Saturday, November 24, 2001

Wow... And tomorrow it will be one month to c-mas. o_o;;
Man... I will soon get on a more normal schedule for work. My boss and the assistant boss had a "discussion" today, that took over an hour, and then the last shift leader was supposed to go home, so the boss from mrs. field's had to come over (mrs. field's owns pretzel time, BTW). she used to work at pretzel time, and she helped out until the boss came back.

Also worth noting, I saw my old Japanese teacher and her baby today. I don't think she recognized me. And someone left a christmas ornament at the store and it was... an ornament of an old-fashioned "pretzel cart". IT was rather ironic, ne?

My feet hurt and I'm sooo tired, but I only work 5 hours tomorrow. Yay!
i forgot to blog today.. umm... yesterday. I've been seduced by RP-ing and playing computer games. Eep.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Thanksgiving was a good day. I am so full now. My best friend and her fiance came over. I didn't get to see my littlest sister's boyfriend tho, it was all with the sadness.

I drank a mike's before we ate dinner tho. *heehee* I ate some cheese and celery with peanut butter so I didn't get tipsy. I just didn't really wanna get tipsy in front of most of my extended family, but man I needed ALCOHOL! (I'm just kidding, BTW)

Marcus is a sexeh bitch.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

WAI! I'm home for thanksgiving. Everyone be happy!
I watched "Unbreakable" last night. Man, it was good. Creepy but good. Some of the creepiness might be due to the fact that I didn't actually start the movie until.. early, early this morning. At the end of the movie, I literally could not sit down, I got so worried about the main character. I get a little too into movies sometimes.

And while I watched movies (I also watched the last half of "Shall We Dance?") I also drew ALL of next weeks strips. You heard me, five strips in one day. I'm so proud. I still need to put together my thanksgiving strip, but that will take me all of about ten minutes. Now all I hafta do is ink them. I'm so good. ^_~

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Some disturbing things.

If you look up "Gryffindor scarves" on yahoo! this blog is at the top of the list.
Firefly's Current Musical Theme "M (dub's hard pop remix)" by (guess who?) Hamasaki Ayumi

I'm not obsessed, I'm not. ^_~

I should reply to blogs. I don't feel like it, so there!
Oregon Trail *laughs* Good time, good times. Anyone else remember that game?

What is up with ow and repeating words at the end of lines? (you know, like where the line wraps?) it's very, very annoying.

Monday, November 19, 2001

I'm going to lend my boss my eva VCDs. It's my effort to get her and her boyfriend addicted to a GOOD anime (as opposed to the unmentionable anime and gundam).
Oh yeah, Imouto realized something else they forgot that was important outta the Harry Potter movie. PEEVES! What if he does something important someday? o_o
Today was a day. A day. I had a scary stalker guy show up at work. Like a guy I went on ONE date with three years ago. And he still remembered me. Creepy desu yo!!

Frecks-chan, I got the stuff offa geoshitties, but angelfire won't let me download anything from it.

I'm very proud of how nice my Asuka (from eva no da) winamp skin is starting to look. It's all orange and blue. I hope it continues to look as good once I finish it up.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

I haven't done this in a while so...
Firefly's Not So Amusing Search Engine Queries:
fruits basket winamp skins : Try yes, shiawase anime skins
www.Morpheus, download cowboy bebop movie, -trailer, -music, -episodes : I get the rest of the query, but why "morpheus"? Looking for the program isn't going to find the files for you
Misaki pics angelic layer : I have some! Just not online. This is a blog, not a picture gallery
gryffindor scarves : Know what? You just put that on my c-mas list, buddy!!
yaoi paysite : yaoi is good...
cardcaptor sakura kiss doll : I actually DID start one of those. anybody want to adopt an unworked on KiSS doll?
"Gryffindor scarves" :Dang, another one? Do they SELL these or something?
gryffindor scarves : Learn to crochet, and you can make your own!
Firefly PICTURES : Everony wants pictues of me because I'm so beautiful! *bats eyelashes*
anime black and white pictures : manga, stupid
KiSS Dolls : Yup, I never kiss dolls
"KISS Dolls" : Oh, you mean KiSS dolls!!
kiss dolls by firefly I'm famous!
black and white pictures : I don't know why I still get so many hits for black and white. I changed my blog name a LONG TIME AGO!
Gryffindor scarf : Dang, that's a lot of hits for that. No, I do not have a gryffindor scarf. I would like to get one for christmas, so I'm going to ask my mommy for one!
Evangelion KISS Dolls : Hey, here's another doll I did. And finished, but I didn't like it so ow never saw it. Poor Ayanami.
Chichiri : He's pretty cute, isn't he?
I have work today. Yay! Just like every weekend.

Last night, I managed to smack my hip on the sink at work when I was closing. Wet floor, I slipped and caught myself by my hip! There's no bruise today, but it hurt last night. o_o;;

I've gotten 167 referrals in total from Otakuworld from the release of my Candra doll. I think that's more referrals than they have subscribers. I realize that a vast proportion of these are coming to download my doll without having to pay for a subscription, but I hope that at least some of them check out my comic! *crosses fingers*

Frecks-chan, I've almost finished downloading the mp3's. I still got two more left. I just haven't been online that much recently. Been busy with school and work and movies!

Last night I had a dream and in the dream "Love & Joy" (from Love Hina) was playing on the radio. Now I have the song stuck in my head!!