Friday, August 31, 2001

F*ck. Spree's closing down. Grr. About the only REAL difference this will make for me is that I now hafta put my blog layouts SOMEWHERE else. So, by September 20th, I will have a new blog layout. Thank you, keenspace.

I think today I'll try scanning some artwork and putting it up. It'll be beautiful. Well, let's hope it'll be beautiful.

Rachel has been taking a shower for the last forty minutes. I think she takes the cake for LONG showers. *ponders having a cake in a shower* That could be messy.

Yesterday, Rachel and I watched parts of stuff from the extras disk of the "Fight Club" DVD thingie. They had ads and music videos. The music videos is to the secret track from the soundtrack. Okay, I'm not obsessed, I'm not obsessed. Edward Norton is so cute tho!! He makes an adorable sick, sick freak.

I still haven't showered. I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

Unijeli wasn't updating properly for a while, I think. But now it is. ^_^ Yay!
I woke up early for no real reason. I just wanted to see if Meg or Amy was on. And poopie, neither of them is. Although, it's noon TO time, so Amy's prolly still sleeping. ^_^;

I'm hungry, so I think I'm gonna take off to shower and eat.

Imouto starts work today. She has 8 hours of orientation. I might go back to working at the pretzel place, maybe with a bit of work for the school. I dunno.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Ah... Got some more funny search engine hits today!!

guys peeing outside <--uh, why in the world would you want to look for that?
teen choice awards carrot top <--good lord, WHY?
sweepers murder in small town x <--CREEPY = MUCH
escaflowne sims <-- um interesting thought, but...
+"converting celsius to fahrenheit" <-- *hee* I know which blog that one came from, back when I was complaining about the temperature in canada so much.
the man in the black cape <-- Hwa? It's the dread pirate roberts!
I'm not much in a blogging mood at the moment. The computer crashed and ate the post I was writing.

I'm working on a new winamp skin with all the new filters I've got. Someone decided to send me an e-mail yesterday telling me how to make a winamp skin. I was like... why?

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I am home. It is true, I am home. I got home safe.

So here's my day at the airport. First, we had to get up. Meg didn't have to get up since she didn't sleep, but Amy and i slept an hour. Then we all drove to the airport. We got there at seven and got my baggage checked in after a long wait.

Then we went over to the metal detector. Appparently, people without boarding passes couldn't actually get any closer to the planes. What a rip off. So i had to make a quick goodbye and hug everyone and scurry over to the plane. I wanted to hug everyone more. ;_;

Then the plane was delayed about an hour and a half. I only had a forty minute layover in Calgary, so this was a problem. They held the plane for me. It was very happy. Otherwise I would have had to have waited until 5:25 for the next plane.

Anyway, I gotta watch shrek on the plane. I read "fight club" while waiting for the plane. I finished it up on the mini-plane from calgary to spokane. And then I slept for most of that flight -- with my mouth open so I prolly snored.

When I got off the plane, my WHOLE family was there, which was a lot more than i expected to show up. We went out to lunch at my favorite place to get lunch. ^_^ Then we went home. Rachel had to get a pee in a cup drug test for her new job, so we went out and did that. My mom wanted to go to the grocery store to pick some stuff up, which included shampoo for me. Try picking out shampoo when you've only had an hour sleep, it's fun!!

Then we went home and had dinner. I called Meg and Amy called me. It was happy. Then I played Harvest Moon and tried playing Final Fantsy 7, but the stupid Cd is retarded.

Lastly, I watched "Murder in Small Town X". KRISTEN FINALLY DIED!!!! I'M SO HAPPY! DIE, BITCH, DIE!!! And I've come to another revelation. Jeff is satan.

And then I went to bed. ^_^

Exciting, eh?

As a side note, to anyone who cares, I'll prolly be online tonight from after dinner to about 10. WEE!

PS. Melissa, you should come over soon and we'll have a movie night. ^_^

Monday, August 27, 2001

I'm watching "The Omen 4". That's four omens too many. Meg may have a kyara named Damien, but that doesn't mean I like the movies. (nor does she.)

I've washed most of the gel out of my hair.

Meg says I'm going to miss them all. Well, I might. Once I get over the gel thing. ^_~ (Just kidding, Amy, I didn't mind.)

Meg wants credit for the gel. Okay, you have credit. But not the kind you can spend.

I'm going to miss everyone a lot. *yawns* And I'm tired.

I should start a school on how to be Mark. Just say "She's not evil, she's confused." Just like the mother in Omen.

"Stop breathing like that! Stop breathing like that! Stop breathing!"

Good god, there's six of omens. I'm scared.

I think Amy should be required to get many hours of sleep. She's singing to herself and earlier she was talking in a really funny voice. And then she was hitting her head on a wall. Pardon me, it wasn't her it was tyler amy.

I'm going to miss Amy a LOT!

I'm going to miss Meg!

And I'm not going to miss hair gel!

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Recent search engine queries:

Fruits Basket pictures <---I wish I had some. Yuki is hot! *heartheart*
belldandy blog <---that would be interesting. a blog in the perspective of belldandy.
in black and white it keeps saying my name <-- i've no clue. is this some kind of culture reference I don't get?
boy meets boy <--- I actually've gotten two of these recently. I looked it up. Not only is it a comic, it's also a book. (but not a collection of comics, but that would be cool.)
child <--and yaoi was one of the search parameters. I've nothing against yaoi, but I think porn with kids is ICK!
inochi <-- cool! wonder if they were looking for my blog specifically.
black and white dragon pictures <---none here. I can't draw animals.
+"fruits basket" +anime <--- I wish I had more info about the anime... I shall look it up sometime I'm not blogging from my friends house!
black white skin horse <--I do hope they mean a winamp skin and not say.. horse skin
I bought the "Fight Club" book. I'm not obsessed or anything. It's some of the last of my money for the summer, but I decided to spend it on a book for the flight home. (TUESDAY!!!) I think my next blog layout will be a spoof of fight club, in which I dress up some of my kyara as fight club peoples. Ah yes, I have the main image all planned in my head.

And when I get home, I'll have a WEEK to move into my new apartment. It's not like I have a lot of furniture, so it shouldn't be too difficult. In fact, it only took me a carload and a truckload to move me out of my dorm. I imagine that moving permanently to another place will take a bit more. We might hafta get mom's car involved. ^_^;; Lucky for me, the apartment comes furnished.

I have three mugs for my apartment. I'm very happy.

I keep getting these wierd stabbing headaches. I don't know why. I don't think it's my sinuses or that I'm dehydrated, which is usually the cause of my headaches. It's something else. Maybe stress. *shrug* I've got only one full day left here and I need to get a little sticker that says my flight date has been changed still. I'm a slacker and a slacker without a car.

I'm leaving 8 TO and getting home at 3 TO time. But it'll be noon. Flying is a funny, funny thing.