Saturday, November 03, 2001

I just realized that I didn't have any hits for a certain anime that starts with a D and ends with a Z. YAAAAAAAAAY!
Search Engine Hits:

+"Fruits Basket" +anime : I wanna seeeee it!!
firefly pictures : You'd be surprised the number of hits I get for this one
Morning Musume pictures : Kyaaaaaa! Morning Musume! Sadly, I don't even have pics for my layout!
black man over weight pictures : Eerrrr... why?
Ayu Hamasaki Pictures : Try the official site
Firefly * pic : I wonder if the * is supposed to mean anything special?
black and white pictures : Here's another one I get a lot of hits for
anime skirt suspenders -misu -stockings -tifa : *laughs* I'm as confused as you are buddy
angelic layer pictures : No pics but I do have winamp skins
shinohara tomoe : I like her too
www.punkin pie : Mmmmm, you're making me hungry!
tyler durden messiah : YEAH! Tyler Durden is my messiah! *laughs evilly*
black and white pictures : Another one? Yay. ^_^;;
(I deleted one 'cause I didn't want anymore hits for it)
Arashi Kishuu Pictures : If you find any, you can share!
pictures of a firefly : That's me!
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "Furusato" by Morning Musume. *gasp* It's a slow song I like! *gasp*

Today was so boring. I went to work and then I painted. I hope I get brownie points for working on my painting over the weekend. The art building is so creepy when no one is there.

*curls up in a little ball* My feet are tired.

Oh! In Harvest Moon, Oliver's horse is named "Lucas". Lucas is Oli's pony! *laughs*

Friday, November 02, 2001

*sigh* BlogBack made a new version. I'm too lazy to convert all my comments to to the new version so they are going bye-bye. Gomen nasai.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I finally finished my Candra KiSS doll!! I just sent it into OW a few minutes ago. Everyone who has an account, vote for me!! ^_~

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Oh yeah, sankyuu, Ribby-chan, for the card! Chou kakkoinda!
I slept ten hours last night. I had a baaaad headache. I don't know why I'm blogging just to tell you all that I went to bed early last night.
Wow! Morpheus didn't crash my computer! Now if I could only get the file I wanted....
Today, I got paid money to hand out candy to trick or treaters. I made JUUUUST enough to pay off the parking ticket I also got today. *sigh*

Oh a happier note, there were a bunch of REALLY cute costumes. My three faves were:
1. the popcorn costume
2. the flower fairy costume (I wish I could describe that one to do it justice, it was a GORGEOUS costume!)
3. the carrot costume

That two of the three cutest costumes were food doesn't mean anything. There were also three little kids who dressed up as Blue, Magenta, and Perriwinkle! verra cute!! *giggles*

I'm eating candy for dinner. My boss made everyone who worked tonight halloween bags since we didn't get to go trick or treating (like I woulda gone anyway.) I wish I could be nice and thoughtful like that. There's even home made candy in it. Aawwww. *heartheart*

I realized today during RP-ing, that Oliver has a little thing for the Other. See, I'd been teasing him about it earlier. But he really DOES like the evil non-Dami! *gasp* I don't think that kid has it in him to hate anyone.

Rachel has a theory on Harvest Moon. She thinks Ellie is a submissive who needs a strong man to dominate her. Hence she keeps saying "Men have to be strong." Makes me wonder why she goes for the doctor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

La la la! I like rain! But I don't like it when it makes me get all wet. La la la.

I'm tired and my hands hurt. I feel so old when parts of my body hurt.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

And I don't mean I'm making a big mess in THAT sense! *glares at amy and meg*
I've been practicing inking with REAL india ink and pen nibs like a real manga-ka!! Aren't you proud? I suck. Mooou. All I'm really doing is making a big mess. I hope practice shall improve my skills.

I got home from work and spent the rest of the evening catching up with homework I was supposed to have done over the weekend. Silly me. I e-mailed 50 people. I was also supposed to go to a meeting for another of my presentations, but it was during work. Considering I also couldn't make it to the firstone, I think my group is going to be angry at me. Oh well, I guess none of them have real jobs. ^__^;;

Meg made up two new kyara by the name of "Bradley" and "Phillip". Amy is obsessed with them. *heh* Isn't Brad a little old for you, Amy-chaaan? *looks innocent*

At the comic book store, they have a mag called "cinefest" and on the cover is a pic from AI and everytime I see the magazine, I shudder. That movie gets creepier in my memories the longer it's been since I seen it.

I'm a gigantic art kick. I think I'm going to go draw now.