Saturday, June 09, 2001

I spent the night at Meg's house! WHOO! (You can take that however you want. ^_^ )

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

This computer only has 14 meg of RAM!!! I'm not joking!!

You know, I'm going to hang up my writing gloves. I'll never remember the difference between you're and your. I mean, I know it when I look through my old blog entries and I say to myself "jesus, woman, you know how to kill grammar!" But when I'm writing quickly, it's another thing entirely. I hang up the writer's hat, I tell you!!

Wow, don't go to someone's blog for a while (due to busyness, but I try to get cuaght up again. honest.) and it goes all pink on me!!! I'm scared of cardcaptors game, but me wants the clow book. (CLOW pronounced CLOH! IYADA na cardcaptors.) Especially if I can get my hands on the CLAMP version.

Oh yes and for those of you who cared, my birthday is in september and I want gifts!!! *points at CLAMP clow book* (greedy yo ne)

Eh. I've got so many links to update. *points to Sam and Poe's blogs* *keels over*

My head hurts. YOU DRIVE ME TO DRINK! YOU YOU! *points at random people* Firefly goes to bed now.

I got checked out three times today, just walking around scenic Brampton. The people here are pervs and I think that says something about MEG and AMY! ^_~
Warning: Incoming sappiness....
I went over to meg's house this afternoon. And she walked me home (aka back to Amy's house) part of the way at least. So when we parter our own seperate ways, I realized that I rather missed having someone to glomp onto. And that I was really cold without Meg (physically, not emotionally so much). And I missed her and it had only been ten seconds apart! I'm so flippin' PATHETIC!!!
Ending Sappiness

Lissa-chan try putting valign=top in you td tag.

For those of you who are interested, I put a wee bit of work into the redraft of the first chapter of Angel Hunter. It will be beautiful. Both Meg and I realized that Lucas isn't quite nice enough in the original draft.

Speaking of which, I have the next two weeks of Journeys Down drawn, but they need to be scanned. Maybe tomorrow I'll try getting another week ahead. It's not like I have that much to do during the day, with everyone at school. I walk and walk and walk and I draw and draw and draw. I'm already sick of daytime television.

Speaking of daytime television, I've finally seen "cardcaptors". It's not even a dub of CCS, it's like this whole new (hideous) entity. I watched the ep with the watery. Okay, in the original, there was NO deal about being only able to use two cards at a time. It was because the watery was an attack card and all of Sakura's cards were NOT attack cards. (yes, I've seen the first CCS tape TOO many times).

What I want is some lotion for my hands. Uck, dry dry things they are.
-Last book you read: the third Harry Potter book (again)
-Last movie you saw: Perfect Blue
-Last movie you saw on the big screen: Shrek
-Last phone number you called: Meg's house
-Last show you watched on TV: M*A*S*H
-Last song you heard: Depend on You (Dub's Club Mix) by (guess who?) Hamasaki Ayumi
-Last thing you had to drink: water
-Last time you showered: dis morning
-Last thing you ate: cookies

Do You....
1. Smoke? No. It gives me a headache.
2. Do drugs? Caffeine.
3. Have sex? right now? No. ^_~
4. Sleep with stuffed animals? Hedwig n Pikachu (usually, but pika is at home *cries*)
5. Have a crush? I dunno 9.9
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe 9.9
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back?Well, I dream I'm the same person repeatedly (and it's not me...)
8. Play an instrument? Um, unless my voice counts, no.
9. Believe there is life on other planets? HAI!
10. Remember your first love? Hai! (Laurie: 9.9 )
11. Still love him/her? HAI! Sou ne!!
12. Read the newspaper? Not since the incident (in which I moved out)
13. Have any gay or lesbian friends? A few. *koffkoff*
14. Believe in miracles? Depends on what you mean by miracles. If you mean that strange events can occur which defy statistics and common sense, then yes.
15. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? What to?
16. Consider yourself tolerant of others? Unless your from the Aryan Nations. (I'm intolerant of intolerance! OH HO HO HO HO!)
17. Consider police a friend or foe? I've never had a chance to meet them.
18. Like the taste of alcohol? Nope. ^_^;;
19. Have a favorite Stooge? Ah, no.
20. Believe in Astrology? Heck no. I'm the shittiest virgo ever.
21. Believe in magick? Yes.
22. Believe in God? Not really in the bible's god.
23. Pray? Only when I think about. aka not often
24. Go to church? Used to.
25. Have any secrets? Mom, Dad, I'm GAY!
26. Have any pets? Three cats and a puppy. *waves at weenie*
27. Do well in school? Tolerable.
28. Go to or plan to go to college? I'm an art major at GU
29. Have a degree? From clown college! (no)
30. Talk to strangers who instant message you? Yeah. And then within three sentences they want to cyber. u_u;;
31. Wear hats? AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs way screaming* HAAAAAAAATS!
32. Have any piercings? Not even my ears. How boring is that?
33. Have any tattoos? No, and I'm too chicken to get something that permanent.
34. Hate yourself? It comes and it goes.
35. Have a horny spot? *snerks*
36. Have a box inside your house that you sleep in because its too damn hot inside that bag of chips? Um....
37. Have a best friend? Yup.
38. Wish on stars? Hai. But I've yet to see that pony.
39. Like your handwriting? It's good... For a three year old.
40. Have any bad habits? Obsession with chapstick count?
41. Care about looks? Sadly, yes.
42. Believe in witches?*points at ai-chan*
43. Believe in Satan? Not especially.
44. Believe in ghosts? Yes. Ghostie and SAMantha among those who've visited.
45. Believe in Santa? Maybe
46. Believe in the Easter Bunny? not really.
47. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? Once more, not really.
48. Have a second family? I used to.
49. Trust others easily? Sadly, yes.
50. Like sarcasm? 9.9 I wouldn't know.
51. Take walks in the rain? If I got my jacket with me. ^__^; I'm not too fond of the cold which usually accompanies rain.
52. Kiss with your eyes closed? I've never kissed anyone afore. ^###############^
53. Sing in the shower? If the house is empty.
54. Own handcuffs? No, but ai-chan does. 9.9

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

If they were gonna send me spam, ya'd think they coulda spelt it right.


*shakes head* Does anyone know how to get blogspot to put the archives on a different page than the main one? Silly blogspot.
IIIIIIII??!?!?! Where did all my recent blog posts go?

Monday, June 04, 2001

Hi all! I've got this great idea for a movie, but I won't ruin it. Just suffice it to say that you'll never want to say "hubabababababa" or the chain-saw weilding maniac will... Damn, that's the third time I've died today! x.x

Okay, in other words, don't let me and Amy walk for long periods of time, 'cause we get silly.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

9.9 Did I mention I ate all of Meg's food at the mall? And her drink?

Toonie was Subaru
Loonie wasn't Yuuto, but I can't remember his name... Subaru's nemesis
Suzy was Yuzuriha

And Nataku got jipped. Everyone else has cool powers like water or earth or dog spirits. Nataku got "power of SCARF". So he gets cool lines like "Tremble at the power of SCARF!" Which, sadly, he never said.

And is it just me or does Hinoto sound a LOT like Sailorsaturn? (damn my failing memory, I can't remember her seiyuu right now.)
Yay! Imouto is gonna be home on Friday! (not that I'll see her.) I hope she e-mails me.

Already, I've got ideas boiling in my head for another full size poster. If I had some nice 14X17 paper, I'd love that tho. I wish I had a paper cutter. I'm not sure, becuase it's very the same as a Clover picture tho. I'm trying to think of someways to make it different. I might do another draft of the picture before commiting it to poster.

I read Blog You!'s comments on dora's blog. Inaccurate and amusing. I was amused at least.

Oh yes, something I randomly remembered. Last Saturday, I went to the j-pop dance at Anime North. It was more like the "anime songs" dance, but anyway... I only didn't know about three of the songs they played for the whole hour I stayed. I'm blaming this on Tsua-chan! And imouto. NYAHAHAHA! Although, more appropriately, Napster should take the blame. Bonzai WAS the first song they played tho. Sadly, no Hamasaki-sensei whilst I was there. *sniffles*

They made me play Theme Hospital. (they being amy.) I think I'm on level six now. The stupid doctor guy keeps telling me that people don't like my hospital. I don't know why tho. They got benches. What could be their problem?
YAY!! Moonpuff (aka melissa) finally got a blog!!