Saturday, June 30, 2001

I adopted Josh! Whenever I mess with the template, I end up having to repost my archives. Stink. Well, I shall wait to see if they correct themself.
I hate banks. Why do they think they have some kind of right to be mean to me? I will have them know I am not some stupid teenager. I've managed to hold down jobs, and I have a bank account. I just happen to not be in the same country as any of those things, but they don't give me a break.

Case in point:

Today, I went to the bank to cash a traveller's check. I didn't really think it would be such a big affair. However, they wouldn't cash it and all but accused me of stealing it (and my driver's license's signature [the dumb asses. of course it doesn't look like a canadian driver's license]). See, my signature didn't match the signature at the top of the check. What a bunch of BS. I didn't steal it and I had lots of idea to prove that I was me! GRRRRR.

Anyway, after they refused to cash my check, I went elsewhere. Damned if I walk into THAT bank again.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Surreal (sample madness mix) by Hamasaki-sensei

An actual e-mail:
Do you have a X web site!

My response:

And a funny search engine hit:
anime "no underwear"

Meg spent the night last night. I learned FAR more about Josh than I wanted to. He's a messed up dood. And it's wierd, 'cause I'm sure Jermy knew (almost) all of Josh's dirty little secrets, but I think I was reacting way too strongly for a guy I never met.

You know what would be wierd? If I went to North Carolina and tried to find Jermy's grave. @_@

Amy's mom turned off the breeze. It is very sad.

Here's a fun fact for all you crazy Americans out there: IT CAN BE HOT IN CANADA! Damn, it's hot now. I'm not sure how hot because celsius means nothing to me. But I think it's like 30 something. Which is hot.

Does anyone remember the little formula for converting celsius to fahrenheit and vice versa?

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

TADA! I'm writing a note to myself to add a link to Amy's blog.

I want to see "A.I." SOOOO BAD!!! Who's up for seeing it on Tuesday? PLEASE OH PLEASE!

And Canada Day is Sunday. I've never been to a Canada Day Celebration before. For obvious reasons.

*claps* Good job! It's like... an actual layout. ^_~ I likes.

Grrr.... Wanna redo the layout to my blog. Maybe I'll tweek up my Lian pic on Meg's puter and use that. It'll be trippy.

I want to watch Perfect Blue again.
Went to an "anime party" today. It was kinda like watch anime and talk to people. I only really knew three of about 7 people there. I'm not the world's most social so I was quiet.

Anyway we watched:
~Lain (1st tape) : Ehh... Seen it a million times before. ^_^;;;
~Haunted Junction (no clue what tape): Actually, it was funny. But I wanna see the first tape.
~Blue Seed (no idea what tape again): I don't really like the series, but I hadn't seen it before. Now I've seen it and I don't like it.
~Eva (1st tape): I love the show....
~Ranma 1/2 (first movie): Didn't like it before, movie didn't change my mind.
~Saber Marionette J (1st tape): I'd seen the first episode so getting to see more was fun. I think this was the high point of anime watching for the day. LAIMU GA DAISUKI!!!!

So there's my opinions, although you didn't ask for them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

7 things you fear.
~ scary movies
~ getting ugly or that I am ugly
~ getting in arguments
~ the death of people I love
~ that I'm going to be disowned by my family >_<
~ bugs
~ the dark

7 things that make you laugh.
~ Whose Line is it Anyway?
~ Lissa
~ boy bands
~ Boy Meets Boy
~ stupid people
~ bad dub jobs
~ good anime ("mamo-chan to party-- demo, eigo")

7 things that make you cry.
~ the end of "schindler's list"
~ death
~ almost all emotional traumas
~ upon being depressed
~ when I miss my friends n family
~ if i'm seperated from meg for too long (pathetic, ne?)
~ being unwanted

7 things I hate.
~ me
~ sebastian-baka
~ PE
~ pop music
~ nit-picky teachers
~ hot, humid weather
~ DEPECHE MODE (insult my nirvana, will you, ai-chan??)
~ shaving my legs

7 things I love.
~ Meg
~ bishounen
~ friends
~ swimming
~ chocolate
~ CANADA *heehee*
~ manga

7 things I don't understand.
~ people
~ intolerant folks
~ god
~ war
~ popular culture
~ the difference between a corn dog and a pogo
~ the appeal of label clothes

7 things on my desk
(note: since this isn't actually MY desk, I'll try to remember what's usually on my desk)
~ my monitor
~ CDs (musical and game)
~ chapstick
~ pens
~ pikachu plushie
~ scanner
~ zip disks

Right now you are: Hungry. I forgot to eat breakfast.

7 facts about you
~ I use baby powder fresh deodorant (DAMN YOU LISSA-BAKA! ^_~ )
~ I have a girlfriend
~ I'm an art major
~ my name isn't really firefly *hee*
~ I live in La La Land
~ I am a child of the 80's
~ I actually LIKE clothes

7 things to do before I die
~ go to Japan
~ write a book
~ destroy a small city, much like Brampton
~ try new foods
~ make a movie
~ dance without being self-conscious
~ finish this blog entry
Sorry for not blogging much recently. i've had a hell of a time getting on the internet.