Thursday, May 10, 2001

ACK! It's all YOUR fault. I actually drew Yuuto with a #1 skank badge. Grrr. Scanner is broke. I'll put it up tomorrow!
*beats blogger* Work, pleeeease!
WAAAAH! I can't get the new layout to my blog bug-free. *cries* Why can't I be like a normal person and NOT write all my HTML by hand?

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

*gasp* FRUITS BASKET! SUKI SUKI SUKI!!! KYAAAAAAAAA!!! (thanks, tsua-chan, for the link!)

Tay, off to bed for me. Final too early in the morning to be decent.
Whoo! I finally got hit 2000 today. But I don't know who it is.... ^_^;

WHY is this site linking to my blog? o_o

WHOOO! You must be smoking something good. And so are you, sempai, for agreeing! >__< Share, share!!
*cries* Imouto passed out yesterday! And we don't know why!! She's been sick for a while, so naturally worries are high that there's something wrong. ;___;

Okay, back to studying.
WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Are Cy and Skids FINALLY going to get together??? Or is Tabs just playing with us fangirls? She IS evil ya know.
Wow. Went from two hours of sleep night before last to 10 hours of last night. I am going to be quite miserable come this evening because I already have a sinus headache and it's just the morning.

It's cool to blog in your pj's!!

*cries* Frank-kun is going to get me in trouble!!
Candra: You got yourself in trouble when you wrote that song.
Firefly: URUSEEE~!!

Yay! I like sluggy! Kiki is my favorite despite that fact that I usually despise the hyper-happy-ditzy-idiot type kyara. And cars are so bad. Mostly this has something to do with my sister getting a boyfriend. Somehow this translates into her never talking to me anymore and checking out cars all the time. (Jealous? More than likely.) I take it out on THE CARS! Ho ho ho ho ho!!

Who wants to know what I drive? *hee* It's officially ten years old, but prolly more like 11 since they have this tendency to release new models the year before.

Okay, and so that not everybody hasta ask me where ai-chan went today... She's more than likely grounded. And people who message me just to ask me where she went, I might glare. (You who do this know who you are.)

*biiiiiidah* Frank, you failed!

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Sailor Hogwarts
Opening Credits:

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning quidditch by daylight
Never running from a wand fight
She is the one named Sailor Hogwarts

She will never transmorgify a friend
She is studying off the deep end
She is the one on whom we can depend
She is the one named Sailor...

Sailor Slytherin!
Sailor Hufflepuff!
Sailor Ravenclaw!
Sailor Gryffindor!

Magic powers
All so new to her
She is the one named Sailor Hogwarts

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winnign quidditch by daylight
With the Hogwarts Scouts to help fight
She is the one named Sailor Hogwarts
She is the named Sailor Hogwarts
She is the one... Sailor Hogwarts!!!

I'm evil. Very, very evil.
*yaaawns* I'm so bored. Bored, bored, bored. I'm out of things to do to kill time. Aside from study.

Maybe I'll draw. Bored.
Ya know something... The number of times I mistype "me" instead of "my" make me look like a pirate. Arrrgh, me maties. ^_O
Luckily that aniverse place seems not to have any skins offa shiawase. *claps for us*

I'm wondering what's gonna happen the first time I get one of my skins posted without permission. Something like this. "Aaah, they liked me skin. T_T Die, scum, DIIEEEE!!!!!"

I you haven't already tried it read sluggy freelance. Riff likes guns. Riff likes BIG guns.

And you needn't feel bad for keeping me up late when I had finals... I only slept like two hours anyway. But I feel fine! (but after my final this morning, I'll probably need a nap. ^_^;; )

ACK! Cars are bad! Cars are bad! No look at cars!

*miffed* I wanna be a player! How come I'm not there? I guess it might be 'cause Tariel'd likely kill Willam all over again if given the chance. Pookie.

*blinks* Only you would notice I was feeling peachy and eating strawberries at the same time. But that's why we love you!! *votes on your poll* You will link me on your comic, right? *big puppy eyes*

Hey! What's wrong with Virgos? Even if I am a really shitty Virgo, I'm still a Virgo.... I hafta agree with emode tho. I'd be a better aquarius.

Monday, May 07, 2001

Yum.... Strawberries are now back in season. Bestest fruit in the whole wide world!

*scared* mark5 has a word count of 5222. *hides from it* (yes, that does mean I added in some new paragraphs today)
*beats blogger* would you post, dammit?
Well, I went to the doctor today. Good news is that I don't have an ear infection. Bad news is that it looks like I've got allergies or some such. ^_^;; Oh well...

I drew most of (all except friday's) week 6 for journeys down. Hooray!
I don't know why I'm blogging. Except... I think I'm bored. And I haven't done it in a while so I suppose I must. I'm staying an extra day at the parents, so there's a reason I'm being especially quiet.

I think Simon and Sebastian go in their first honest argument tonight. It was... disturbing....

*beats candra with a ruler* Dammit, do be so clingy!!!