Friday, August 03, 2001

I'm going to Niagara Falls and Six Flags this weekend! YAAAAAAAY!

And my poster is finished HOORAY!

Thursday, August 02, 2001

My vote is for picture no.7. I think it captures the real you. ^_~
Poster Update: I've gotten everyone drawn and inked. Lucas and Vil are colored. Lucas pants are big and gray. I'm having problems with the pens because it's so humid today that the pens are taking a LONG time to dry so I can put another layer on.

I love Lucas' clashy clothing.
Quantam Leap is a good show. I missed it. But they have it on space at 1!! That's when Amy gets up so we watch it together. I'm disturbed by how many of the episodes I remember, being as I haven't seen the show since middle school or abouts.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Eerr... Not that Moby is a SINGER, per se. Oh, you get the flippin' point. I like to score.
Oooh! Happiness will never cease!! I watched "Behind the Music" on the year 2000 and only my most favorite singer ever was on! MOBY da yo!!

KYAA! He's so cool!

Now I'm inspired to listen to "play". Happiness.
I had a really wierd dream. I dreamt I was Jack from "Fight Club" and from there, you know it turned out wierd. ^_^
I've been working on a poster of the whole band of Journeys Down. So far, I've got Candra, Carter, Lance, and Carlos done. I'm going to start work on Lucas and Vil after I finish playing on the internet.

I'm not sure what to do with the poster after I'm done. Maybe I'll just hang it on my wall. ^_^;;

They're turning off the water again tomorrow. I've been here two months and I think they've turned the water off five times so far. Doesn't that seem extreme to anyone else? It's been a long time since I've lived in an apartment, so maybe things have changed. But what peeves me about all this is that they only gave us notice today. Oh well, I'm marking my calendar to take a shower tonight instead of tomorrow in the morning.


Sometimes I wonder... La la la.

Today is Wednesday. Know what you should do? I dunno. Something. I'd say blog, but lots of people are saying that.

Wanna know the excitement that goes down in the average day of Firefly's life? Well, aside from working on a poster, I went and got ice cream!! There's this place and it sells ice cream, even tho it tries to disguise itself as fish and chips.

DOOOOOD!!! There's a HAL's mix to Audience? DO you KNOW how much catching up I need to do on Hamasaki-sensei songs? I'm prolly a whole single behind or something! *gasps and dies*

*watches Meg fall over and die* I DO LISTEN TO ENGLISH SONGS! HONEST! ...sometimes... I'm not obsessed!! (Can we say "denial"? I knew we could.)

Lucas and Vil...

Speaking of disturbing couples. Dumbledore/Fred/George. That's why they never get in trouble.

George is the good twin.

Oh, and I saw the commercial for the Harry Potter school supplies. I felt so cheap for cheering just because it was Harry Potter. Argh, I'm a sell out.

I've done a good thing today. Or was it yesterday? Anyway, look at how much you've blogged since getting that tracker!!!

Speaking of Amy, Lissa-chan, go read her blog. She has a special message for you!

I'M BLOGGING! *does a happy dance*
Oops!!! I totally forgot I was like three hours ahead of everyone. Next time I get obsessively attached to a kyara from Small Town X, I'll mourn their loss/win without mentioning their name or something.

Was it just me or was Andy insanely cute? 'Cause he was all scared and little. I love it when they forget it's just a TV show and they won't really die! It's so cute!! Ugh, and that stupid bitch Kristen!!! Can I kill her now? She hung up on *heart*Andy*heart*!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Oh, ANDYYYY! I hardly knew you, yet how I will miss thee! *cries into a hanky*

Monday, July 30, 2001

Um... Let me get this straight. You can't read WHITE on BLACK? And in all honesty, I won't have the ability to change it until September at the earliest. I've had this picture scanned and editted and ready for layoutting for three weeks or so before I was finally able to put it together. >_<

I'll prolly be sick of the layout by the time I get home, so I'll prolly have something in the works by then. ^_^;;

And actually.... I've had no problems with this layout being slow to load. *shrugs* Could just be me tho. And I think i have a 33.3 modem here. In all honesty, I turned down the image quality a LOT and at a certain point I said "NO MORE! IT'S TOO CRAPPY!" And I think it's also faster to load than my old layout... At least i know it was a lot easier to code!!

If anyone has a suggestion on how I can get the stuff under the tables to before the pictures is done, go ahead. I've just got my shitty HTML abilities. *looks pointedly at puff, the HTML goddess*
Wow, I've gotten 20 e-mails from ONE person. And all of them contained that sircam virus. It's funny. Especially since I've already gotten it twice. (well, on e-mail, I wasn't stupid enough to actually open the attachment.)
New Sailormoon dolls? I'd be more excited if I didn't already have my Sailorsaturn Dream Pocket Doll. (Proud of myself? I think so! But it's cool!!)

I'm not ashamed to admit my collection of Sailorsaturn stuff is nice and extensive. (Guess who my fave sailormoon kyara is? *hee*)
Beep beep! More spoilers!! Movie Review Part II

Marlena leaves to get water, and like a really smart person, Hitomi leaves to go find the kitchen. (HEEELLLOOOO!!! You're a stranger! Just let the red-head find the water for you!!!) She ends up in the stable. Obviously, she's used to cooking smelling like horse sh*t or something. Merle pops out of the woodwork and is actually *gasp* nice to Hitomi.

Oh yeah, Hitomi has this rock. I didn't see where she got it from. Meg assures me it fell out of the sky. The moleman makes a necklace for her out of it. Honestly, the necklace serves no purpose, other than to remind us how much better then show was. The moleman was also a fortune-teller and Hitomi isn't.

The tank-thing they were riding around in (what happened to allen's ship?) gets attacked by some hyena-monkey looking men. Hitomi is kidnapped and Van rides out to save her. Meanwhile, we get a shot of five or so bishounen. I play tumpets because guess what that means!?!?!? DILANDAU IS COMING!!! They discuss that they were just supposed to get the girl and not kill everyone but Dilandau just laughs it off. (and Jajuka is there! *clapclap*)

(I am happy to report that the main cast, as far as I can tell, still have the same voice actors as the show. *drools on takayama-sensei's voice* Dilandau no koe ga suki da yo!!!)

Van and the hyena-man who kidnapped Hitomi have a conversation that I think is supposed to clue me in on why they're fighting. IT just makes me confused. Then Dilandau shoots the hyena-man, ending my mysery! Van tells Hitomi to stay behind him and then starts walking away. Good job. (Not that Hitomi really tries to stay behind him, either. She just sits there.)

Van and Dilandau pull out all the DBZ moves and fight eachother. The fight actually was uncomfortably close to something out of Dragon Ball Z, but with better animation. Van gets hit in the shoulder and stomach area. Then all the ground falls apart and Hitomi falls.

Van dives after her and sprouts some big-ass, albatross wings and catches her. Upon landing, VAn passes out. But it's already too late, Hitomi has fallen in love with the man she's only seen two times, one of which he tried to kill her!!!

Van and Hitomi are at some little mountain resort. Apparently, everyone else went onto some bigger city, leaving the two of them behind. I can see why they left Van behind, because there's a healer here, but why Hitomi? Oh wait, her clothes were dirty, so they left her behind so she could get them cleaned. They probably would have done the same for Presea if she wore any clothes.

Van decides it would be nice to take Hitomi to a strip club. There they meet some folks who I think are supposed to be the extreme luck sister (or whatever they were called) but were just turned into stripper's for the purpose of this movie. They sing a song about how the dragons heart is cold. Van says his mother used to sing it to him. (He obviously had a great mother)

Then we visit the bad guys. We learn that Folken looks like David Bowie. David Folken gets mad at Dilandau for a) failing to capture the girl and b) attacking when he wasn't supposed to. I keep waiting for the Emperor to show up, but he doesn't. David Folken tortures Dilandau,(and breaks all his fingers, owie...) but then offers to give him more power. To which Dilandau agrees. So Dilandau gives him an "armor suit" (which we used to call melef) which is all good because we get to see Dilandau in his skivvies.

Cut to scene of big town to which Allen and Marlena had fled to get away from Hitomi. Hitomi and Van confront David Folken, but it turns out he's just an illusion. (Is it just me, or does Folken look really drunk in his black cape get up?) Then Escaflowne appears for no reason. Van jumps in, regardless of the fact that Hitomi or someone tells him that it had once been used to destroy the world. Destroy the world? Really? And all this time I'd thought they'd been standing on the world.

Esca fights the other mobile suit... er, armor suit. Then it turns black because it's EEEEEVIL! Hitomi cries and "rescues" Van. Or rather, Hitomi goes to dreamworld and runs around a Nausicaa-looking tree and trips on a little girl hugging a bug. All except the tripping part. Van jumps/appears out of the grass and says he feels alone. hitomi says she feels alone too, like it's some big revelation.

Then Van and David Folken show down. Folken says he's lonely (are we surprised at this point?) The wierd chick (his mother...?) shows up too. Hitomi says that it's because he thinks he's alone that he's lonely. Jajuka shoots Folken/gets shot, I can't tell if it's both or neither.

Then Folken and Van's mother tells Van to leave. Which he does. And him and Hitomi stand on a cliff and have meaningful conversation. Then Hitomi disappears. I think we're supposed to be sad. She has albatross wings too! And the movie ends.
Okay, as promised, I'm going to give my thoughts on the Escaflowne movie. Let's start by saying I prefer the TV series to it. (And honestly, the tv series isn't one of my favorite anime.) Sure, the movie is a bit darker, but it made a lot less sense.

WARNING! SPOILERS If you haven't seen the esca movie and don't want to be spoiled, go ahead. Otherwise... Read on!!

First, we start out with a battle that doesn't make any sense. Wait, Van falls out of the sky and starts murdering people. I never, during the entirity of the movie, am able to figure out WHY they were fighting these people. Then he gets to the fabled "dragon armor" otherwise known as "Escaflowne" which they pronounce really wierd, because I think they're trying to make it sound all english.

Next, cut to Hitomi asleep on top of the school. Yukari shows up. I really hate what they did with her character design in this movie. I really hate when they give people lipstick in anime. It just doesn't look right. Yukari wants to know why Hitomi doesn't go to track anymore, and some junk, then finds a letter (in a pink envelope, mind you) addressed to her.

For a second, I thought it was a love letter from Amano-sempai to Yukari and that they were in love and that was why Hitomi wanted to kill herself. Nope, it was a suicide note. And apparently people take off their shoes before killing themself in Japan, but I digress. If I was writing a suicide note, it wouldn't be on pink paper. Yukari doesn't really take her seriously and says it's a stupid note. Then Yukari walks Hitomi to... somewhere.

They have a conversation on some steps. Maybe the school steps, but I'm not sure. Hitomi tells Yukari to go away because she hates her. Yukari obliges Hitomi and runs off in tears. Which is stupid because if my friend was writing suicide notes, I sure wouldn't be leaving them alone. Even if they were saying they hated me.

Hitomi goes to the track field. I think that's because there was a track field in the show and they want to remind us of Escaflowne the show. Then some "mysterious man" in a black cape and hood shows up and talks about making all the sadness in the world go away. Hitomi has a vision and finds herself... taking five minutes to go to Gaea. Then she pops into the inside of Escaflowne.

Van gets Escaflowne to open and Hitomi falls out. There was water inside Esca and I was hoping she'd drown because Hitomi is already getting on my nerves. Then, for some reason I forget, Hitomi, Van, and Escaflowne are outside on the ground and it's dark and spooky looking.

I might also say that the esca in the show was obviously "Esca jr." since this one is so freakin' HUGE!

Van says that Hitomi is the goddess of wings. Hitomi si confused and says she's nothing. Escaflowne disappears and Van tries to kill Hitomi. Allen and Marlena show up and stop Van. Marlena looks like Presea and Allen looks like Marlena. Then the whole flippin' crew shows up and starts singing "We welcome you to GaaEEEEa, GaaaEEEEaaaa, GaaaEEEEaaa." Or not, but they cheer and jeer like they haven't seen any women in five years. (Which is stupid, because Pre-I mean, Marlena, is very scantily clad). Hitomi passes out (from all the pressure or something, or maybe it was because she was so thirsty....)

She wakes up someplace dark. Marlena comes in and tells her about the prophecy of a goddess of wings. I yell at the screen because it sounds mysteriously like the "blue-clad one" from Nausicaa. Marlena asks if Hitomi would like some food, Hitomi says she's just thirsty. Then her eyes get all watery for some reason. She's really, really thirsty.
Lissa-chan, the text is hard to red against the dark stripe on the background. Please keep in mind this monitor is monumentally messed up. And thanks for the comment on my new layout.

Speaking of my new layout... Oh my, this picture was on Meg's hard drive forever, before I got it put up. Maybe I'll put up the scans on her computer onto my spree account so everyone can see them. (Won't you guys be happy then?)

OH MY GOD! Mark your calendars everyone!!!! Amy is taping over her audio tape of "Bad Blood"!!! THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

Why? She's making a BRAND NEW music tape to listen to! *gasp* Shes putting "Teenage Dirtbag" on it. Go her. Oh wow, and when she copies from tape to tape, it goes like double speed. "Teenage Dirtbag" Chipmunks style. Just imagine.

"I got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe"
Just imagine.

Otay, so I woke up this morning at noon or so. Then, as usual, I got online to read comics. Low and behold, mine hasn't updated. (As if this weren't becoming an everyday occurance) But, I went to auto-update my comic and it was STILL in the queue to be updated FROM LAST NIGHT! A good 9 hours before!!! *beats keenspace* God, if I knew of another place to put my comic, it might be there right now.

Speaking of which, today marks the end of Meg-chan's guest strips. Cry, everyone, CRY!!! Tho, I do love the first frame of today's strip.

Amy says that "Teenage Dirtbag" sounds like Theodore if he went really punk.
I would just like to take this oppurtunity to say, I graduated from the sims school of crying. Thank you. *bows*

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Ooh. guess what? The gay teletubbie suddenly appeared in the bathroom!!! Okay, not the teletubbie itself but... Here's the story. See, having spent the night at Meg's house, when i came home this afternoon, I went for a shower. I stepped in and suddenly discovered myself face to face wtih the stupid purple teletubbie! (tinky winky?) Or, a purple loofa with the teletubbie on it. I was disturbed.
Amy of the Wired is taking over my blog. Duh nuh nuh.
Jamie's pants unzip themselves when she sits down. Bahahahahahahahahahah! Imagine the bus trips that would bring about!
I'm going to learn to play Othello! Feel the wrath. Meg Quote 'It's a good wrath". Oh, this isn't Jamie, btw. It's Joe, Joe Bobby St. Clair, the Third.
That is all.
Tada! I'm all done with the blog layout. And I almost fixed the rings and stuff. Feel so proud. I don't know why they randomly messed up on me. @_@

Anyway, someday, I'll review the esca movie too, but perhaps with more coherence than ai-chan did. That's all i can guarantee.

I'm a slut.
Testing new blog layout.