Saturday, July 21, 2001

Well, i lied about the not blogging. I'm blogging from Amy's aunt's computer!! *gasp*

Anyway, I'm being told I'm a good dancer. See, we walked over to the friday night "dance" at where I'm staying. They were playing some lame-ass music and no one was dancing. Anyway, I pulled Amy onto the dance floor (which I hear is a major feat in and of itself) and started dancing like a fool. Amy's mom said she'd give my a loonie for entertaining her and amy's aunt so much. (and for getting amy onto the dance floor)

I think I'll use it to buy a postcard from the falls tomorrow (since we're going tomorrow). My sister wants one apparently. So I shall make her happy. We seem to be having little snits at eachother a lot recently, so I shall try to be nice to her and see if that works.

Then we told stupid stories, that were s'posed to be scary. Each person got to say one sentence. It was very fun, except when we tried to be serious. Telling stories doesn't work very well that way when you're serious. For a full account of stories told, go visit Amy's blog, folks.

Sitting in the car for long car rides is strangely tiring. Has anyone else noticed that? I'm kinda of tired, but aside from playing badmitten, dancing, and walking around, I haven't donemuch all day. Granted, I was playing badmitten with a very heavy tennis racket, but I really have no right to be feeling as tired as I do right now. I think it's the car ride. I remember when I drove to Portland, I was very tired by the time I got there.

Ya know, the mouse on this computer is starting to scare me. It glows red when you move it around. I think it's one of those without the balls in it. (okay, that sounded wrong)

"Come look at my box, it's prettier!"

You know, I have a really lame song stuck in my head. I don't know who it's by, but I saw him on the Rosie O'Donell show. It's annoying me! *tries humming hamasaki to get rid of it* It's not working!!!

*hums depeche mode instead* Oh god, it's working and I'm scared!!! Your own personal Jesus *hums*

You know I'm very flattered. Amy said I was a good singer. See, on Thursday, Meg was over and she played the boa CD. I was singing along to all the songs because I know them. (well most of them anyway) And she said I sounded nice. And it's not like it was something I told her to say either. I always thought I had a faily mediocre voice.

Oh yeah! We made s'mores too!! Okay, will some Canadian tell me if those are like some kind of American delicacy? I never really thought of it as American until I found out that this was only EVERYONE'S first time making them (except me). And none of them knew essential s'more making things. It was just bizarre!!

See, I grew up making s'mores every time we went camping. The concept of not knowing how to make them really blew my mind. But come to think of it, I remember this article I once read in TV Guide about the X-Files, And they usedta film in vancouver, right? Anyway, once they tried to mkae s'mores but the film crew (canadians!) but saltines instead of graham crackers. It's crazy!!

See, and then I found out that last time they tried to make s'mores, they used hershey syrup. See, everyone knows you use chocolate bars. It's just crazy. Crazy, I say!! When will these Canadians learn that ketchup flavored chips rot the brain?!
I'm apologizing for keenspace's stupidity when it comes to updating my page. This is about the second time this month that it's not updated the page right. So, if you want to read yesterday's comic (because it didn't update YESTERDAY), I auto updated so friday's comic is up today.

Well, since I'm already rambling about my comic... I'd just like to say that I'm getting a fair amount of daily readers now. I'm happy. Hopefully it will keep going up!!

And in a week from monday, it will go back to me being the artist. (Yes, sad sad day) *looks pointedly at meg-chan* Or maybe sooner if someone doesn't finish thursday and friday's strip. (Just a friendly reminder.)

Okay, I've come to the conclusion that Canadian cartoons have problems. Like "untalkative bunny". Those of you who've never seen the show... Just imagine a poorly animated show about a bunny that doesn't talk. Sounds oh so interesting, eh? (note the sarcasm)
Oh yeah, tsua-chan I'm SO glad you're going to redo the layout for your blog. Just keep in mind us people stuck on modems, onegai. Meg and I timed how long it takes for your current layout to load. It's a little over two minutes on this computer.
Otay, I took out the link to imouto's blog, due to the fact that xoom will be closing. Not that she blogged anyway, but... I'd just like to state I didn't take it down because I didn't like it.

And on that note, new link to rebo-chan's blog. I'm not sure what it's titled, so I just went with what was on the top of the page.

Okay and I'm officially scared!! What kind of show is this for children?!?! See, there's this show about a fly, and the fly got put in jail. The episode ends with the fly being chained up next to this other bug who is much bigger than it which laughs evilly. Yes, kiddies, let us learn about jailbait early in life. The little fly gets molested as soon as the camera goes away!!!! What's worse is the little fly sounds like a kid!! (I just can't figure out how to take the end of the show otherwise)

Friday, July 20, 2001

Wowee! I went to the pool today and stayed in for longer than 30 minutes. It's a new record for me. (the pool water is very cold and I don't like cold.)

Well, aside from that... Not much has been going on in my life. I went to see Final Fantasy, but I'm bucking the trend and not reviewing it. Except, I'd like to say it's not worth all the hype.

Tomorrow I'm going to Niagra Falls. Being all the way from across the country, I think it will be fun. I hope anyway. I like doing new things. However, Amy's little brother is trying to convince me that to be a true Canadian I have to go down the falls in a barrel. I'm not THAT desperate to become a true Canadian. ^_^;;

In short, I prolly won't be blogging this weekend. I hope you all can live without my words of wisdom.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Remembering Douglas Adams, a random logline generator. Vastly amusing.

A few examples:

The cousin of a thief studies for an exam.

A short insurance salesman, a bug-eyed monster, and a gullable juggler wage war against each other.

An acrobatic conductor learns his father-in-law is a vulnerable race car driver in a cottage.
We are looking for Blue's Clues, we are looking for Blue's Clues, we are looking for Blue's Clues, wonder where they are?

Oh my goodnesss... Lucas is a hot sexy mama. o_o *wipes up drool* Sorry, ai-chan I had to post that here.

*glomps bmb* I LOVE HARLEY! I understand your pain, Mik.

Nee, tsua-chaaaaaan! PLEASE PLEASE redo the layout to your blog. It's slow and I can't read it on this computer!! *sobsobs* (Okay, I CAN read it, but the combo of very slow to load on this modem and having to squint to read makes me go "I'll read it someother day and then I'll write this BIG plea to update when I finally actually read it") Yes, I am DEMANDING!

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Well, I joined some more cliques. Slowly, I'm joining all the ones offa Lissa-chan's page. Well, excpet I don't think I qualify for the oddbloggers one. *sobs*

And grrl nrrd? Man, talk about pressure! I gotta have a cool site! Candra, don't fail me now!

Eh, speaking of cool sites, I really need to redo the layout of my blog. u_u;; The next one is gonna be Lian. Mwahahahaha! I need to scan the picture of him with his reading glasses on because he looks yummalicious.

Monday, July 16, 2001

Man, I'd forgotten how crappy the animation is to x-men. I loved this show as a kid. Gambit was my favorite. ^_^

Hey, it's raining again! *looks out the window* And it's raining hard!!

I think the art for Harvest Moon is cute. Look! ^_^
DOH! I forgot some very important news!!! Very, very important!

Today starts Meg-chan's two-week stretch of guest strips. Isn't it cool? READ THEM NOW! Meg has the bestestestestest art of all time! (don't believe her when she says otherwise.)
I played Harvest Moon today on the playstation. My name is Lian, my farm is called Llama, and my dog's name is Gabby! (yes, there's a joke in that! ^_^;; )

Anyway, I drew a bunch of wierd pictures today after hitting the art store. (I bought two new pens too! Whoo!!)

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Here's a stupid e-mail joke I thought I'd pass on. Enjoy!

Top Ten Things Men Understand About Women