Saturday, November 10, 2001

Nothing interesting to blog. I've come to the conclusion that I must be boring. Very, very boring.
No one is ever online before I go to work. It's so sad. Even tho... It's now like 1 over at that other part of the country. You know, the one where Brampton is. Oh well. I'll live, I guess.

Whoooo! Lian won! But... He can't get together with Poya, that would be... disturbing. She's like three feet tall!! And he can't get together with Luci-chan, 'cause that's like his "dad". The only other person would be arazniniel. Nobody likes her. (just kidding, arazniniel!) Then there's Yuken and anyone would want to get the two of them together is a sick FREAK!

Friday, November 09, 2001

It's a little known fact that soda water (water in which baking soda has been dilluted) irritates the skin. But it does. I have three spots on my hand that are itchy, and one place that is actually swollen and red and itchy. @_@ it's a common malady at work, I'm just whiny.
Aawww... I finally got around to playing with the KiSS dolls I downloaded. I'm so sad Kimiki's new dolls is so disappointing. ;_; Out of anyone else, I wouldn't mind so much but... The outfit designs aren't up to her usual creative par. The lines are all black, the shading isn't that good. I just don't like the doll's pose (but that's purely personal. Hair over the eyes. ple.) And it bothers me I gotta click to make the text go away. Would it have been that hard to do a timer?

Random rant for the night.

Hey... If the LotM polls are closed, does that mean Lian won?
My boss's boss showed up at work today. This was after she was all "Something bad is gonna happen today, I know it!" And them the DSM walked in! AAAAAAAAAH!!!

So work was all stressful. I'm glad it's over. I hope he goes AWAY TOMORROW!!

Thursday, November 08, 2001

If I knew where to get them... they'd be on my HD. ^__^;; I've got a 56k now, which isn't too bad. I don't think GU was running much more than 56k anyway. The problem is, EVERYONE on morpheus who has them disconnects me when I try to download from them. FRUSTRATING!

No one else to comment on. Except...

Sam-chan, perhaps the reason I don't show up as reading your blog is 'cause my blog still links to your pitas site. *giggles* Actually, 'tause that link is easier to remember, and for some reason I can't get your blog to download right on the other link. @_@ (yeah, yeah... I know the response is slow in coming... actually 'tause I've been reading your blog.)

Although, the truth to be told, my blog reading goes in spurts. Sometimes I don't read and sometimes I do. All depends upon my mindset for the afternoon. I've been most talkative lately at least on my blog.
Ha ha ha! I found pictures of the sexiest redhead in manga/anime! Yes, none other than the LICKABLE Kyoh from Fruits Basket. *droooooools all over him*
I've been getting more search engine hits than I have hits from other blogs. o_o Kowai desu yo.

Gryffindor Scarves : I imagine they mean the striped ones I've seen in a lot of the movie pics
fruits basket winamp skins :this way
It's amazing... I put curtains on my windows, and now my apartment is a lot warmer. Not really curtains, more like sheets over the blinds.

Warning: Incoming Art Rant....
I've been hanging out on the how to draw manga BBS recently. And just today, I ran into my first "It's my style, don't tell me how to draw!" response on the message board. This gripes me for two reasons.

1) NO ONE (not even CLAMP) has reached such a level of perfection that their style is perfect. I mean... CLAMP has evolved incredibly over the years and I think Mokona Apapa-sensei's art style will continue to improve! It's just pig-headedness and ignorance to think that there is nothing wrong with the way you draw. And furthermore, you can't LOSE your art style. It can change and evolve and grow up but you can't lose it. No matter what happens, you will draw how you draw. (I think this holds true even for the people that can do amazing fan art. usually there is traces of them in the fanart.)
2) If you don't want people to critique your art work, why the heck are you posting it on a board called "C&C Artwork"?!? One of those C's happens to be critique! If you just want people to pat you on the back, show it off to your friends and family, that's what THEY'RE for. Otherwise, posting it on the board is a waste of you time and mine!

End Rant

I've been bitchy about the way people draw lately. Hell one guy started off his post by "Is anyone here better than me?" and post a fanart from a certain anime starting with a D which happens to have a B somewhere and a Z sometimes.... I HATE that anime which will henceforth be nameless. I got really snippy and put up a lot of things he'd done wrong. Show him, stuck up bastard. I'm gonna get a rep as a bitch. Oh, I am, so why not be known for it? (maybe I already have a rep as a bitch, duh nuh nuh!!)
Gonzaga is on MSN!!!! Waaaaai!! *hearts my school*

Man, I had the freakiest experience driving home. As I was loading my laundry into the truck, my dog was running around her yard barking and growling. So I was all "Hmmm... I wonder what's out there. I wonder if it's some kinda psycho killer guy?" Anyway, so I hop in my car and turn around to back out of where I was parked when I see THIS GUY right behind me carrying some funky stuff in his arm. I start freaking out because it's the killer out to get me. and then the guy steps into my brakelights so I can see him and it's my dad. I jumped so bad tho. o_o;;;

Anyway, regarding the KiSS doll incident. I got a mail from Dov yesterday. Anway, he just wanted to MAKE SURE that I wanted the doll on OW after the whole fiasco with me being all "AAAAH! It's a paysite!" And so I was like "yeah, changed my mind. I can do that." I like Dov, he's always been nice to me. Jennifer on the other hand...

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Oh, and as a side note.... I never got confirmation from Dov that he recieved my KiSS doll. And it didn't make it into the update. Does anyone know if there's some kinda update buffer going on with KiSS dolls? Anyway, I just e-mailed him to ask if he ever even got my e-mail. ^__^;;

I can't imagine there being some kind of problem with the doll, other than maybe the fact that I used "Ribbon Fighter Vai" as a basis for the palette. I didn't actually USE that palette, I just screencapped it, then selected the colors I wanted and then I added a heck of a lot more to the palette. ^_^;; Or else the one cel I forgot snap-to is an UNFORGIVEABLE SIN!!! AAAAAAAH!

I really hope it's just that he never got my doll for some reason. I hope their still not in a snit over a lot of the kamishibai authors not wanting to keep their stories up on the site. Oh well, if it is... *shrugs* There's nothing saying I hafta give THEM the ending to Questors and can't just get a new webspace account somewhere and put it up myself. Tho, I really don't want to do that... ^_^;;
*eats stale crackers* Well, that's enough of that. Thank god I'm going shopping tomorrow. There's no food in the house. And my milk finally turned bad. I was going to have cereal for breakfast this morning, but it was all one big lump! AAAAAAAAAH! *screams and hides from the lumpy milk monster* Then I just had dry cereal.

*heheheh* Sorry about the readme file. It went overboard. I possess a propensity for verbosity whenever my mind goes into overdrive.

*diiiiiiies* I'm in still in shock from writing my paper. I know I should draw comics. I only have monday of next week done and I need to get through tuesday AT LEAST and preferably to Thursday! Otherwise, there will be days of filler art and I don't think I have any worth showing off. (unless anyone wants to see the kyara sketches for a little story I'm working

Oi! Ribby-chan! If you can, try to get "Takamagahara" a manga by Tachikawa Megumi (who did st. tail and is currently , so far as I know, doing cyber idol mink). It's like the best unknown manga ever!! Um, but aside from plugging that comic.... GET FRUITS BASKET!

Ai-chan... You really need to remember your closing tags on stuff. *points at your now italicized blog*

o_O I've no clue what to say about that. Other than it would probably sound really bitchy of me to say that it's probably better that way. ^__^;;

"You can do it, Jill! You're an amazon!"

Okay, I have a few songs I'm missing and really wanna add to my Hamasaki collection. Here goes:
AUDIENCE (Calderone Club Mix)
SURREAL (Club 69 Remix)
SCAR (Don't Cry Mix)
Key (ARIWA Dub mix)
End of the World (orb 'nigh Laddy' remix)
vogue (Computerhell Vocal Mix)
AUDIENCE (Jonathan Peters' Mix)

If anyone wants to donate to the "support firefly's obsession fund" please feel free!
Today I spent a better part of the afternoon hauling around wood for the wood fire next weekend. Now, those of you NOT familiar with ceramics, yes I do mean a wood fire as in the kind you fire pots in. It was actually a nice break from the usual routine, although it was very cold.

I just finished writing an ethics paper. And I am reminded of one of my friends comments on why he was only minoring in philosophy and not majoring in it. And it goes like this: "I cannot make a major of BS". I salute you.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Okay, you guys gotta realize, the only games I play on the playstation are sometimes a final fantasy game, but usually just Harvest Moon.

Anyway, today I saw the beauty that is Resident Evil for the first time. The storyline is that some scientists invented a virus that turns people into zombies. It's great fun. You know, going around shooting invalids. Especially since the controls are wonky and I ended spending more time walking around like a zombie than the zombies did! And what I want to know is why these people were keeping so much ammo around the house. But I give them all an a+ for effort in acting (not necessarily skills, mind you).

This post is making no sense. Oh well. Everyone should go out and shoot a zombie today! (preferably with something that will set it afire.)
My painting teacher took his shirt off!! Okay, just his sweatshirt, but his t-shirt almost came off with it. Anyway, and he was like totally built, six-pack and all. And the girl next to me was all "Daaaaaaamn." And me and the girl on the other side of her start laughing ('cause one, we all agreed, and two, it's funny to be checking out your teachers) And so he was all "What? What are you guys laughing about?" and got all paranoid. It was funny.

And now Imouto wants to be in my painting class.

Monday, November 05, 2001

I don't get the song "Little Miss" by boa. I just don't get it. I finally got why the song "Elephant" is called elephant, but I just don't get what "Little Miss" is about.

I like slippers. My feet are warm.

Hnnnn, there's a reason why the last chap of Questors is so slow in coming. God, I can't stand to look at these pictures anymore. *closes PCPaintbrush*
I've eternally got the OP to the "Fruits Basket" anime stuck in my head. >_<
I had the wierdest, creepiest dream last night. Here's the short version of it:

I was on a class field trip to some garden place under a huge dome. Meg was with me, since in my dream she was in my class. Anyway, the robots that tended the garden started attacking the students. Meg and I and a couple of other students were in an elevator when the attacks started. One of the robots grabbed me and dragged me out of the elevator.

Anyway, Meg and I were seperated. The robots took her over to an incinerator, where they burned her body and put it into a little plastic bag. I escaped the robots and ran over to the little incinerator where I took the little bag that Meg's ashes were in.

Two of the robots grabbed me and started dragging me towards some place that I was going to be put on trial for the crimes of humans. They were dragging me really, really slowly, because they'd been so touched at my reactions to Meg's death that they didn't want me to die. The dragged me so slowly in fact, that 10,000 years passed and the rest of the humans died out due to pollution on the earth.

At the trial it was decided I could live and the robots made me immortal. (I guess I was anyway, to live 10,000 years.) The two robots who'd taken me to the trial were put in charge of taking care of me. I think it was decided I could live because I was the last human and therefore some sort of curious antiquity.

Skip several years into the future. Despite the fact that I'm immortal, my health is poor and I'm lonely. Oh yeah, and I still carry around the bag with Meg's ashes in it. The two robots now have a little kid robot (I don't ask how robots got a kid). The two robots are also being called off to duty to fight in a robot war against other robots. They leave the garden dome (I can't go because I can't breathe the air outside the dome) and leave me in charge of taking care of their kid.

The kid robot decides he wants ice cream. One scoop of pumpkin popuri and one scoop or strawberries and cream. I'm trying to disuade him from the odd flavor combination when....My alarm went off!! Agh!

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Because my other Fight Club quote went away:

Narrator: If I had a tumor, I'd name it Marla.

And lastly, from Dogma:

Metatron: Noah was a drunk. Look what he accomplished. And no one's even asking you to build an ark. All you have to do is go to New Jersey.
Bethany: New Jersey.
Metatron: Sure. Go to New Jersey and visit a small church on a very important day. Agreed?
Bethany: That doesn't sound like a crusade.
Metatron: Aside from the fine print, that's it.
Bethany: What's the fine print?
Metatron: [mumbling into glass] Stopacoupleofangelsfromenteringandthusnegatingallexistence. Damn, this is good tequila.
Bethany: Wait, wait, wait. Repeat that.
Metatron: "Damn, this is good tequila"?
Bethany: The first part.
Metatron: Details. Stop a couple of angels from entering and thus negating all existence. God, I hate when people need it spelled out for them.
Addendum: I have the best sister in the world. She randomly bought me harry potter stuff!
I'm a good cook. I made noodles! I can make noodles!!

Oh, I forgot to say earlier that the Candra KiSS doll is now up on the Journeys Down download page. Just in case of you guys who read my blog still play with KiSS dolls.


I've been playing Harvest Moon a lot. Lucas is Oliver's pony. Oliver is gonna marry Popuri. But I'm still working through my first spring. Oli's gonna be a little rich boy once his cabbage grows!

What the hell are the people upstairs doing?? Jumping jacks?!?! Grrr.