Saturday, August 25, 2001

I've had a very nice day today. ^_^ I love Amy's family and I love Meg. Leaving on Tuesday is going to be very bittersweet. I want to go home but I don't want to leave.

Today, Amy, Meg, and I went around Toronto. Her dad drove us. We went to some beaches on Lake Ontario and to a dollhouse shop. I got pictures of the lake. Amy has a dollhouse hobby. Or rather, she would if she had the money. Anyway, they've got EVERYTHING but smaller at dollhouse stores! o_o Like mini-beers and mini-scales and mini-suspenders. But the little furniture was so very cute. If I had a dollhouse, it'd be nothing but bedrooms and a kitchen 'cause I think the bedroom furniture is SO cute! ^_^

Then we drove around Toronto. I got pictures of the CN Tower and various other buildings. We drove by a billboard for the "Puppetry of the Penis" (which, as the name suggests, is three guys doing shadow puppets with their... you guessed it.) Anyway, the billboard said "PENIS" really large. Then I got a picture of a "Mike's Hard Lemonade" ad in front of a starbucks. I thought it was ironic in a stupid way. I wanted to get a picture of a billboard that had "FCUK" written on it in large letters, but sadly I noticed it to late.

And when I got back to Amy's apartment her family really suprised me with a going away part/birthday party. I felt so special! And they gave me a REALLY sweet card too. They made me a cake, which turned out funny looking, but didn't taste bad. The funny look was do to funny cake pan. ^_^; And I got an "I LOVE CANADA" shirt and some mugs (since they tease me for being american). And Meg gave me the "Fight Club" DVD collection (I'm obsessed with the movie) and a really cute bandana thing that she drew her characters on. I'm going to wear the Canadian shirt when I go home to freak out my family. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Friday, August 24, 2001

I saw Dogma today. It was funny. Guess who god was? She had one hand in her pocket and the other one was giving a peace sign. Ah, that was funny. And yeah.... Ben Affleck showed his true self. Which was EVIL!!!!! Silent Bob was cool. He said "No ticket."

Ugh, I've given up on keenspace. I can't seem to get onto ANY of the keenspace pages. TWO WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT BOY MEETS BOY!!!!! *sobsobsobs*

Oh yeah, the post below I wrote yesterdaym but blogger didn't post it until today. ^_^;;

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Frecks-chan, Ribby-chan -- It's Seki TomoKAZU (not zaku). I'm anal and I'm late. I haven't gotten to blog much lately. He plays Touya (CCS), Van (esca), Touji (eva), and Kamui (x), off the top of my head.

I think he's a good voice actor, but I can't STAND the way he sings. I hate "Kimi ga Ita Scene" and everyone song I've heard his voice in.

What interests me is that he's playing a character in "Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer " called Masaharu. Is that CLAMP's series? (I can't remember if there's a Masaharu in it. *looks at imouto*)

And because I said I would, the bakuretsu hunter cast list. Honestly, I thought there'd be more names I'd recongize on the list. ^_^;; Big Mama's voice sounds so flippin' familiar.
OH MY GOD. According to the "fight club" shooting script, they live in Wilmington. Now THAT'S funny.

Jermy: Wow, home would produce some freaks like that. *heehee*
Today, I went to the zoo. It was quite nice. The weather wasn't too hot (although a bit humid). And everyone is nice. Yup, it was great fun. And then we went to a bar! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Uh, otay. So.... I saw this ADORABLE cloudy leopard, which was like Askem's big cousin. It had the long tail and everything.

And we saw lions really, really close. Adam, Meg, and I were playing with the penny thingie in the lion viewing cave and the lions got right up to the glass, it was spiffariffic!

Amy has this connection with rhinos. She clicks her tongue at them and they look. They were WHITE RHINOS! I think.

There were a bunch of flamingos. One of them had a lazy leg and it wouldn't fold it's leg all the way up. It was vastly amusing.

I was looking at a group of monkeys and there were a bunch of kids and their mommie looking at the monkey too. They were all oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the baby monkey. At which point the baby monkey took a piss. And the mom tried to make that look all cute. "The baby monkey went pee-pee! Look guys, the baby monkey is peeing!" And the kids were all pointing and laughing going, "LOOOK! THE MONKEY IS PEEING!!!"

And then the Toronto Zoo has the CUTEST baby polar bears too!! Aaaah. I just can't say how cute they were. And they had baby tigers too!!
I finally saw tuesday's episode in "murder in small town x". It was beautiful. The sweepers get creepier and creepier.
I'm going to blog about the "Teen Choice Awards". I know that they were a few days ago, but I keep forgetting to blog about it. Anyway, to sum it up, they made Amy ashamed to be a teenager and made me glad I was not a teenager anymore.

First, let me start by explaining how these "teen choices" were made. The ballots were in "seventeen" magazine. Or, you could vote online. But how did you know to vote online? By reading "seventeen". Essentially, it was assumed all teens read "seventeen".

Seventeen is mostly read by preteenies and minor teenies who still think being 17 is cool. By about 16, you figure it out. Amy said that when she got to be 17, she'd like to read a magazine called "thirty-two". She's odd.

So, let me get down to WHY these choices were so awful. For one thing, Buffy didn't win a single award. (Although the actress, Sarah Michelle Geller, won an award for achievement.) Best Comedy Movie was "Miss Congeniality" which I thought was a mediocre movie at best. Shrek didn't win anything and that was a cool movie. Best actress wasn't my pal Buffy, but the dumb chick from dark angel.

Oh, and guess what show beat out Buffy for best drama? Seventh Heaven!!! That's the world's most annoying show. But I can see Buffy taking out the whole cast of Seventh Heaven. Just the image of her beating, say Mary, brings a smile to my face. Oh yeah, and the actress who plays Lucy (god, I know too much about this show since I hate it) took up ALL the speech talking and talking and talking. The whole family was up there, why couldn't she let them have some mic time?

For best TV personality, Jimmy Fallon (sp? Anyway, he's so funny! I love him!) lost to CARSON DALY! *cries* Jimmy lost to such a retard! N*Sync won for best video (or somesuch.) I hate boy bands in general, but they're worst than most. Not only that, but it was for "Pop" which is a lame-ass song and pop music sucks.

Carrot Top did something mocking Britney Spears, but instead of making fun of one of her songs, he used one of Christina Aguilera. Oops. Although, his combo of Metallica and N*Sync was amusing.

For the most part, the musical guests were all pop and rap. Nick Carter and Aaron Carter did a thing together. (It'd be funny if it was making for five minutes, but sadly, it was singing. Or something that resembled singing.) That amused me. They were dressed all punky and that was funny to me because they failed miserably!! Aaron tried talking like he was from the 'hood, and I thought the black people on stage were going to injure him.

And to top off all the lameness, the awards were surfboards. That's something I'd like to display in my house, being as they were all ugly. Yes, I'm glad I'm no longer a teen.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

I'd like to see a Harry Potter layout. Somehow, from you, I think that would be special. ^___^

Amy taped Small Town X for me last night and I am very grateful. Everyone keeps saying how great last night's episode was!!! *cries some tears*

I went to the mall today. As I was digging through my change to pay for something, the checker lady saw my movie ticket for The Others and asked me if it was good. I nicely tried to tell her it sucked.

I had something important to blog, but now I forgot. Maybe I'll get an "art corner" up sometime soon. I have some pics I need to upload.
Well, since everyone seems to be blogging in strange languages, here's my take.

Gomen nasai. Atashi no nihongo wa tottemo warui no da. Nihongo no ninensei desu ne. nihongo ga hanaseru hito wa blog o yomu. warui nihongo o shitteru yo!!! Soshite gomen nasai.

And there you have it. I know my japanese sucks.
Meg wants me to inform everyone that I did jump twice at the movie. Meg didn't. And she say "AHAHAHAHAHA!" Okay, so maybe I don't have nerves of steel, it's nothing to be ashamed of. And besides, doors ar scary.

Oh yes, watch out for a PRETTY fanart on the LOTM site. I'm evil.
I'm back! Sorry about the irregularity of my blogging, but I've had issues with the ability to get online. ^_^;; I'm sharing the net for once!!

Anyway, next tuesday I will be going back home. I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy about it. I don't want to leave all the friends I've met here, and yet I miss everyone at home. I will cry perhaps. Let's bring kleenex to the airport. And then I'll get drunk, since my 21st is coming up. YEAH!

Last night, I went to see "The Others". You know, the scary movie with Nicole Kidman? I thought it was boring, mostly because I had the surprise ending all figured out fifteen minutes into the movie. See, the movie was very slow to start and so I started trying to figure out the end. (that's what I do when I'm bored at movies.) Anyway, I asked myself (as a joke) what would be the most loserish cop out ending they could do. And then, the more they got into the movie, the more and more it looked like they were gonna do it!!!! And about 30 minutes into the movie I was certain that they were gonna do as I thought. So then I just spent most of the movie going "JEEEEZ, can we get to the part where they give out the ending?" I felt all smug afterwards. I was right on all accounts of my theory.

Meg's nose is dripping. And running. Her nose is running and dripping.

Monday, August 20, 2001

*sigh* It's really too sad that Josh and Jeremy were never THIS sappy in real life. *patpats Jermy*

Jermy: What?

Oh, he's blond alright. Josh was sappy, but he kept it to himself. Jermy was too dumb to be sappy. Sometimes I wonder where Jermy's family is.

I've finally watched some of Sailor Moon SuperS. I'm watching the dub (sadly). I jsut watched the episode where Fisheye hits on Darien. I hafta wonder how the original went where Fisheye was a duude. (he makes a damn flat girl, but then, I never noticed that when they changed Zoicite.) Eh, too much TV for me.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

Ah, The Naked Chef. He's cute, he's British! And he has a cool name! (Jamie Oliver *heehee*)

Oliver: Good name.

Firefly: Good name.

Wah? o_o This is a referrer to my blog. It looks funny in German.

Oh yeah, I watched the "Road to El Dorado" today. Ah, the slashiness amused me. I could totally see Tulio and Miguel as a couple. But that's probably just me.
Otay, life as I know it sucks. I'm 20 right? HOW COME I LOOK LIKE A F*CKING TEENAGER! *beats the mirror*

In other words, my face is breaking out and I want to rip it off. *bows*