Saturday, June 23, 2001

I added a link to Blue Armadillo, Amy's american friends blog. I find it verra amusing.
*snerks* You thought I was crazy when I was reading sluggy freelance. You nutcase you! I told you it was good. I *heart* Kiki.

Frank-san!!! I wanna see furikuri! *cries* I just like the music so far and-and.. I wanna see!

Life is good. I slept in today and then I realized that once I get a job again, I won't be sleeping in as much. *sigh* But I need the money. Poo.

Eh? Really? Hn, I'd check it out if the Japanese weren't so easy to read in the original version.

Due to my extended absence from Spokania, I bet the comic bookstore will drop all my subscriptions. I think the only one I'll miss is Magical Pokemon Journeys. I'm starting to detest the Mixx version of Cardcaptor Sakura. They changed Yukito's name and for NO reason! (I sure can't think of any). Maybe I'll just read a chapter of the japanese version a month. ^_^; It'd be cheaper, since I've gotten it all already.

Know what manga I really need to check out? DNAngel. And I wanna get the rest of Fruits Basket. >.< Maybe I go rob a bank, since they were all rude to me on Thursday.
We're watching Beethoven. Well, I'm not but the only other person up is. I'm writing in blogger.

I had a dream about Josh and Jermy last night. Meg-chan, remind me to tell you about it later.

Well, apparently some search engine has gotten a hold of my new layout. I've gotten a lot of hits for "aquarius" and *points* it's over on the sidebar. I shall say RIGHT now, I don't think astrology has any relevance on life. (mostly for the fact that I'm a terrible virgo.)

I was was really enjoying boy meets boy's current storyline. Sadly, it's interupted by guest strips! Oh well, the guest strips look promising at least.

I'm going to take you up on that offer. As soon as I remember what my address is. Yes, blogger was hungry.

As to books, I finished up the Last Vampire shtuff. I was starting to pick up on the pattern within the three books in the volume. Make a vampire, they die horribly after she spends forever trying to save them.

Now I'm onto reading the Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub (sp?). PLEASE tell me it's not a gory story. I can do scary, but gory is not good.

I've just checked out a new batch of "blogs of note" and didn't like or dislike a one of them. Ple.

Friday, June 22, 2001

Whoa. I just realized the top half of my previous post had been cut off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

being a jerk and she had to do a whole bunch of chores, so I didn't get to.

I was bored, so I read a book. "The Last Vampires (Collecters Edition, Volume 1)" by Christopher Pike. I used to read him a lot when I was in middle school. It was on Amy's dresser and it was the only book there I hadn't read, so it was really process of elimination.

Pictures from home! (courtesy of imouto)
My cat scratching the welcom e mat
My cat walking
Onions in the garden
My puppy standing
She's part husky
And likes to chew on bones
Song of the Moment: "Lake of Fire" by Nirvana (yes sometimes I do listen to english music)

My Legacy of the Messiah Character Selector Results:

#1 Zachariah/the Messenger
#2 Raphael "Rukura" Harrison/the Messiah
#3 Michael/the Gatekeeper
#4 Poya/the Seraph
#5 Araziel Brennen/the Priestess
#6 Gabriel/the Servant
#7 Lucifer/the Accuser
#8 Adam/the Priest
#9 Kanson/the Lord
#10 Uriel "Yuken" Weir/the Herald

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

WAHAHA! I'm being smart and composing this blog into notepad, since netscape wants to randomly close on me. (baka netscape.)

Hmm. I wonder what to write.

Wit. Something as strange as the idea of a good blog. I have to admit, that I prefer to read amusing blogs above all else. Amusing commentary. I don't know what I'm talking about.

I guess news blogs don't attract me all that much. Why? 'Cause I live in a cave. I know I should care but I don't, that's why! I more prefer the amusing anecdote blogs or the amusing points of view blogs. And blogs that USE PARAGRAPHS! (yes, yes, persnickety is I)

And since I've been looking at the "blogs of note" recently... Here's one I like.

Oh yes, went to see Atlantis today. It was like a blend of anime (especially miyazaki), jules verne, and action movies. All done in candied Disney-style. I liked it, but the ending was a little too happy-disney for my taste.

Disney at least admits to being influenced by Jules Verne. In one o' his books he mentions Atlantis. And I gotta say that the ships and mechanical inventions of the 1914 world (as opposed to the atlantis world) were very jules verne-ish.

And then there was Atlantis itself, which was like a buried version of Laputa. (right down to the weapon and it looking garden-like) And the magical flying machines which Miyazaki is so fond of. (He loves planes, can you blame the guy?) And if you wanted, you could pretend the giant statues at the end were the god-warriors from Nausicaa.

And action movies. I don't like. I'll let someone else analyze that. But it was more action-like. And Helga looked like she wanted to be blonde Lara Croft. (sorry if I don't spell it right.)

But despite this, I still liked it. No randomly breaking into song. No cute animal side kicks. I didn't even like those as a kid! It broke with Disney tradition in those ways at least. And those were (IMO) the two most obvious blaring reasons that animation is continually viewed as something only for kids.

And on the way back from the movie, Amy and I decided to make our stupid cheesy horror movie idea into an actual stupid horror movie. Isn't that grand? The point will to be to make as stupid and cheesy as possible in 15 minutes. It's not like we have an actual budget. We're going to kill the same 3 people repeatedly. They'll just have different name tags and be different people. And ketchup blood, yeah!!

I shall relate more as the movie gets closer to being finished.
You're crazy, woman. I do remember the carebears tape. And it started a happy trip down memory lane. I tried to find some stuff about the My Little Pony show (yes, that was my favorite) but all I could find was collectible info on the toys. How sad!!! You know, every time I go to value village, I look for old toys. *hee*

*ahem* Here's some advice. (and for you too, since you wanted advice.) Here goes. Never Eat Soggy Wheaties I'm good at this advice stuff, ne?

I just want to say something about art (since I know a few people have been all down on their drawing skills). Art is subjective. It's not math where 1+1=2. As such, is there is no right and wrong and certainly there is no good or bad. So don't feel bad about how you draw, 'cause it's artistic nature to think that you suck. Instead of quitting drawing, take the "I suck" and turn it into "I want to improve". SO there you have it, firefly's crappy pep talk (patent pending).

Monday, June 18, 2001

The blog of the day thing on blogger has got me wondering... What makes a shitty blog and what makes a amusing blog? I think it's part personal preference, as I hardly ever see a blog of interest that really I likes. (however, I found that last one amusing.)

Or maybe it's something else I have yet to unravel. What are the twisted strings of fun and interest? And will we ever know?

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Rei I

Yeah, yeah. I still like Eva. And I just got the first OST at Anime North. This is one damn cool piece of music though. ^.^

Heat is a wierd thing. My hands are like five times bigger than they should be.

Oh yeah, I sawed "Billy Elliot" last night. It was verra good. The kid who played Billy was a damn good dancer. ^_^ And his cross-dressing friend was so cute!! Anyway, I highly recommend the film to anyone who doesn't mind heavy Brit accents.
I called my family. (mostly to wish my dad happy father's day.) I ended up spending most of the time yelling at my mom. I don't know why I get so frustrated with her when I'm on the phone.

What would Freud say? (and do I care?)