Saturday, June 02, 2001

For those of you who haven't already checked it out, make sure to read ai-chan's blog and the pretty jerry springer spoof we did.

Anyway, today I went to the mall. I walked. I am missing some of the amenities of home right now, like my car. Boy did I miss my car. I wonder if my driver's license is even valid here?

Then, I met the rather infamous Dan. I thought he'd be blond for some reason. Ummm.... And he was kinda annoying because he kept hanging offa my meg-chan! And he tried to replace Drenn as my pimp! *oh gasp!*

Then we went over to Meg's house. She bought some felt to start work on our plushies. I think Cam shall be the first one done. Her mom and her are funny people.

Then I walked back to Amy's house and Meg rode her bike. Byt the time I got back, I was verra tired and dizzy. So Amy's little brother made me soup! (how sweet. ^_^ )

You know what bugs me? When stupid spammer don't put subjects in the subject. I think I'm going to start deleting anything that doesn't have a subject that I can tell isn't junk mail. I get lotsa junk mail. And it bugs me. So now you know.

Fuuma's name is now Phooey. Phooey lost his head. It was funny. And Suzy and Sally and Tintin!

I wonder if Canadian's realize how many beer commercials they have? And they flippn put maple leaves everywhere! I mean, there's a maple leaf in the middle of the mcdonald's arches!! Those crazy Canadians.

Oh yes, and speaking of being Canadian, I ate poutin today. And Amy's family has made me eat ketchup chips. I think next on their list of Canada things is making me go to Canadian Tire (where they don't sell tires!! ^_~ )

Okay, this blog entry has gone on long enough. I think I shall end it now as most people are probably wondering what I'm going on about.

Friday, June 01, 2001

I've just realized something. Kaworu goes COMMANDO! See, the shinji plush comes with underwear. But the kaworu plush. nope. No underwear at all! x.x

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Tada! I changed the time son to the one I am in, but I don't know if that will change all the other dates on my blog. Oh well, I'll change it back when I get home again. ^___^;;
Me and the girl who dressed as Hitomi from the Anime North 2001 photo gallery. You can see Meg's shoulder too. We both dressed up as Tomoeda students.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Hmmm... I've not much to blog today. ^_^;; Well, I went and saw Shrek yesterday. IT was pretty good. But now, it just struck me that I shouldn't be on the net 'cause they're expecting a phone call. Ja!!

Monday, May 28, 2001

Well, most of you have already read ai-chan's story of the con, but I shall tell my side too, because a lot of people have asked me to.

The artist;'s alley (and the art stuff in general) was 6 hours late in setting up. Joy of joys. First it was this problem, then it was that problem. The lady who was running it looked about ready to beat the shit out of someone or brutally murder someone. They didn't have the pre-reg sheets or anything else for that matter. It was a terrible mess.

But other than that, things were good on friday. Quinn made a killing on selling transformers drawings. You wouldn't thin transformers would be so popular at a convention called anime north, but it was. ^_^; Meg sold some art too, but I remained sale-less. Oh yeah, we had a table at artist's alley (did I mention that, I don't know...) and so mostly we sat around behind the table and drew or chatted. I ended up running to the potty a lot for some reason I'm unsure of. (I didn't have any caffeine that day...)

Saturday was the fulll day. We got there early and stayed late. It was also when the cheesy "survivor 1/2" challenges started. It was a FANART contest, but no one told me. Anyway, I was the only one of riot ink to not quit on saturday, so I made it to sunday. But then I got voted off sunday, but I was getting pretty damn tired of it by then. It was to the point that i'd rather just sit at the table and draw than do the half-ass challenges.

Okay, other than that.... We sat around. Meg got a fanboy (named Luis). He also conveniently asked her for her ICQ number as soon as I left the table to go potty once. *koff* Can we say "wants to get the hook up"? Or maybe he's just really nice... *shrugs* If he does want the hook up, I get to yell at him really loudly "MINE MINE MINE!!!!" Not that I'm possessive or anything.

We also went tot eh masquerade. It was okay. They need a time limit on the skits. Some of them were a LOT longer than they needed to be. Like the mahoutsukaitai! one went on forever! *sigh* Plus, people needed to project so you could hear what they were saying. Ah well... I think my favorite outfit was the digicharat one in which the girl did karaoke, costume wise. And my favorite skit as the fushiyuu one.

Meg and I dressed up as Tomoyo and Sakura on Saturday too. I felt like telling the people who asked if Meg was Madison that she wasn't. But, I don't think either of us did. The whole intersection got to see my underwear when we crossed the street 'cause a breeze hit just right. And we got honked at three times just walking to dinner and back.

Sunday, I was very tired. I went to the dealer's room for the last time. Meg kept going back to the dealer's room 'cause she kept selling stuff so she could buy more. Then we went home.

I shall now list the stuffs I got at the con, although compared to Meg it be not much.
Kaworu UFO catcher doll
2001 CCS Calendar (anime)
Yukito card and Yue card
Nausicaa OST
1st Eva OST

And there you go, my con report. *bows*