Friday, August 10, 2001

I'm gonna get a haircut, I'm gonna get a haircut, I'm gonna get a haircut. Wonder who it's from? *sings to the tune of the blues clues "we just got a letter" song*

Anyway, it's odd to hear people yelling outside like their getting murdered. Amy and I figured that their cat just locked them out of the house and they want back in. No one is getting murdered. Really.
Here. The profiles for Journeys Down. (Lucas is at the bottom.)
Well, apparently you don't listen when people say it nicely. I KNOW Meg has tried telling you numerous times without bitching and getting angry that she really doesn't appreciate what you've done with Lucas. So she asked me to back her up. Which I've done using my evil bad mojo since you all know I'm a bitch anyway. And now that I have your attention....

What I'm saying is this: Meg and I have been telling you time and time again that you're not portraying the characters. The problem is you don't give a shit about accurate portrayals while we do. In fact, we care a lot. And I guess that's where we come into disagreement.

What we want is for you to take a LITTLE bit of time to do the characters right. The manga isn't out, sure, but you have the flippin' authors yelling at you that you're messing it up. You'd think that'd give you cause to think that something wasn't right. And Meg HAS told you that Lucas is a lot nicer then you've been showing him.

After all, you got on MY case for being inflexible about the storyline. You're being inflexible about your storyline AND your characterizations of someone's else characters.

There hasn't been a post about NOT writing or stopping the series. See, that isn't really what either of us wants. What Meg and I want is for you to better portray the characters. You have at your disposal the two writers. But if you aren't going to do that, then I'd at least like you to stop posting on OW. (but honestly, limited release on the kami board, I don't care about)

And for all of you who think I'm over-reacting, PLEASE realize that these people are my babies in all but the actual birth sense. Forgive me if I'm over-protective.

Yes, I realize it's a parody. But (given the analogy from Ribby's blog) saturday night live really only parodies famous and well-established people. All I've got is my ideas and my kyara. I don't have the millions of dollars to enjoy and I'm not well-established. And parodies usually take the effort to at least have a BASIS on the real characters.

Oh go read dora's blog. She said it without getting all pissy.
WHY? WHYYYYYYY?! According to my tracker, I got a referal from a icky porn site. WHY?! (I'm not posting the URL, if you wanna see, you gotta find it yourself.) WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?! I'm SCARRED FOR LIFE!!! *cries*
Guess what? It's not as humid today!

Oh, and I CRAZY dream! I dreamt I was on the run from something or other. So to disguise myself, I went in for a new hairdo. (apparently that was enough to disguise me. Like clark kent/superman) Anyway, the bleached my hair really blond. And then they cut my hair like the girl on friends. (remember when EVERYONE had their hair cut like then?) So I was all "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And that was the end of the dream.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

It's hot which is making my sunburn hurt. Ouchies.

We went to the mall today to enjoy the air conditioning. Then we played games at the arcade. Amy and I were kicking patootie on some fighting game before a punk kid came over and played us. (then we lost)


Wednesday, August 08, 2001

KAPOW! Witness my power! Amy told me how to get past the passsword so at least I can read your blog again. You may be having to close a lot, but I think imouto was having a shittier time at her job. ^_^;; When are you going to get on y!m so I can talk to you, girlie-girlie-girl?

I'm not sure what your angle is but I'm not flattered. What you've done to Lucas (and company) isn't really fanfiction. It's just ripping off the name and character designs from Meg. That's not Lucas. That's not Mark. That's not Cam. It's fucking shit, that's what it is. They're like ghosts with the same face and name. And no matter what either of us have said to the contrary, you keep defiling our characters.

And if you haven't caught on so far, I'm a little offended. There is no CSM Lucas or Cam or Mark. All said kyara are copyright Meg and I. I'm not in the mood to be light-hearted at the moment, and besides, this is serious to me. Stop fucking with our characters and ignoring us when we say you're messing them up.

Sunburns make me bitchy.
I'm wondering about this. A few days ago I got a search engine hit for "firefly-chan". And today I get one for "Lian Kannel" (who happens to be one of my kyara). I know the name isn't common, so I'm wondering what's up with that. Anyway.... Maybe I'm famous!!

One more fun, fun day! And I don't mean it sarcastically. See, today Amy's family, Meg, and I went to Wasaga beach. It's like the BIG beach here and it's actually quite nice. The sand is all nice and almost white and there's actually black sand!! But the BEST part is that the water is warm!! (We all know Firefly is a water wimp)

Okay, so we got there and managed to finagle a picnic table. Then we went swimming. Then we went swimming again. And then we had dinner/lunch. And then we went swimming again. And then we went home.

Oh, and watch out if you ever go wavejumping with Meg and Amy. They get rather eeerrrr... excited about tall waves. More excited than is really healthy. And they're very vocal about it. I think they were scaring people.

Everyone got sunburned. I didn't get sunburned as much as everyone else, but still a little. Amy's mom is the crab mothership now since she's all red. ^_^;; Aaah, it's going to take me another day to recover from all the sun.

Monday, August 06, 2001

Oh the fun of looking up sites that are jokes on television. (link courtesy of the simpsons)
Ah, back from Six Flags!! It was a fun trip. I went on the superman rollercoaster. I didn't manage to hit any of the other rollercoasters, because the lines were so freakin' long,but I did go on some of the other rides. The superman was a kick-ass rollercoast. (I've really only been on ghettocoasters before that one.)

My only big complaint was at the horrible lack of shade at the park. It was HOT and there was no shade. None of the ride lines were covered and any place to sit that had shade was crowded or you weren't allowed to sit there. (ple, they kicked us off some grass.)

Anyway, then we tried to see Niagara Falls at night. That was a fun experience. Apparently Canada is having a long weekend. (Or at least Ontario is) Short of it is that the place was PACKED! We drove by twice and didn't park. It really is very nice at night. ^_^ (Except, you can't see the Canadian falls from the road. >_< )

Okay, and then last night I had the FUNKIEST dream. It went like this. I was at the computer lab at school, apparently attending some class. Then, some person I didn't know (but I think was a lawyer) walked in and told me we had a problem. I was like "huh?" And she told me to go look at my blog, which I did. (I might add, it was at the current layout, although I think the dream took place in the future.) Anyway, then the lawyer told me someone was going to sue me for copyright infringement because my character design (for Lian *points up*) was a rip off of his and because I was ripping him off because he lived on the Llama Farm. (Okay, I made a joke and named my farm on Harvest Moon the Llama Farm and Lian lived there.)

Anyway, I demanded that I see a picture of the character design I was ripping off and I was really offended because a) They didn't look a thing alike (the other guy's kyara had BROWN HAIR!) and b) it really wasn't even anime style and more like a cartoon. The guy wanted to take me to court over this. And I got really pissed. Then I tried to find all the pictures I coulf of Lian (even the really early ones) and I was very grateful that I keep EVERYTHING (except the stuff I give to Meg). And then I determined that I was going to WIN that thing (the trial that is).

And then the guy wanted me to sign some thing about how I hadn't copied the character design from his comic. And I refused because I hadn't even READ his comic and didn't want to sign it. (I think there was some ulterior stuff in there too.) And then... I WOKE UP!

So life goes on... And I think you are all caught up on what happened this weekend.

Oh god... MEG!!! Don't put this kind of stuff up!!! I draw so ugly compared to you!!!

Lissa-chan, I don't know what's up with your blog, but whenever I try to read it, it wants me to enter a password and it's a big ugly loop I can't get out of.

If you wanna get picky, I usually order the Senshi in the order that they appear on the covers of the bssm memorial music set. Which is: moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus, neptune, uranus (although, those two might be switched, since I'm doing it from memory), pluto, saturn, chibimoon. They've got nice piccies on those CDs. *drools*

*oggles* Eh? (lookieme, being canadian *hee*) Okay... Umm.... I'm afraid that Lucas hasn't died any of those ways. At all. But, since I doubt anyone reads my blog, it's not likely you'll read this either. *shrugs*

Uck. *falls over*

I'm dead now. It's hot. God, the heat makes me feel all weak and woozy now. I played too hard on saturday. This
sucks a fatty. (or a josh 9.9) I'm s'posed to go to the beach on Wednesday, but here I am still all ple from too much sun on saturday and I slept a good twelve hours last night.