Saturday, September 29, 2001

I don't know why. I was suddenly reminiscing about my favorite mexican restaurant. When my sister ordered a hamburger, they called it "the happy meal". And they (jokingly) got a fire extinguisher to put out my fajita. ('cause it was brought out on the little skillet and everything) I miss that place.
Today I saw a woman with a five o'clock shadow. Not just a little one, like right over her lip but ALL over her chin and stuff too. It was hard not to stare. I figured it coulda been one of two things. She just coulda had a lotta facial hair or she coulda really been a dood. If she were a dood, I don't blame her. Guys clothes are BUTT ugly. If she had a lot of facial hair, man, my sympathies. I have hairy arms but it's not like everyone stares at your arms all day.
I have a flying pretzel dog on the back of my work uniform. Sound stupid? It is.

Friday, September 28, 2001

Imouto is over and she's watching Japanese shows again. We just watched another episode of "Magical Banana" which was the Japanese show I was talking about two entries ago.

Japanese Make-up commercials and car commercials aren't that much different from American commercials.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

I'm feeling better today, if anyone cares. i doubt.

I pity the foo' who likes repairman jack. Maybe I should read the books before I go around insulting him.

The world is full of cool Jacks. Take Jack from "fight club". There's some more books I gotta read. Does anyone know if the other books by Chuck Palahniuk are any good? Coincidentally, Jack from "Titanic" is NOT cool.

Edward Norton is so very, very cute.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

You know, we should have more shows like they have in Japan. I finally watched some of the tapes that I got from Sarah oh-so-long ago, and I've discovered they have very special shows in Japan. The tapes all date back to 1998, I think. But anyway... The one imouto and I found most amusing was the one where they all put on headphones and then sang to eachother. The next person (by reading the other person's lips) had to figure out what song they were singing and then sing it to the next person in line.

"Watashi da~re?"
I'm in so much pain today! It's not fair!! First (warning: Incoming girl talk) it's that special time of month and it's all fucked up. It just huuuuurts and otherwise I won't go into details. Also, my lovely lovely sinuses are acting up and my eyes huuuuurt! I just took some anti-histamines, which do bad things to me, but I want to get some of the fucking pressure off my eyes so maybe I can go to my stupid ceramics class.

I hurt. I hurt. I hurt. *dies*

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Today's weather was crazy, man, cr@zy! It went like this. The morning was sunny. And then sometime during my 12:45 class it got all windy. And then, since it hasn't rained in ages, there was all this dust in the air. I was chewing dust today. And now it's raining. No more dust. This old house (of which my apartment is a part of) makes alll sorts of creepy noises when it's rainy.

And the dust is making my sinuses hurt. Ow ow ow ow.

There, Imouto, the tie skirt is done! I want a cookie!

Repairman Jack scares me. Thank you good night.
I hate mass e-mails. Spam, sometimes we call it. It's been my experience that even if you take the time to try and get off their mailing list you get one of two results. Should you be e-mailing them to get off the list, it's not an actual address so the mailer daemon sends it right on back to you. Should it be a site to unsubscribe, then you find out that *gasp* there's no site. It's a conspiracy I tell you! Can I sue people for wasting my time?
My ethics teacher is a retard. He can't pronounce the word duty. He says it "dyuty". I spent most of class thinking that this guy had an ethical theory of beauty which made little sense. Oops, it's a theory of duty.

And he can't pronounce the name of the school he works at. It's gonzaga, not gunzaga.
Oliver and Lucas have now stepped up the ladder to a very disturbed father-son relationship.
I'm gonna go get my food handler's permit. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Monday, September 24, 2001

Songs 164-353 on my playlist are Hamasaki songs. I just need nine more songs and I have 200!!! Should I be happy or cry that I'm THAT obsessed? Over a third of a my playlist is Hamasaki. ^___^;
I'm going to work in 15 minutes. I'm listening to "Seasons (h-h mix)" by Hamasaki Ayumi. "Are-are-are-are-are-are you ready for the rock?" I SWEAR that's what it's saying. Stupid Japlish, now I'm gonna get a million wrestlings hits.

Speaking of stupid hits, I keep hits for a certain anime I will not mention, but it starts with a d and a b. All because I mentioned it in my escaflowne movie review (which was prettier than words). I HATE THAT STUPID SHOW YOU RETARDS! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I'm turning up my music louder than I really should at the moment. The downstairs neighbor happens to be the apartment manager. o__o;;; But dammit it's the Project O.T mix of Never Ever! My speakers have bass, but I had to pick the bass unit off the floor. ^__^;;

I wish I had money. I want a Mike's right now.

You know, I left my scanner at the house again. Grrr. Double grr.

I think Meg and I should just switch which comic we're drawing for a week. We both want to do guest strips for eachothers comic. ^___^;; Meg wants to draw Simon because he's a sexy bitch or something along those lines. I just wanna draw Lian acting like a dork. Because he's a sexy bitch too!!

Lian: >_< I'm not!!! I'm as unsexy as they get.

Boy oh boy, gotta finish getting ready for work. For those of you who care, my shift ends at 4.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Today was work. And then I went grocery shopping with my mom. I got loads of exciting stuff -- like apples and pears. I've been craving fresh produce so all is good.

Then I came home and scanned this week's strips for Journeys Down. The storyline continues this week with more *drumroll* Simon. (I like Simon, if you couldn't tell.)

Then Imouto bought the ultimate silly songs collection for Veggietales, so we watched that. By this time, my laundry was done, so I went home. Wasn't that an exciting recap o' my day?