Friday, September 07, 2001

I like rootbeer.
I don't like spiderman.
Stupid, stupid spiderman.
Spiderman is stupid. And doesn't drink enough rootbeer.
Be proud of me. I finally fixed the link to someone's blog. La la la la. I kept meaning to but I'd forget! WAAH!
I set the times on my blog pack to PST! YAY! (or is it PDT? Ah, screw it)
I started work today. It was work... Few things have changed in the 8 months since I was last working there. In fact, there are only two people on the schedule I -don't- know. MAn, people work at pretzel time for a loooong time. I think it's 'cause our boss is really cool. ^_^

Anyway, I went to school too. Nothing of interest happened. I'm learning how to build websites. Maybe I'll come up with a better desing for this blog. Ple. I've got 13 days until all the pictures go kablooey anyway. I really wanted to do a fight club blog, but I've not felt compelled to finish up the pictures. Maybe I'll just throw something shitty together at the last minute. That's how it usually works for me. Put a deadline on it and I don't do it until the end. We call that procrastination. (In bolds no less.)

Thursday, September 06, 2001

My return to Pretzel Time is tomorrow. I'm happy to have a job, yet sad that I hadta get one. I don't want to work. This will eat up my freetime, as I will be more than likely working four days a week on top of school.

And yet, it will probably be better than first semester last year when I was working TWO jobs and taking two more credits than I am now.
Man, I eat the best lunches. Toast with gravy and root beer. Yes, I like gravy a lot. Especially chicken gravy. I have problems, I know.

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Smokey and Dodo are really baby pigeons! Mommie came by while I was at the apartment and fed them. Man, pigeons can be loud little suckers. ~_~;; I'm a proud half-time mommie of pigeons! They move!!
Oh BTW, I mean throwing pots as in on the wheel, not throwing pots as in against the wall.
Tada! I've now been to all my classes. My website class actually looks like it won't be a total snoozer. I getta learn javascript, which is something I've been meaning to do. Also, ceramics was today. For those of you who weren't reading last year, I love ceramics. Today, I struggled with throwing pots. I'll get it eventually, that's what everyone says. Anyway, now i'm all covered in clay and it's a good thing clay washes off.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Don't ask why but Firefly's Musical Current Musical Theme: "Loser" by Beck (fatboy slim remix)
*pettiepettiepetpets* There, there. The first day of school always sucks. ^_;;;

AAAH!!! *gives the little face an eye*

^_^;;; Fixed!
Tomorrow is my first webdesign class. The book is entitled "HTML". That's it. I'm starting to wonder what the hell I'm doing in that class. And my first ceramics class is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully it will be as much fun as last year's classes were.
Well, today was my first day of school. It was moderately sucky. I only had to face three classes today however. First was religion 200-something. It looks like it'll suck as much as my old testament class. However, I was a good ten minutes late (I couldn't find parking) and didn't get yelled at. Then I went to my apartment, did dishes and got my electricity all taken care of. I couldn't get through to the phone company however. *cries* Then I went to philosophy, which doesn't look too bad. Except I really had to pee by the time class was over. Then we had painting. It looks like the teacher will be an improvement over the last one. Painting is not a subject which requires long lectures, IMO.

I made myself a mix CD of Hamasaki stuff. I'm listening to it now. "Seasons (h-h mix)" is truly special. I finally got the one song of the NEVER EVER single I was missing.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

I forgot to share something. I have little baby birds (I think they're pigeons) that live outside my window. I named them Smokey and Dodo. Smokey is the dark one, Dodo is the one with white on him. Dodo seems to be a little more active than Smokey. I shall keep you all updated, since I'm sure you care about my pigeons.
Oh yes, and someone got to my blog by looking for "David Bowie Folken". I'm proud. XD
I meant to blog yesterday, but blogger kept eating my posts.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the thrift store. It was back to school shopping for me in the only form I can afford anymore. I got lotsa cool stuff tho. I got a new pair of shoes (which I needed badly), an ugly blue sweater I wanna cut up, a not so ugly blue sweater I don't want to cut up, a new skirt, a yellow cardigan sweater, and a scarf. Yes, a scarf.

We've also officially started moving me into my apartment. We're cleaning and moving stuff over. I prolly won't really really move in until this weekend, but at least I'm starting the movingness.

Today I went to "Pig Out in the Park". I went to the exact same booths I went to last year, except I got something different at the Mustard Seed this year. I had a little bit more money on me for food, so I got something to drink too! Wow! And then I bought a pretty red bracelet. All is well with the world.