Saturday, July 14, 2001

*looks at a certain person who will remain nameless* What's the point of getting online if you're only going to be away?

I find this amusing. PMSy is a mood.

Dearest, I saw the novel "Fight Club" at Indigo today (and a book by the same author). I thought of you.

I'm jealous of everyone who's gotten to see the FF movie. I've yet to see it, but I think I will be on Tuesday. If I end up going with 80 people to the movie, it'll prolly be because I said I was going on my blog. Canada is a zany land where they all go to movies in large groups.

Heck, Canada is a just a zany land.

Anyway, Amy got a color by number and she's going nuts with it! Actually, it looks very, very nice. MAybe on Monday she'll get another. (that's if we go to the art store again *heehee*)

So I haven't watched Buffy all season. It's incredibly annoying to listen to Dawn (stupid Dawn) and Buffy fight and cry. I might have been impressed with the acting skill when I still liked the show, but now Buffy's teary voice is driving me up the wall.

"You're ignoring me!" Dawn accuses.

"No *shakeshakevoice*! I'm *shake* not! *shakeshakeshakesvoice*" Uck, shoot Buffy and put her out of her misery.
I did not know there was a Interesting... Too bad the english page is still under construction. It looks very nifty tho.
I went to the art store today! I got three new prismacolor pens and a new sketchbook. The paper is very nice and think. And a lovely shade of white.

I spent a lot of time yesterday chatting with Alice. She's a funny chatbot. ^_^

Friday, July 13, 2001

I'm pretty sure I'm going swimming today!! What fun. ^.^

For those of you who didn't notice (prolly everyone), I putted some links up to new blogs.

I'm eating popcorn for breakfast. Nutrition!

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Okay.... I think I've been fired from Riot Ink. Well. Saves me the effort of quitting. -_-;;
Here's checking if my new tracker works.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

I took out my stupid counter. It was taking too long to load. T_T;;
For those of you still interested, I am 58% gay.
Grrr.... Stupid keenspace. It didn't update today's comic. I'm going to hurt it now. GRR! Hnnf, I don't know what I'll do if a comic gets accidentally skipped. @_@
Okay, now has an "premium edition" and without it I can't see any of the page stats. Grr. What's the point of having it then?

It takes too long to load, so I think I'm going to get a new counter. Does anyone know where I can get a free, fast loading counter?
I joined some web cliques. Not as many as SOME people *koff*lissa*koff* But some....

Okay, for a long, long time, the friendly people at Riot Ink (the comic book company I'm affiliated with at the moment) hadn't contacted me. Then today, they e-mail me with "we don't trust you anymore".

How frustrating! If they had a problem, like they couldn't have contacted me before it got out of hand. I mean, it's not exactly difficult to e-mail and I'm not even long distance to call. URGH.

*shakes head* I won't go into it, as the details are boring but frustrating.

GRRR! ARRRGH! I'm just peeved. (I was pissed this morning, but now I'm peeved.)

End Rantage
Okay, I forgotted to verra important wall scrolls in my collection:
tonari no totoro wall scroll which is SO cute
Cardcaptor Sakura wallscroll that's manga and she's in the kawaii kitty costume

Monday, July 09, 2001

Swimming. The water is cold. The swimming pool here is very cold and about 1000 kids have shown up today, not all of them with parents. I'm not sure which brainiac didn't teach their kid NOT to shove people around a pool.

Finally, things arrive from home. I've gotten the final notice, although I never had a first notice. The Canadian postal service is even more messed up that the US. I've waited nearly three weeks for this particular package.

I've finished the first chapter of the rewrite of Lian's story. (title pending.) Should I post on my blog for proof-reading purposes? If I go to the trouble of making it HTML, I want some good comments out of people.
My wand is: Unicorn Hair, Willow, 10 inches
Lissa-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Get y!m right now so I can talk to you!!! My name is fireflychan (big surprise, eh?)

I'm canadian, I said EH! *ack*

My poster collection:
Sailormoon manga poster that's the cover of the third artbook
Sailormoon poster from the S movie and it's a really crack-headed pose too
Sailormoon poster from SuperS w/ inner senshi
Sailorsaturn wall scroll
Sailorsaturn and Sailorchibimoon from a calendar
Sailormoon poster from R once more w/ inner senshi
Sailormoon and Sailorchibichibi
(and I'm sure I'm forgetting some sailormoon posters...)
Eva poster of Shinji and Asuka looking into a beaker with Rei floating in it
Eva poster of Rei in a dress
Eva poster of Asuka in a dress
Eva poster of manga art that's a loverly group shot
Posters from most of the plays I've been in
A star wars poster of Yoda
A star wars poster of little anakin

And I think that's it. I've had a long time to collect Sailormoon posters and people like to give them to me. Most of my eva posters are from a calendar no da.
Ple. I can't get on bmb today. Sucks.

I want to visit Meg-chan today. Or maybe I'll go swimming since the pool just opened. I don't know.

All I know is my stomach feels ucky at the moment.

Wow, I apologize now that my blog has become SO incredibly boring.