Saturday, October 20, 2001

Man, I'm boring tonight. I'm boring every night.
My neck and shoulders hurt. Yay for work. I found a scarf, which makes me happy.

Work was boring. It was really busy tho. We were slammed for about two hours and all I did was tray pretzels. Then it died and I went home.

Oh yeah, I finished my calendar pic last night. here. Warning: It's big and it's in png format. And it's prolly gonna go down after a few days.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Just imagine. "Jesus Christ Action Figure". Imagine it. And it can be yours!! They now carry those at a local (non-christian) bookstore.

It's so wrong.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Hey, Ribby... And while I'm working on the pic for the calendar, I wanted to make a set of date reminder stickers. How big are the boxes for the calendar days gonna be? I don't want to make the stickers bigger than the date box they're for!

Basically, here's my idea for stickers. I'm gonna draw four (emi, tohru, kita, and suzume) and they're gonna be like "birthday", "appointment", etc. You get a sheet of sticky paper and print it out. Voila! Stickers. Cut and stick on your calendar to remind you of stuff. Anyone got any ideas for reminder ideas? birthday's kinda obvious, but I really can't think of any others. Does anybody have any clue what I'm talking about?

Anyway, if people have reminder ideas (or REALLY, REALLY want me to do a questors kyara who isn't listed) just put a response in the commenter thingie. Plus if you have no clue what i'm talking about, just put that in the commenter thingie too. If you think that's a really good idea and want to contribute stickers of your own, put that in the commenter thing. Um, just put your comments in the commenter thing.

Oh yeah, I should have the calendar piccie done sometime next week. But I may not have the stickers done by then, but the week after. Especially if people want to contribute their own stickers 'cause then I got to compile 'em for you. Oh yeah, so I guess that means that if you want to have stickers on the sticker sheet, you gotta get 'em into me by the friday after Halloween (if Ribby doesn't mind them being a bit short of the deadline). So, as soon as I get a response from Ribby on the subject, I'll post the final details here on my blog.
Ribby-chan, is there a deadline for the calendar images? I can't REMEMBER!!!

Doh! Never mind, I found it. Me smart.
Have I said I want that hoodie!!! Probably not. It's so cute. I want a hood with EARS!

*kackles evilly* I wore the speckled cat ears to ceramics yesterday. People never give me strange looks because I dress odd sometimes. ^_~
VKLL used to do st. tail. But he prolly pulled them if someone's doing st. tail commercially. That's why fansubbers don't get busted. ^_^ I don't have the link either.
I haven't blogged in a few days. Bad me. I got distracted by the fact that for some reason my ISP wouldn't let me onto blogger. Fixed tho. I think.

I've been having good luck in neopets recently. I won a buzzer at the fruit machine and now my pet kayllii is the envy of all her friends. Plus, Neoquest is really fun, but it's never up during peak hours. Ple.

Lastly, the wheel of excitement cursed neo with bloaty belly and I accidentally ended up buying three extra flat-u-less tablets (I got impatient and hit the "make new offer" button repeatedly) But, on the upside, fat-u-less tablets were worth three times as much as I bought them for!! I sold them for a lot cheaper than everyone else was selling them for. Som stupid chick bought them off me and she put them in her shop for more. I made more money of off them than she will so I don't care.

In school news, I've had two exams in the last two days. One of them I don't think I did so hot on, but I think I did fairly well on the ethics exam. Why? Because I actually put some effort into studying for it. I think I like Kant. He's cool. Of all the philosophers we've studied, I like him the best. Of course, in human nature last year I liked everyone except Freud.

I'm so relieved that all my exams are over that today feels like a friday!!

Monday, October 15, 2001

If you think the original mix is wierd, try downloading the Pandart Sasanoooha remix of "Koi no Dance Site". *heheheh* It's verra strange. I just discovered another Morning Musume song called "The Peace". Catchy no da!

The whole St. Tail comment was brought about 'cause Ribby saw the first volume. I know not if it's the manga or the anime. I'd like to see the anime tho. I'm already collecting the monthlies even tho I HATE mixx. I have all the tankoubon (sp?) of st. tail in japanese, and since it's for little kids the japanese isn't too hard to read. (unlike fruits basket. ;_; )

I haven't even been reading the mixx translation of Clover, but just the way their changing the names is annoying me. Sue? Ugh, it's Suu. Suu Suu Suu. I know it doesn't look english that way but it looks a hell of a lot nicer than Sue. (sorry to all people with the name Sue.)

I just hope that by supporting St. Tail, someone will translate Takamagahara over here. I just love that manga to little bitty pieces and it's really a pity it was never as popular as St. Tail. I actually like the storyline better'n st. tail (which is a hard accomplishment!) It's the story of girl (Yuuki) who gets a "magatama" (which I think roughly means "heaven stone" or something) which allows her to the travel to the world of dreams. She discovers that the all the people of the waking world have an alter-ego in the dream world. In fact, the boy she has a crush on is the leader of a group of bandits!! The cast is all around cute and amusing in the style of Tachikawa-sensei. There's a plot to save the dreamworld's sun (and thus, the waking world), but I didn't really understand it. >_< Anyway, I love the manga to death, and I hope someone gets the rights to it.
Clover_suu says "Mmmmmm I love NeoPoints, I want to be the richest pet in Neopia!" Great, now my pets are demanding money. It's almost like having real kids.

Woooow, on the 29th, I will have been playing that retarded game for a year.
Oh, playlist. *glomps it* You're playing "My Weakness"! How I *heart* Moby.
Work was so boring today. No one came, so I got sent home an hour early.

I also picked up the rest of my costume. Or rather, I replaced the cat ears that imouto lent me. I got two more -- a plain black one and a CUTE speckled pair. I'm so proud. I might just wear the speckled pair tomorrow.

And I bought myself the punkin orange julius. Punkin is the best flavor, but they only have it in october and november. *cries* Yeah, I know it sounds gross. It actually tastes so much like punkin pie. And I love punkin pie. Yum yum.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

I tried to get caught up on blogs. I suck. I want st. tail #1. I want money. I still hafta find the money to pay my telephone and send someone's presents to Canada. Despite the fact that they're getting on to be a month late.

Stupid job, I should make more money.
I changed the little thing where you couldn't read the "e-mail" "name" "webpage" thing on the commenter. I'm so smart, I figured out the problem.

I never did share what I got at the thrift store yesterday. I finished getting the missing accessories for my Halloween costume. I'm being a kitty this year, because I don't have the time to put together an anime costume. (I guess that'll hafta wait till this summer. If nothing else, I wanna hit the con in Seattle in April.) Anyway, I got a skirt with suspenders for my costume. And I'm borrowing Imouto's chou kakkoi kitty ears and her collar. I wonder if I can find a bell to stick on it? Ya know, one of those HUGE c-mas ones. I'm undecided between a white shirt and a black shirt. I just don't like wearing too much of the same color.

And if anyone wants to see me costume, I'm gonna be working at the mall on Hallyween. ^_^ And I might get some pictures taken for those of you not in the area. (although it might be like my st. tail costume last year where I didn't actually get the pictures developed until march or so.) @_@
Okay... I just test it and the first slot is you name. The second slot is your e-mail and the third slot is your webpage. The big one is for commentay. Yay!
I'm trying that BlogBack thingie. So people can comment on my blog.
WAAAAAAAAAI!! Fluffy-chaaaaan! *bounces and pets the puppy*

I remember a show that once showed doggie heaven. But I wonder what kitty heaven is like? Probably people who sit around all day and pet kitties nicely. (that could be hell for all the people who ever abused kitties) And gigantic socks filled with catnip and no one around to call them "stoney". And the kitties could shed all they wanted and still be loved. *sniffle* It would be beautiful.