Saturday, September 15, 2001

I'm officially moving out tomorrow. Whether or not they have my internet account set up is another thing. You may not here from me until about wednesday or later. I really hope that I'll be all processed but you never know. It took me a week longer than I thought to just get phone service. But I now have dial tone and all is happy.

I'm very, very tired tonight. I've been tired all week long and just today it's all adding up. I didn't even have anytime to sit down until 9 o' clock today. My wee little sis got online so I couldn't (that's why those of you who wanted to chat with me couldn't). I was complaining about being bored so my dad put in "Mononoke Hime" (Eeer, "Princess Mononoke" since it WAS the dub) and the ending made me cry even though I've seen that movie AT LEAST four times!! That's how tired I am.

I have to work and move in again tomorrow. *sigh* I'm going to bed now.

Friday, September 14, 2001

I'm toning this down. I'm angry and I will say things I regret when angry. So, all I'm going to say is this: You shouldn't assume things about others. Because Meg is young, does not mean that she needs "new eyes". Or is protected and without your maturity of vision. You are no better than her and she is no better than you.
I had fun getting home today. MY muffler decided it would be a good idea to come partially off and drag on the ground. So I pulled over into a vacant lot and used my dad's cell phone (which he was temporarily letting me use until I got phone in my apartment) and called my father. While I was waiting for him to come pick me up (probably about a 20 minute wait) three different guys pulled over. Sometimes it helps to be a cute blond. Anyway, it wasn't until the third guy that they could actually help. He entirely disconnected my muffler and stuck it in my trunk for me. Then my dad came and told me to drive home. And then I drove home. It was all with the car being retarded fun.
I got a nice search engine hit today. "Black and White screen shoots". *ponders shooting a screen myself*
Oh yeah. And anyone else think "America Under Attack" is a retarded name for the current situation. I guess they could call it "Four Plancs Crash and One of them Puts a Big Dent in the Pentagon and Two of Them Crash into the World Trade Center and another one Crashes into a Field" Attack. That would be silly and much to complicated for some TV announcer.
Imouto can't blog about a certain someone *coughboyfriendcough* without getting all emotional, so I'm passing this information on to anyone who cares. Cal's been put on active duty. This means they can call him up or ship him off to somewhere. Like say, Afghanistan (sp?) or Washington (DC) as I'd heard before. Although, if he got shipped to Washington (state) that would be cool.

Whoohoo. My web design class just keeps getting better. Here's my class assignment for the week. Wow. My mad HTML skillz.

6 days until I need to put the new blog layout up. Maybe I'll remember today. I don't think it will stay up long, because the more I look at it, the less I like it. But I don't think I'll make a new layout before spree closes. Dang.

I found the bestest thing unpacking yesterday. (and this probably means nothing to anyone but myself and lissa, but...) I found a pretty, pretty leather bracelet I made on one of many trips to summer camp. It says "HEDGEHOG". I wore it all afternoon.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Freakin' a, man. It's so hot out today, but downstairs of my house is so flippin' cold! People wonder why I wear a jacket to school when it's still 70 something degrees out. BECAUSE THE DOWNSTAIRS OF MY HOUSE IS AN ICE BOX! *shivers*

That being said... Ever just have the worst cravings for a specific kind of food? Right now, I always want root beer. Now how stupid is that? I usually hate pop, but all I wanna drink now is rootbeer.

And I just discovered today that crunchy peanut butter is a heck of a lot SALTIER than smooth peanut butter. Oh the joys of life.
As a side not, there's always a pilgrimmage at Gonzaga. Just this year (due to the tragedy) they decided to make it a pilgrimmage for world peace. And they lowered the price so everyone could go on it.
It's been... two days now, I think. I keep trying to listen to all the news, but all I get is insurance quotes. I really don't care about how much money it's going to take. I want to know what happened and what we're going to do.

This link is courtesy my pal Lissa-chan. And last I heard, Cal was being sent to Washington (DC). He -was- gonna be sent to Kosovo, but now this....

I still don't want to go to war. I wish I could go on the GU pilgrimmage for world peace, but I must work this weekend. But the healthiest thing to do is get on with life, I suppose.

And to Sam-chan, I guess I understand where you're coming from. My sorrow does not spring from any intense sense of nationalism (in general, I think the US sucks and I'd rather be something like Canadian. any canadians wanna marry me? ^_~ )
but rather from the (in so far as I know) thousands of deaths, regardless of their national origin. I know quite a few people who donate to the poor and give blood. At my college, there's usually a half hour or more wait to donate blood. But aside from that, I don't really think blood donation is a real issue here. From what I've heard there's been too many doctors for survivors which probably means too much blood donation for survivors as well. THOUSANDS of people died for no greater sin than getting up and going to work in the morning. And -that- is why I am sad, irregardless of the fact that I am a dirty american.

And also, for clarification, I'm not really mad or offended or anything. It's just okay to be sad occassionally. I don't know when I got to be such an empathetic person sometimes. I usually cry at movies too. ^_^;;

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

*dies* My car gets so hot, sitting out in the sun all day. And then I have an hour drive home in traffic and all. I'm usually SO tired by the time I get home. IT's not funny. Stop laughing! It's not funny!!

I had something more important I was going to blog... *ponders*

WAR. War is bad. I don't want to go to war. I'm a cowardly pacifist.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Ai-chan, can you do me a BIIIIIG favor? Can you give me the instruments that the people from Journeys Down play (and mark which ones they play for the band)? Arigatou!! I'd like to update the profiles page soon. SANKYUU!

For anyone curious...

Candra = drums*, piano, guitar, and singing*

* = stuff she does for the band no da

Okay, I'm done.
I called the phone company today about the status of getting my phone hooked up. They had nothing in their database on me. I have no dialtone, so obviously, nothing has been done. They told me to try signing up over the internet again, but tonight I figured "screw it, I'm gonna sign up over hte phone where I get IMMEDIATE response."

In other words, don't try and get phone online.

And in about ten minutes, I'm leaving to go to the fair.
I'm in a funk. Today's events will do that to everyone... Except maybe those that hate Americans with the red hot fiery passion of a thousand stars of vortex. The world trade towers weren't exactly military targets. And so I'm in a funk.

Everyone says it's like "where were you when Kennedy was shot?" It's one of those kinds of moments. And where was I? Due to the 3 hour difference, I was still in bed. But my mom woke me up, crying about the tragedy. I was to asleep to even comprehend really what she was talking about. And that's where I was.

I'm not personally connected to anyone so far as I know, although in the future I might be, having relatives and a sister's boyfriend in the military.

People say to pray for the victims. Right now, I'm praying we don't do something stupid and start a war. That's not a way I'd like to honor the dead.

Monday, September 10, 2001

And now, I'm off to work. I *heart* work. I can't tell if that's sarcastic or not.
I wonder if I'll get caught blogging at school, which technically I'm not supposed to do.

For those of you awaiting my new blog layout (no one?), I got of the two pictures I'm going to use for the main all nice and colored. *looks at the piccies on Meg's blog* You will know why she drew that for me in a bit. ^_~ I woulda gotten the other picture colored last night had it not been for my computer crashing.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot some exciting news I had. I'm getting a new computer! See, my dad really wants my old computer, so he's willing to spring for half of a new computer and get my old one off me. Since I don't really need a new monitor, I can get a decent computer for really cheap (although I'm prolly gonna hafta spring to get more RAM for it. I think I'll need 256 meg. Stupid photoshop is now having issues with my computer and I've got 164 in it. u_u;; It's amazing how quickly that program eats up my computer!!)

And I haven't shared my 21st birthday yet. I had a margarita, a daquiri, and some mike's hard lemonade. I'm a light-weight so I was getting giggly off just the margarita. Oh well. Lissa-chan and I make special tipsy people. I'm sober as a cat. *rar*

Sunday, September 09, 2001

*phew* The garage fire is now undercontrol. As far as I can tell, most of their garage is still standing. But it does smell like something rubber burnt. Pew. But otherwise, all is good.
Well, my 21st birthday went well. I'm standing today. No hangover.

And I'd blog longer, but the neighbor's garage is burning down, so I gotta go watch the fire and make sure it doesn't move this way. >_<