Saturday, October 13, 2001

*cries* I'm 62.7% corrupt. That means I'm 62.7% addicted to Sailormoon! I thought I was over it!! *Cries more*
If you like Surreal, I'd recommend "Duty" and "End of the World" too. They have kinda similiar sounds. My fave mix of "Surreal" is the Sample Madness Mix, but I like WIERD stuff. And in general I'd reccommend Audience, Never Ever and Vogue. Never Ever is currently my fave Hamasaki song. ^.^ (Unite! and Endless Sorrow not having beat it yet.)

And if you like happy-genki j-pop, you should also look up Morning Musume. My faves or "Koi no Dance Site" and "Love Machine". They are chou genki.
Yes, it's the weekend, and you know what that means? I'm working! YAAY! Actually, I'm going thrift store shopping, but I'm not sure I'll have the time to blog my goodies before work. See, my family was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. They're always late.

I'm closing the store tonight too. *cheers sarcastically*

Friday, October 12, 2001

Today was boring. I went to class, I went to work. The end.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Okay, here's the status on the rest of my guest strips: They're done, but unscanned. I'm gonna send them home with Imouto and hope she scans them for me. ^__^;; I'm prolly only gonna be online tonight from 2-5:30 tonight because I'm going out to dinner with the family and prolly won't be back until after you go to bed.

If you aren't gonna be on around that time, I'll e-mail the strips to you tonight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

My computer is being DYSFUNCTIONAL. I think we might have fixed it. But at this moment, I can't really tell.

See, my computer starts beeping at me, and then it won't stop until I shut it off. And then, after that, the interval of time between the computer being on and the beeping gets shorter and shorter. I unplugged a bunch of stuff in case a connection might've been bad. I had my dad come over and look at it and he ran the system doctor thingie on it and made sure all the cards were in tight inside my machine.

I hope one of those things did the trick or else I'm gonna hafta try reformatting my hard drive.

Sunday, October 07, 2001

I'm wearing a scarf! Scarves are good because they keep my neck warm and I don't have long hair. This one is also soft and fuzzy. It's my favorite scarf although it goes with absolutely nothing. I like scarves maybe a little too much and wear a lot of them in the winter.
I'm home again! Home and on the road again. Minus the road thing.

*pats* I sounded kinda bitchy, so don't worry too much. I didn't mean it half so bitchy as I sounded, I just shouldn't blog early in the morning.
*gasps and dies* I HATE CLOSING THE STORE!!! Butter, butter everywhere and not a drop that isn't on ME! *gags*
*claps for the new layout* *sheds a tear* It's so BEAUTIFUL!!! *sobsob*