Saturday, September 22, 2001

Oh, I must scare everyone? I don't mind you do a Questors doujinshi. ^_^;;;; I'd be quite flattered actually.
Wow, one of my buddies was in the paper. Colleen (whom I named my dog after) is the name o' my pal. She's the first one they talk about. ^_^;;
Well, as it turns out... I got asked to come into work YESTERDAY not today. So I'm still working 1-6 today. Ah well. I just didn't get the phone call until 9:30 last night. ^_^;;;;
Hey... I have a new blog color scheme! And I don't have to listen to Poe bitch that he can't read it! YAY!

Today's Bitterness brought to you by the letter Z
This layout goes to show. I suck and I have no pictures.
I was scheduled to work 1-6 today, but now I'm working 11-4. In the long run, I probably won't get sent home early, so it's probably a good thing. But I wanted to be able to actually sleep in today! *sobsob*
I feel: strangely detached from the world
I see: one of my winamp skins and my plush hedwig
I need: a hug from someone far away
I find: listening to wierd music in the car with the windows down garners you many odd looks
I want: it to be friday again
I have: a plush husky puppy from canada
I wish: I didn't have to go to work today
I love: a superstar
I hate: my stomach
I fear: really big dogs
I hear: special techno music emanating from my speakers
I crave: world peace
I regret: not taking drawing this semester
When was the last time you.........
Smiled?: I can't remember
Laughed? watching Jay Leno last night or reading sluggy
Cried? Last time I heard the song "Tree of Hearts" from the esca movie. I hated the movie but the song's so SAD!!!
Bought something? Grocery shopping last weekend
Danced? When I was at Amy's house
Were sarcastic? every day of my life
Kissed someone? Like I'd tell
Talked to an ex? *snerks* I try to avoid it when possible. I've usually dated boring stupid guys
Watched your favorite movie? about a week ago...
Had a nightmare? Last weekend
A Last time for everything...
Last book you read: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
Last movie you saw: Shall We Dance?
Last song you heard: And Then (future disc mix) by Hamasaki-sensei
Last thing you had to drink: water or orange juice, I can't remember
Last time you showered: last night
Last thing you ate: some cold cereal
Do You...
Smoke? no, that's gross
Do drugs? only prescription
Sleep with stuffed animals? not usually
Live in the moment? I guess
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? haaaaai!
Have a dream that keeps coming back? yup
Play an instrument? nope
Believe there is life on other planets? yup
Remember your first love? .........for a real person? yup. I'm still in my first love. ^_^;;;
Still love him/her? oh yeah
Read the newspaper? when there's one around (usually, no)
Believe in miracles? sure, why not?
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? what? that's a broad question.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? to a certain point. I'm not very tolerant of idiots.
Consider love a mistake? nope
Like the taste of alcohol? depends... I like mike's hard lemonade and I like anything with strawberry in it
Have a favorite candy? just gimme something chocolate and I'm happy
Believe in astrology? not especially
Believe in magic? yup. ^__^;; as meg said, with a k, thought I never spell it like that
Believe in God? I'm not a big subscriber to god as protrayed in the bible, but I do believe there is a god.
Pray? sometmes
Go to church? not since I moved out.
Have any secrets? a few.
Have any pets? at home - three cats, a dog. at my apartment - none
Do well in school? er, yes. as much as I try to fail.
Go to or plan to go to college? I'm in college right now.
Have a major? Art. I'm going to flip burgers for a living.
Talk to strangers who instant message you? Well, since it's been my experience they all ask me to cyber with in three messages, usually no.
Wear hats? eeew, no. hats are the spawn of satan.
Have any piercings? maybe someday.
Have any tattoos? no. and I don't want one.
Hate yourself? sometimes.
Have an obsession? other than anime, no.
Collect anything? eerrr... prismacolor pens.
Have a best friend? a few. and I'm related to one.
Wish on stars? not since I was a kid. Hmm, that strikes me as somewhat sad.
Like your handwriting? if I were five, it would be great.
Have any bad habits? I'm forever putting myself down. I speak like a hick, okay, maybe just WIERD. I play with my hair a lot. I'm sure there are others.

Friday, September 21, 2001

Imouto got me chapstick! ARIGATOU!!!
Smokey and Dodo flew away yesterday. This morning when I woke up, their mommie was out on the windowsill saying "Children? Where are you?" Except minus the talking part. It's sad. My babies left the nest! *cries*

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

I can't seem to get onto the ftp for journeys down, so no new blog layout. But, I've had a fairly good day so I thnk I shall fill all of you in on it.

Today I only have two classes -- ceramics and web design. Those are honestly my two favorite classes, although painting is starting to look a little fun. In web design today, I learned that it's probably best to leave links blue and underlined. (at least from a usability standpoint) *looks at blog* Oops. If you don't leave your links blue, users can't find them. Honestly, I think we can credit the average internet user with a little more sense than that. Then again, there's never been a time I -didn't- know how to use the computer, so I think it's safe to say that I'm -not- your average internet user and it's really hard for me to judge who is. I'm sure those of you in tech support out there can tell me just how stupid users are.

At least, I think I can assume most of the people who read my blog are computer savvy enough to know that the ugly red things are links. Look, the cursor changes! It's a link! Ooooooh!

Then Imouto came over for lunch. We watched "Shall We Dance?" together. Or most of it. I love that movie. Sugiyama-san is just so cutie, I wanna pinch his cheeks!!

Then I went to ceramics and we had a field trip to an art show in Couer D'Alene. It was an invitational show. There aren't a lot of ceramics people out here in the spokane area. I think all two of them are at GU. Anyway, a good portion of the show was composed of Gonzaga alumni. However, the show was reallly nice. There were these plates that looked like they were beat up and rusty and gross, but it was all ceramics!! I want to do that so bad now, but maybe on pots. Gotta get stuff for the woodfire then. ^_^

We (the people in the car I took over and I) stopped for "homemade ice cream" and a little ice cream stand. We all got single scoops, but they were HUGE! They even had huckleberry ice cream, but I stuck with mocha flavored. Meg knows my weakness for thing coffee flavored. Can't tell I'm from the Seattle area, can you?

Obviously, I've also gotten my internet sorted out. I've come to the conclusion that it's not all of Qwest which is a bunch of retards, just the one guy that helped me get my account set up. I finally got the information on my phone stuff today. He managed to spell my last name wrong AND he got me at the wrong apartment number! Plus, he never registered me with MSN and THAT'S why my password didn't work, I didn't have an account! *sigh* But now I fixed that.

I thought it was take a business day to get me all set up, but a couple of hours later, here I am. Good stuff, this internet.

Now I'm writing a stupid paper. I think I should log off so I can really, really get cracking on it. It sucks that my two reading classes are on the same night. So me, being the procrastinator that I am, always end up doing a BUNCH of reading on wednesday and monday nights. Plus today I have a paper to write. Argh. I think I need to stop blogging and go back to writing. u_u;
WOWEE! Guess where I'm blogging from? MY COMPUTER!!!! I'm online!!!! *dies*

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Sadly, I've had to take all the images off my blog. Spree's closing, I can't get on the internet from my computer. Thusly, no new blog layout. Now it's boring black and stupid.

Um, for my adventures moving read Imouto's blog. She's captured the joy I had moving. Yay.

And I still don't have long distance or internet at the moment. Why? Because Qwest is retarded! Sorry, Dad, the company you work for is full of idiots. Anyway, I have phone calls to make tonight to see if I can rememdy my problem. So I gotta get back to my apartment.

This blog is so you know I'm not DEAD!

Sunday, September 16, 2001

I had a wierd dream last night. I can't remember much of it, except for the magic mirrors. There were magic mirrrors (and the one on earth was located at the back of a local grocery store) that were really gateways to different worlds. You thought of where you wanted to go, jumped through the mirror and you'd go into a kinda vacant nothing place. If the guardian of the gateway liked you, you could go to the other world you wanted too.

Anyway, myself and my friend went to this really wild wilderness place. We wandered and wandered and ran into some kinda other traveller. I vaguely recall him having a lot more to do with the story, but I can't remember what. Then my friend and I climbed to the top of this hill and from there we could see a city. And past that city, LOTS more cities. On one side of us, it was all natural and on the other side it was all citied.

So we went to the city and there were lots of people, but none of them looked at us. We stopped for lunch at some cafeteria type thing, and no one would serve us. We went upstairs of the cafeteria and there was a room filled with people and one of them actually looked at us. He asked if we were human like him and he explained that everyone else in the city was a robot, except him.

For some reason,I asked if he was hungry and all the robots said they were hungry. I pondered why robots would be hungry and the man said there wasn't enough power to run the city, that's why everyone had left. Some other group of people (I think he called them "miners" [too much mononoke hime for me]) weren't letting them have any electricity.

And it was right about there that I woke up. The end.
Oh yeah, my car has a new muffler now. Just thought I'd share.
I got up early today so I could read my e-mail before work. *sigh* No e-mail for me. Poopie.

I'm a lot less tired than yesterday. Which is good.

Still don't know if I'll be able to get on the internet from my apartment. Which is bad.