sighs again*

*cheers my printer on* HAVE ENOUGH INK! HAVE ENOUGH INK!! Whoo last page typed!!! WAHOO!! Okay, now I gotta go and finish inking my comics.

Monday, November 26, 2001

I feel sad today. I've switched irreversibly into Jeremy mode, until whatever he feels guilty over goes away. If Josh doesn't forgive Jeremy, it could be a while.

Anyway, I've got the next three days off work. Seems I'm the only one who's not getting hours cut. Yay and yet... I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed. I have only three more weeks of classes. This will probably be one of the harder weeks until the semester is over. I have two papers due, and a 200 page book to read before I can finish one of them. *sigh*

I should probably keep this short so I can get back to writing. Ple. Writing sucks. I'm going to die a slow miserable death of writing.

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Oh yes.. Before I forget, because I've been blogging so erradically (sp?)... I refuse to get getright... And even if I right click and chose "save target as..." it still tries to save an HTML file. Which says something to the effect that you're not allowed to directly link files stored on angelfire. And I don't think getright would solve that problem. Sorry this is so old, I've been dead busy since tuesday. *dies*
Can't blog much, got one million things to read for class tomorrow. Sucks that most teachers think "Four day break, four days that students will do nothing, 'cause all I'm gonna do is sit on my ass and eat turkey." Well, guess what? I've been pulling hefty shifts all weekend because they are the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAYS OF THE YEAR! And with "family obligations" I also had to spend a few days doing the family shit. Bleh.

Anyway... finally got one of those "I'm too cheap to pay ow to download dolls, will you send it to me?" My response "the link to my page is on ow, you dumbass, you can download it there, you dumbass, 'cause if I had to mail my stupid doll to everyone then I'd be mailing forever, dumbass." I'm not frustrated with having to read a 200 page book by wedensday, can you tell?

The boy at work called me "the only cool one" aside from the boss. Ha ha ha ha. Little does he know what a nerd I am.

Nothing else interesting to report on. Except maybe... Yes, not this coming monday, but the monday after... We will start learning about Candra's mysterious past. Which I bet most of you didn't know was mysterious because I never had a reason to bring it up before. Except now I do. And this also means we're going to start into the first MAJOR story arch. I hope this all makes you as excited as I am.

I'm getting so many hits from search engines recently that it's hard to tell who's been reading my blog. Oh well, I'll survive. I think... if I get the time sometime soon (ha ha ha ha, I doubt it) I'll do a new color scheme for my blog. Someday, when I get my own domain and I'm famous, you'll all be able to say "I remember when Firefly's blog had no pictures". And then I'll be so happy you all remembered. I think I'll cry tears of HAPPINESS.