Saturday, October 06, 2001

Ooooh yeeeaaaah, for anyone who cares, the boy in my dream was (I think) a younger version of Oliver. Kya! Kawaii! *pinches his cheeks*

*laughs evilly* I'm drawing guest strips for lotm. I'm evil EEEEEVil! And I'm making Lian in a complete and total ditz.

Lian: I'm not that ditzy. Really. Just no one ever understands how profound anything I say is.

And WHAT is the meaning of life, Lian?!

Lian: Green kool-aid!
I'm just saying, if you're gonna be nitpicky, do it right. You find people messing up anime annoying and I find people messing up art terms obnoixious, so we're even.

Oh yeah, and the thing about my bowl looking like a butt, wasn't directed at you, although it kinda looks like it is. ^__^;; For that, I apologize.
I made pancakes for dinner. Be proud, minna!
I had an INSANE dream last night. The night before, I dreamt that I bought a book to help me learn Japanese and it all turned out to be naughty dj. ;_; I don't know WHERE my mind was that night, but it didn't make me happy that my book turned out to be ecchi.

But about the dream I had. Actually, it was this morning, when I decided to sleep in for another half hour. I dreamt that I was in a car accident, and I had a little sister who was in a car seat. Right before the car hit us, I dived over the car seat to keep the baby from getting hurt. Next thing I know, I'm outside the car on the pavement and I figure I musta got knocked out by the impact. I see these guys dressed all in black and they start converging on me, so I run off into the woods around the highway to get away from them. They were very scary.

The woods are all dark, except I find a path that's lit with a soft yellow light. And on the path is a little boy about 7 or 8. He tells me to follow him, so I take his hand and we run down the path together. As we run, I see more of the men in black along the side of the path and I can see that their eyes are glowing. We reach a tunnel and the boy tells me that we'll hafta hurry, because this is THEIR domain.

The tunnel is filled with mist and somehow during our running, I lose my grip on the boy's hand and I can't see him through the mist. One of the men grabs me, and I scream and run down the tunnel. It's really hard to describe the terror I felt that those men dressed in black could get to me now that the little boy was gone. I ran and I ran onto my lungs HURT and my legs were in soooo much pain. (It was a very vivid dream.)

I exit the tunnel to find myself on a small town by the sea. It's daytime here, so I figure that the men in black can't come out into the light, so I stop to try and find the little boy. However, I was wrong about the black wearing men, because suddenly I'm surrounded by them. They chase me into a dead end alley and surround me. I start crying because I don't want them to have me.

Then the little boy show up and tells them all to go away. They don't leave, but they make room for the boy to get over to me. He walks over to me and tells me that it's very important that I catch the train out of town now. I tell him that I want to go back and make sure that my little sister is okay. He tells me that I can't because I'm dead and my sister is alive because I protected her during the accident. I'm very upset because who's gonna look after my sister now?!?!

The boy tells me that the train is going to leave soon, and I hafta get on or I'll stay here and become a ghost (like the black dressed men). I agree and the boy leads me out of the alley and onto a train platform. I ask the boy if he'll look after my little sister and he tells me that I can take care of her in my next life. The train blows it's whistle and the boy tells me the train is leaving now.

I step onto the train (it's very sparse and empty). I look out the window and the boy is still on the platform. I wave at him and the train starts moving. Suddenly, everything gets really light and then I wake up!!
*winces* I know this is a few days late but, IT'S NOT CALLED GRAY CLAY OR RED CLAY! *takes deep breaths* If you're gonna be all picky and get on Meg's case for calling it the Japanese Pokerap, at LEAST refer to various clays with the proper name. *falls over, twitches* Too much CERAMICS for ME! Besides, at least this holds true for the studio on campus, the clay kinda changes color depending upon who mixed it up.

My bowl looks like a butt, but I'm not blaming it on the clay. I'm blaming it on me. And the fact that I can't center. *glares at the pottry wheel* Oh, but on the upside, if you're a gimp a cute redhead will show up to save the day. Hanyaaaaa.

I went on a morpheus frenzy last night and got a better version of "Koi no Dance Site" which is prolly one of my more favorite Morning Musume songs. *cheers* Plus I decided to download a whole bunch of cibo matto. What's up B? What's up B? I'm searching the city for sci-fi wasabi. (Yeah, I know the lyrics are prolly wrong.) But they DO mention Moby in "Sci-Fi Wasabi". *evil laughter* Cibo Matto nineteen ninety nine!

I wish I had a magical banana. I went to the NTV website with two purposes in mind. 1) To see if Magical Banana is still going in Japan (it's not) B) To find the readings for the kanji the tv animation that Hamasaki-sensei is doing the ending for. Song is called "Dearest" if anyone knows. ^.^

I'm effing cold. *glares* It's FREEZING! You think they could turn on the heat. Damn power crunch.

Friday, October 05, 2001

I just saw a commercial for GU Men's Basketball. They really oughtta stop showing Casey, since he graduated last year, and show the guys that are still around like Dan and Zach.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

I MADE A BOWL! *cries tears of HAPPY* I finall threw something today, a month into the semester. It's HARD!

Candra: Maybe it's the dust.

Hmm, well I did just clean house.

Guess what? Imouto's buying me pizza for lunch!! WAAAAAAAAAAAI!!! *squeals*

I had a crazy dream last night. I dreamt I was watching the animated sequal to "Fight Club" (which BTW does NOT exist!) And then I was explaining the dream I had to my boss the night before, in a dream! @_@ It's wierd. All I can remember about the (not-real) fight cub sequeal was that there was a chase scene in a train between Jack and Tyler. ^__^;;

Monday, October 01, 2001

Recent Search Engine Hits:
black man white slut : WHY do I get so many hits for stuff like this? WHY OH WHY? Do I talk about sluts a lot or something?
black and white dbz pictures : Hate that anime.
hitomi "I am" : Me too. I am.
firefly : *points at self*
Harry Potter Lina Inverse : Hwa? I can only imagine the love child of Harry Potter and Lina Inverse. AND IT SCARES ME.
why white girls like marry black boy : I dunno, why do white girls, like, marry black boys? /end valley girl accent
DNAngel : YAY!
black and white dragon : Are? I honestly want to know why i get so many hits for stuff like "dragon"
dbz white black and gray pictures : it's called MANGA, dumbass.
black and white : two very good non-colours.
dbz white and black pictures : die, dragon ball z, DIE!
black and white horror pictures : I'm scared of you too.
unicorn black and white pictures : Yeah....
black & white dragon : see what I mean about the dragon thing? You'd think I liked fantasy or something.
picture of a firefly : Don't you wish you had a picture of me too?
furikuri : YAY!
firefly imagine : What?
cute black and white pictures : That's a little vague, don't you think?
+ dare +strip +cam +girl : All references to Cam on this blog are to a person. Not a thing. And Cam wouldn't dare a girl to strip.
jamie white : Um, who?
Work is done. Need to do interview. Can't find stupid phone number. Can't get a hold of parents to get phone number. Love life right now.
Oh yes, for those of you who've been waiting to see me online, I get off at 3, but I hafta call my grandma before I can get online. ^___^;; I'd say, don't expect to see me online until at least 4.
I huuuuuurt! And I have a whole new respect for sanitation engineeers. Those big ugly mops are HEAVY! Good thing I'm not closing tonight.

Sunday, September 30, 2001

I hate closing the store. Tonight I learned how to close. My boss was in some kinda mood and told me five times that I had to go faster! I only had until 6:30 to close!! Well, I was out of there by 6:10. I just hope I remember how to do everything next Sunday. Aside from which, it was insanely busy! ARGH!

And I got all gross and buttery. I'll never remember next Sunday. I close with Carmen who'll be all angry that I can't remember. ;_; And then I had to mop and that mop is HEAVY! *sobs*
Whoohoo! I finished a new skin. (Aside from the naming it part.) Sam, want me to send it to you?