Thursday, May 03, 2001

These are actually pics from halloween that I JUST got around to scanning. Pathetic, ne? Anyway, I was St. Tail!!
Shot 1
Shot 2
I always look like such a dork in photos. -_-;;
Well, I can't help it! Must blog more...

I'll try getting my "man carving a cathedral" photo back from the teacher either tomorrow or friday. I asked him to locate it for me on his desk and he did... And I know he'll be around the ceramics office all next week. ^.^ I'll scan the photo and put it up.

Hnnn... I might be able to draw that pic for you, but I think you were looking for being able to draw it yourself. ^_^;; (Two semesters of figure drawing and I don't know how to draw from photos. -_-;; )

I need to draw Oliver n Lucas together. That'd be cute. *licks all the new pics* I am SOOO happy you got a scanner, ai-chan!!

Call me chan please... ^_^;;; I feel so old if you call me san.


*winces* I think I broke some of the cartiledge in my ear.... I don't know HOW it happened, it just did. But luckily, it doesn't hurt unless I'v either poked it or been wearing headphones for a long time. But the bad thing is that when it hurts IT HURTS and it goes all the way down to my jaw. Wierd, ne?
Otay... I'm gonna make this quick since I don't know what PDT is and when 10 will be rolling around for that matter.

Where have I been all day? Updating shiawase.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Grrr.... Keenspace has problems. I got the updated links and baout page uploaded, but not the updated archive and index template. Maybe tomorrow. I also got parts of the art gallery uploaded and some of week 5's comics. The rest will hopefully go up tomorrow.


Just don't ask.
HAHAHA! Finally! My last day of drawing is complete!

I've actually *gasp* had a fairly busy day.

Weee! Whatdaya know? put my skin up. Someday, someday... I'll do the playlist editor. I just hate doing them -- so I don't. There's a law or somesuch. Other than that, I gloooow with my skin review!

I went to NYC when I was in seventh grade. I wanna go again... (this summer if possible) Which reminds me.... I got get my pic back from the art apreci prof! x.x Anyway, what I can remember about it was that... the buildings were all so tall! Now mind you, until then the biggest city I'd set foot in was Seattle. And the buildings were so close together too. @_@ And there was lots of porn theatres.

And I can read your blog jus' fine. (my screen is really light tho....)

*continues reminiscing (sp?) about NYC* I gotta see a cathedral in construction. Now how many people get to do that? It was verra cool! I just wish I took more pictures of the cathedral. I've got a whole new appreciation for cathedrals after a semester of art appreciation. I can totally tell that architecture is one of his passions.

PS. Remind me that you don't have eva (series) sometime after school gets out and I'll copy my vcds for ya. (If you don't mind paying for shipping, etc...or doing a tape swap at least! ^.^ ) The only problem is that tape 1 and tape 10 don't copy correctly....

DOOOD! Has it been windy EVERYwhere? 0__0 *is scared*

*laughs* You have the problem too? Most of the manga I read is waaaay under my age, target-wise. Why? I like shoujo manga with a passion! I want some new manga..... Grrr, want more fruits basket!! I have a confession to make... 3/4 of my manga originally ran in Nakayoshi.

No prob, chica! Maybe I should check my e-mail! ^_^;; Honestly, I'll pass you along my checked e-mail addy if you do e-mail. PS isn't so hard once you get used to it. No guarantees I can make a skin pretty like Ragabash-sempai...

Oooh! I learned a new trick for CG-ing! Check out the results! I think it's pretty good. I accidentally squished out some of the lines. ^_^;; But Ai-chan told me how to fix it.

Skins waiting to be put into the new update: 3. And yes... one is guave-passion fruit-salmon colored!

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

*laughs evilly* DOn't ask why.. I signed up at sparkmatch. Ai-chan... We should see how badly we DON'T match up. >_<;;
Little later than usual... But Here it Is....

I was distracted today by a) stomach flu and b) this comic. I hated it when I started it but now I like it. Ping, ping, ping.


Wakaba? Makes me wanna say WASABI!!! Yum. Tis good stuff.

Tariel: Lemme kill Willam again! That was fun!
Firefly: ACK! Back in the cage with you girlie!!
Tariel: I have a sword.
Firefly: Yes, yes you do.... 0_o Why can't you be quiet like OTHER past lives of mine?

Skins goes up soon, I hope.... @_@ It looks good! jouzu ni natteiru! (Please forgive my bad grammar all those who speak more japanese than I. 0_0;; )

I like this layout MUUUCH better. I can finally read your blog. ^_^;;;;

*falls over laughing* Your music teacher sounds like my mom! *laughing still*

Actually.... Candra the spirit isn't a vampire... I don't think... Don't think she eats... HA HA HA! I am cosplaying Sakura! I got the perfect hair and everything. A little tall, but that's all right. I'm also going to cosplay St. Tail. And Suu should I find the time to put th costume together. Anime North shall rock. ^.^

NnM-san, if you need help making skins on Adobe, I be here to help!! Tis what I use to make my skins. ^.^

Without imouto around, it gets quiet at the evenings... x.x I sometimes wonder how I entertain myself til the retarded hours that I stay up at night. And then... I either write or skin or draw. And then I know.

And... Ragabash-sempai's page refuses to load. Dang. I liked the layout. Beats my cheesy ass layout.

Is ass still a bad word these days? Granted, about the only person I know who swears profusely is my little sister. She's a pseudo-pop 13 so I think that explains it.
Your bubbles come out perfect because you're gentle. Mine always pop because I blow too hard.
~ a quote from digimon imotuo wanted me to post. her comments

"If that's not yaoi, I don't know what is."
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Duty (Nicely Nice Remix) by Hamasaki-sensei

Ooooh... Purdy layout.... *_* That's exactly the kinda junk I'm far too lazy to do. ^_^;;; The girl at top looks kinda like something I'd draw, well, without the pointy nose.

Me? Babble? Ha ha! Never!

Why is everyone complaining about spirities that make you draw? I gots a spiritie that likes to sing... And I end up singing. I have a terrible voice. *cries* Terrible, terrible!

I just realized I'm not going to have enough time to comment on everyone's blogs afore work. I give up.
It can be freaky when it's windy. Being in a dorm, sometimes it's hard to tell if its the wind or an actual person screaming. x.x

Monday, April 30, 2001

ARRRRGH! ^_0 <--firefly the pirate
As to who the layout is... This is (obviously) one of my own drawings. It be Candra from my online comic which just started last week. (and I think everyone should go read it)

Candra is also one of my guardian spirities. And she claims her name is "Cassiel" too. (I don't ask.)
Search Engine Hit --> Lian Firefly
What the heck is a Lian Firefly?
I'd sign up to the clique.. But I'd prolly end up being Yuzuriha's poster girl or something. That would be scary.

GYAAA! I can't believe I didn't blog this ealier!! I finally got the script finish for the last chapter of Questors! Rejoice with me! Rejoice! Now all I gotta do is the pics and the music and sounds. Piece o' cake *koff*.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII!!!! I gotted linkered!!!!! *bounces about the room*

Aaaah.... Gomen yo, Ribby-chan. I understand the math thing. I had to take pre-cal 3 times... 0_0;;; And then I took discrete math, barely passed, and decided that I hated comp-sci (and all the retarded math that goes with it). And now I'm an art major. The story of my life. I suck at math.

BTW, the reason Ai-chan is going as Tomoyo is 'cause she's the one with long hair. Not necessarily 'cause she has this odd filming obsession. I'm gonna get her to learn the words to "catch you catch me" so's we can karaoke at Anime North! *evil laugh*

*laughs evilly* I STOLE YOUR HITS! *dances like the freak she is* YAOI YAOI YAOI YAOI!
Sano + Poe = wierd thoughts....

MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! I know why you like Sano. He looks like Jaccr-sama! NYAHAHAHA! Okay, I shouldn't tease, 'cause I know I'd get pissed if someone started making fun of me for Sebastian.... I sorry Poe, I can't help it. I'm a BAD PERSON.
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "Vogue (HAL's Mix 2000)"
I thought HAL was a boy for the longest time. But now I know. HAL is a girl!

If you've ever wanted to know how to annoy your roomate, here's a list.
1) Never EVER do your dishes. Just let them sit in the sink for a week or two. Yeah, 'cause it's attractive.
2) Take a nap everyday. Put your roomie in charge of waking you up. And then have a fit when your roomie goes to bed earlier than you do.
3) Act like you know everything, especially about roomie's major. And if roomie says something, disagree with it out of habit, ESPECIALLY if it's about roomie's major.
4) Act like your major is the best in the world and everyone else's sucks. And whenever you get the opportunity, belittle roomie's major. It makes her feel good about herself to know that she's rooming with a goddess like you. (Side note: If your roommate is an art major, call her an "arts and crafts major" in front of your family.)
5) Talk incessantly about your trip to Europe. Then complain about how broke you are. Refuse to get a job (it'll interfere with studies). Then complain about how broke you are. Get an allowance from your parents. Then complain about how broke you are.
6) Put shrimp or some other seafood product in the fridge. The forget it's there. When the room starts smelling, forget it's there.
7) When roomie decides to clean out the fridge 'cause the room smells, don't help. Hard work builds character.
8) Wear really smelly perfume, especially if the room is small. OR conversely, just don't shower.

Sunday, April 29, 2001

*laughs* HOOOKAY.... I like THIS search hit === Misato asuka kiss dark
Ummm.... Poe-chan? Why do -I- get search engine hits like "silhouettes" all the time? I BLAME YOU!
Yes, I'm back at dorm. Weekend quietness is over!!!


Dammit, now I don't know what to blog!!!

Other than, to those of you who said nice things about my new blog layout... ARIGATOU!