Saturday, October 27, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "Kiminichi" by Shinohara Tomoe
6 minutes until I leave for work. >_< I got asked to come in an hour early because one of my co-workers never feels a need to show up on time.

I get to wear a new ugly shirt tomorrow because we got a new product. Hooray for us.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Or SUU! But I'd need the mechanical wings and I'd NEVER get those together. X_X
Hmmm... Damn you, Imouto, this is your fault. I wanna dress up as Multi for the con now. T_T The costume wouldn't be that hard, I've dressed up in the school girl uniform many times before, so I got the basic pattern down. But how to do the ear things? *ponders*
I've gotten into the habit of obsessively brushing my teeth. X_x

Nee, neee, Lissa-chan... Are you gonna come to sakuracon with me and Rach? I'm trying to get myself all into the art show like a good little Firefly! The cost is $45 and it's in april. If you come, we're gonna all split the cost of a hotel room.
La la la... I'm thinking of doing a new color scheme 'cause the purple is starting to get on my nerves.
Last night I drew a poster of Candra with the intent to put it up on an art auction. It's finished except I wanna put the logo on there as there's a big blank spot in need of the Journeys Down logo. It's monochromatic so I think I'll start the price at a low, low $15. (it's a full-sized poster people! hand drawn even!) I don't really think I'm being unreasonable wanting $15 for it. ^_^;;;

I'll put a piccy up once I get in touch with my inner digital camera.

Keenspace is having problems. Grrr.

Yeah, I should put this on my Journey Down blog.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

I can't help it. I found a page of Fight Club quotes.

Narrator: Well, what do you want me to do? You just want me to hit you?
Tyler Durden: C'mon, do me this one favor.
Narrator: Why?
Tyler Durden: Why? I don't know why; I don't know. Never been in a fight. You?
Narrator: No, but that's a good thing.
Tyler Durden: No, it is not. How much can you know about yourself, you've never been in a fight? I don't wanna die without any scars. So come on; hit me before I lose my nerve.
Narrator: This is crazy.
Tyler Durden: So go crazy. Let 'er rip.
Narrator: I don't know about this.
Tyler Durden: I don't either. Who gives a shit? No one's watching. What do you care?
Narrator: Whoa, wait, this is crazy. You want me to hit you?
Tyler Durden: That's right.
Narrator: What, like in the face?
Tyler Durden: Surprise me.
Narrator: This is so fucking stupid...
[Narrator swings, connects against Tyler's head]
Tyler Durden: Motherfucker! You hit me in the ear!
Narrator: Well, Jesus, I'm sorry.
Tyler Durden: Ow, Christ... why the ear, man?
Narrator: Guess I fucked it up...
Tyler Durden: No, that was perfect!
Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I was distracted by NeoQuest. *heheh*

Guess what I did today?! Locked myself out of my apartment! Ha ha ha. I'm a dork. But after much fun, I am now back in my apartment. Well, now I'm home. Yay!

Rachel is playing Harvest Moon. Her little guy is named Vogel and he lives on the Nitefyre farm. His dog is named Cal*fish* and her horse is named Chainsaw. I think it would be painful to ride on a chainsaw, unless it was a horse.

*glomps my apartment* I am so happy to be back inside! YAY!

Monday, October 22, 2001

Girlstuff: GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *dies* I am having cramps that aren't especially agonizing, but they're making me want to puke!! ;_; I hafta go to work today!!!! *crycrycry* I don't wannna! I just wanna curl up somewhere warm and wait for the pukey feeling to go away. But it's already too late to call in sick. *cry* I'll make it, somehow, I'll make it.end Girlstuff

And now, though the idea comes courtesy of Meg, who wants who in Firefly's and Meg's RP-land!
Mark: wants Cam. has Cam. is very happy. i think he got past the self-esteem issues and sleeping around.
Soren: wants to marry Sy. He means that in a little kid-crush way 'cause he's only 7 or so.
Candra: wants Lucas, and the two of them are engaged. Let's hope they don't break up like LAST time.
Sebastian (aka Sebbi): wants Simon and ONLY Simon. has Simon and is verra happy with this.
Oliver: wants Dami mostly. But he also wants Carter and Lucas (ew) and maybe even Jade and Candra and the other Dami!
Brendon: wants Orlando-chan. feels mucho protective-o of Oli but not in a "let's get it on" way.
Sam: wants all Carter, all the time.
Alex: wants a boyfriend, but I don't think he (*koff*) has a specific person in mind.

Buh nuh nuh! (that's my theme music) I gotta finish getting ready for work!

Sunday, October 21, 2001

From poetry from my fridge:

Oh! for you
Crush me wild
Funky the dance
Be my fast diva
Feel crazy love

(I have a set of those word magnets teen mag people are giving out to try and con me to buy their mag. Sorry, I'm long past the stage where I think 17 is the greatest age in the world. But word magnets are fun.)
I knew it. I took the Lain kyara test. And I'm "God". MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I KNEW IT!
Moonchild, you still live in my heart.

i'm going home after work today, so I should be home by 7 or so. Aren't you all proud of me? I know I am!
Goodie goodie! It's time for the yearly halloween party on sluggy freelance. Aylee go good again!!!