Saturday, August 18, 2001

WAI! The McKinnley family is SO CUTE!!! *glomps them all* Simon, with his pretty white fringe, Sebbi with his shorty cuteness, and Dami is all smiley! I love them all!

Oliver: I love Damien more.

Yeah, yeah. I won't argue that one.
I'm blogging something bloggerific. I love to blog. Wow, I'm actually getting funny search engine hits, wanna see? No? TOO BAD!!

Aquarius "powder fresh" <-- baby powder fresh... that's my fave brand of deodorant!
arashi kishuu pictures <--whoo! good taste! arashi! *drool*
black and white anime pictures <--I have so many hits for this, it's not funny. we call that "MANGA"
+black +white +brennen <--that's the second time I've gotten something similiar to that. I think brennen is german for something or other. Meg, do you know?

Friday, August 17, 2001

Whoohoo! A search engine hit for Fruits Basket!! I really wish there was a personality selector... I love Yuki, I love Yuki. *dances around singing*

Which doesn't have quite the same effect as screaming:

But I'm not so I won't.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

There are no dishes in this house. Clean ones anyway. I guess that's what we get for letting the dishwasher go camping. But she's coming back today and I'm happy! (not just because she's the dishwasher, but it's so quiet without her around!!)

My family has gone crazy... Everyone is going to think that people from my homeland are DRUNK!
I'm watching "Shanghai Noon". It's actually a funny movie. I like Jackie Chan. *heehee*

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Hey, i just realized I'm missing the Project O.T mix of NEVER EVER on my mp3 disc. Which means it's been damn near a three months since I heard it and suddenly I really wanna listen to it. Sh*t.
If you liked Duty, then you might like Surreal (also by Hamasaki-sensei). One of my favorite currents songs by her is NEVER EVER. I'm going to babble if I don't stop NOW since someone else has said they like my favorite singer of all time....

And in case no one had noticed (which no one prolly had), I have a tendency to name my blog layouts after her songs.... ("who..." and "duty" were both songs by her and "nothing from nothing" was a song that she sung in [although I'm not sure who did it] *hee* it was funny japanese rap, but I like it ANYWAY!) HAMASAKI-SENSEI GA DAISUKI!!! *happy content sigh*
*sighs* I never get any good search engine hits. Maybe I don't say the word sex enough? SEX SEX SEX SEX.

Although, I do get a lot of search engine requests for "black and white demo". Admittedly, it's a very amusing game, but guess what? I DON'T HAVE A DEMO!

FUCK FUCK FUCK. Sorry kids, it's all in the interest of getting more hits to my blog. I like swearing anyway.

Eeer... Maybe I'd better stop. For some reason I've already had a referal from a porn site. MAybe it was for hot lesbian sex or something. I may not be straight, but it's not like I'm going around getting it on.

Eep. This is a disturbing entry. Proving I might sell by soul, but I'd certainly misadvertise.
Well, now I've finished "The Vampire Armand". I think that's in record for Anne Rice book, for me at least. Anyway... I'm terribly embarassed to admit that I liked it. Well, I like Armand, so it stands to reason I'd like the book. Even if I dislike Anne Rice.
Ugh. Why Claudia? She was so annoying. u_u;;
My Vampire Chronicles Kyara Test results in a nutshell. I'm crazy. Want more details?
1. Claudia
2. Louis
3. Marius
And in last place...

I think Armand came in fifth. He's my favorite.
Meg's hair is up. Recycle!!!!!

There was a guy at the art store and he thought I was crazy. Or a twin. The end.

Wait! There's more!

I bought some pens. I left the store. Meg convinced to go buy the really nice cheap ass sketchbook with NIIIIIICE thick paper, so I went back to the store. Bought the sketch book. The guy thought I was crazy, indecisive, or I had a twin. I'm crazy. His name was Steve B.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Lissa-chan!! Guess what? I'm gonna be 21 shortly after I get back from Canada. Know what we should go do? (and my birthday is a saturday too. I'm LUCKY! ^___^ )

Right now, I'm thinking it's either the priest or Lambert. But then again, they're making it too obvious so I might be wrong.
I'm a biter. And I'll try to keep all my comic talk on THAT blog.
I'm blogging. The popularity poll results are starting to scare me. Carter and Lucas are s'posed to be the popular ones, not CANDRA! (tho she barely has the lead) What the heck is going on??

Candra: I'm just happy. People like happy.

Eh. But I like Psycho Girl Candra.

And... moving on... Anyone else notice I babble about my comic a lot? I sure do!!

Well, I was thinking of biting Meg. (Yes, I know the term is biter, I'm being stupid!) And I might be making a Journeys Down blog. Mostly so I don't spend so much time babbling about my lame ass comic on this blog.

Monday, August 13, 2001

Oh yeah. I need a new jacket for school. I saw this really cool Moby sweaterjacket at six flags. I'm gonna see if I can find someplace to get it that's not Darien Lake. Aw, Moby. *_*

Aw, I thought Candra was going to fail miserably on the popularity poll. By the way, Lissa-chan, if you want Vil to get ANY votes, I think you'll hafta go vote for him.

(PS. Lissa-chan, we should unite in our hatred of Kristin)

I wonder if "scarred for life" is anything like "fit 4 life".

Meg found a site of "Fight Club" slash. I'm so vastly amused. It hurts to laugh.
I'm reading The Vampire Armand. I don't like Anne Rice, but I read the first book at ai-chan's request. Armand was my favorite, so I'm reading his book.

See, I don't like Anne Rice because it's all so slow and descriptive. The critics call it "poetic". I call it "boring". However, it's all quite fun when it comes to the yaoi scenes. Which there are a lot of in this book. ^__^ Go Armand!

Sunday, August 12, 2001

When Practical Jokes Backfire

In this house, there are two chairs that look exactly alike, except one of them has a loose leg. I was sitting on one of the chairs and then went upstairs to get something. While I was upstairs, Amy switched the chairs to see if I'd fall.

Well, I noticed the rockingness of the chair that hadn't been there previously, but thought I'd just been unobservant before. I sat very carefully on the chair.

All went well until it was Amy's turn on the computer and she sat in the chair. She sat back in the chair and it collapsed. No one was hurt so it was funny.
To quote amy: "I went to Boy Meets Boy. It's funny. I laughed like this hee hee hee hee."

I'm plugging a comic and it's not mine. Go read it!
I'm not sure what to blog, except nothing serious.

Well, I checked the popularity poll and it works fine. I think it wasn't working on Meg's computer because she was that add subtract program and it stops pop-up windows. I dunno if the poll actually works if the window doesn't pop up. All I know is that you don't get to see the results.

Pumpkinhead was a dumb movie. Snotty rich people vs rednecks. It was beautiful. Beautiful but dumb.
An e-mail should be on the way. Sorry I scare you that much. I just have a tendency to be emotional and swear when I'm angry. Honestly, I can't even remember the other incident to which you are referring. (Just nod and say "Oh good, the scary girl isn't going to kill me in my sleep!" j/k)

Yeah, I redid the main page. There's a popularity poll, profiles finally linked from the page, and a tracker. (not that anyone except me would be excited about the tracker.) I'm having problems with the poll, buuut I don't know if that's Meg's computer or if it's just broken. I'll kick's ass if it's broken.

Ha ha ha. I got someone and someone addicted to Harvest Moon!!!

Here's my new obsession. Kristen still lives. GRRR.