Saturday, May 19, 2001

PLE! I'm missing someone special!! I haven't talked to her in... *looks at the time* Well, it's not quite been 24 hours. *sigh* How sad for me.

Candra's Clothing Count: 30 out of 100

Suzume poster is COMPLETE!
Fashion sucks (dress like candra ^_~ )

Friday, May 18, 2001

KiSS doll update: Candra's got her first three outfits from Journeys Down. I'm working on her fourth outfit, and then after that I wanna do the outfit she wears in her profile pic and the outfit she wore in a recent RP. My goal is to have about 100 pieces of clothing for the doll and most of it interchangeable. Why? 'Cause those're the kind dolls I've been playing with.

Speaking of the dolls I like, everyone should check out Kimiki's page as she's become my FAVE KiSS artist and you can get her dolls there for FREE! *clappies for kimiki*

Hmm... I've got a major update for Journeys Down all lined up, all I gotta do is get the stuff off my computer (which isn't hooked up at the moment) and upload. I got profiles for Candra, Carter, and Lucas. Plus, a massive update for the art gallery. Most of the artwork I thought nice enough to put up, excepting some art work of kyara who've nt shown up yet *koffsimonkoff* And I got a whole new week to upload!!

Which means, I'm safe to not do any comics over next week and the week after the con. *phew* But, thus I'll be left with not any weeks to goof off unless I do mulitple weeks a week. (which I might. Last week I did a week and a half. But week seven isn't scaned or lettered yet.) Some of you will be happy to know that starting week six, I ink my strips so they can be seen better. Everyone cheer.

I'm putting together some Journeys Down and Questors artwork for Anime North. One is a pin up of Suzume with a bird on her finger. (It could be a sparrow 'cept I don't know what they look like. I'm going for a dove instead.) Oh yeah, and I'm working on the Misato fanart poster. (which won't be for sale. ^_^; ) I think, after I finish the Suzume pin up, I wanna do one of Kita and Emi in yukata. And as for Tohru, I don't know what the heck kinda poster I wanna do for him.

Journeys Down posters aren't going so well. I can't think of how I want to draw anyone. I do have one Candra poster, but it's kinda small.

And I've got an idea for a poster of Lian, but sadly, I don't really think I have the right equipment to pull it off (aka, I'd REALLY like an airbrush.) 'Cause I want the background black, but at the moment, my only option is to paste on black paper. (I've done it before and I CAN do it again if I want, but it takes a loooong time to cut out something that nice. Especially if it has red braids!! *glares at ni*

Wheee!! this has turned into a long post. I think I'll end it now.
A quote offa Napster main page:

"Most people I know who listen to a lot of MP3s will download a lot of different songs. And if they like the song, they'll go out and buy the album." -- Moby

*raises hand* J-pop is too freakin' expensive to buy if you don't know you like the album first. -_-;;

And I always knew Moby was cool!!! I want the "south side" single!!! And the insert to the b-sides is sooo cute!! *_*

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Saaa... Well, Imouto finally got on the bus. Yay for her! She arrived safely in the land of her boyfriend. Whoo.

I haven't actually been up to much, although, relaxation has not been high on the list of things I've done. Mostly, I've been either working on Midway Elementary's website, playing "black & white", or working on KiSS dolls. So, that being what I've done, I shall now talk about them.

For those of you who didn't know, my mother and I have been contracted to design Midway Elementary's website 'cause the current on sucks. It's really cute, I'm in charge of design. My mom, 'cause she works at the school, is information getter and site maintenance. But, it's money, so I don't care. I'm almost done with my part of it, and I think I finally got the kinks worked out of most of the site. However, I'm going to try and do the school lunch menu with pop ups so that might take a while.

"Black & White" is an interesting game. You get to play god in it, and they give you a little creature to do your bidding. My creature (a gorilla I've decided to call Hubert) is very fine and dandy, except he's gotten a taste for eating villagers!! I can't seem to get him to stop. I like to fish tho, because you can hold you hand over hte water and suck the fish up. Simple pleasures for simple minds.

Lastly, I've been working on a KiSS doll. I hope Imouto doesn't mind that I've pretty much been playing on her computer all this time, so all my files are saved on it. (Including some dolls I downloaded from the net) Anyway, it be Candra from Journeys Down. She's done in my SD style and I'm trying to get something resembling my marker art in the coloring. It's not working very well. Anyway, since Candra happens to be a little fashion plate, I wanna do the various outfits she's worn during strips and also some outfits from my mind and outfits that she's worn in RP sessions. (yes, sometimes I can see her clothes in my head).

Side note: Sorry I haven't been doing all the blog reading I usually do. And oh yeah, those of you who usually see me on ICQ, for some reason I can't get it to work lately, and I don't know when I'll be on again. Plus, I'm on imouto's computer, so if I DO get ICQ running, I won't have my buddies list. So, if you wanna talk to me, you're gonna hafta message me first for the next few days.

Grrrr.... I took a big gouge out of my finger when I was vaccuuming on monday. (don't ask how, I just did.) And now... it hurts!! It just happens to be a) right where my finger bends and b) right where my pinky nail has the tendency to scratch against the other finger. Ow ow ow ow!!! I've been keeping bandaids on it all the time.

Hmm... Since I'm on imouto's computer, I thought I'd say that her keyboard is really fun to type on. Or maybe it's because I finally got a chair adjusted to the right height. I need a new computer chair. My butt wore out the other one.

Warning: The following is GIRL STUFF. Boys, don't read, just skip this paragraph. If you don't I'm not taking responsibility for lost mental health. Today, I shaved my legs. I hate shaving my legs. But, on the upside I managed to shave my legs without taking large chunks out of my ankles. Ai-chan, consider youself lucky, I'm gonna shave my legs again before I leave for Canadia. ^__^;;; (Mostly 'cause I want soooo bad to make a good impressiion, it's pathetic, and also I don't want to be walking aroun Anime North in a Tomoeda winter uniform with hairy legs. Ech.)

Re: hand fetishes. I have very loooong, thin fingers. I know this and people tell me it constantly. Basically, I have little twigs stuck on the ends of my hands. IT's just a warning.

And I'd intended to post yesterday, but this took too damn long to right.

Monday, May 14, 2001

Well, I haven't blogged much lately. Reason is, I'm at home. And my connection is slow and it sucks. >_<

Anyway, here's what I've been up to. Friday I moved out of my dorm. Saturday and Sunday I had guests over. My sister amazed the guests by playing the sims and killing people in her front yard.

Today I drove my sister to the bus station to *gasp* ccatch a bus. Only she hadn't actually checked the date on her tickets and so the bus left tomorrow. Short of it is, she didn't catch the bus and I gotta bring her back tomorrow.

Then we checked out apartments. I now have an apartment next semester. It's pretty nice! I got a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom!! *_* Yay!! A nice step up from a dorm.

And I went over to my mom's school and worked on the midway webpage. It's going to be done by the deadline, I hope. 'cause, well, i'm leaving a week before the deadline. it better be done.

A week from Wednesday!! And I'm leaving. and I think I finally got a place to stay!!! WHOO!