Friday, April 27, 2001

Are? *blinkies*

I don't think it's fair that you have to be a "natural born woman" to compete in the miss universe contest. That doesn't seem fair....

Though, I'm not sure why anyone would want to compete in the first place. -_-;;;
Geeeee, I have smile dk stuck in my head. *glares at sam* this is all YOUR fault! PS. Yes, I'll make you a plush too. I made Poe his Sano plush. I think I'll open "Firefly's Plush Shop --- For the low, low price of FREE"

I slept a lot last night and I'm feeling better than I have all week. No dizzy!

Re: "look at the face, not the chest" days.... I ran into the guy who always walks into things when I go by in the hall. I derive some pleasure out of knowing that the guy is so busy checking me out, he's walked into people and walls and he's an idiot. But I went to the senior exhibit last night and he tried to strike up conversation (with my chest ^_~;;;; ). I gave him my patented "men are evil" glare and eventually he got the point.

Wonder why mum says I'm not a people person?

Today promises to be a loooooooooong day. *sigh* I'll be glued to the computer after class until ai-chan gets back from the doctor...

WAAAI! Fellow washingtoninanian! Yes that does answer my question.

I had a long and wierd dream last night.... Remind me and I'll put it up here after class.

Hey what do you know... It -is- SUMMER! Me vocal? NEVAH! *bows*

GYAAAAAA!! Work is coming! *hides* Okay, no really, I gotta go.... Library. Is. Evil.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

I think I've come to the conclusion that the dizzy thing isn't cause by a lack of eating. I feel dizzy now and I had a decent breakfast, lunch, and dinner.... Hnnn.... Ai-chan infected me over the internet! (j/k, dearest)

Speaking of ai-chan, I have a poem I made up!

An ode to AI
There once was a girl from Plesmeg
Her father's name was not Greg
She was a beaut
And really quite cute
In fact, her name is Meg!

Limericks are the best form of poetry in the whoooole world.
Should I clean this up and color it for Anime North? Better yet... Can anyone tell who this is a fanart of? ^_^;;;
Apparently, knowledge is not necessary to review -- I'd just like to add here the st. tail happens to be one of my more favorite magical girl stories.
Who wants a Nataku plushie?

PS. Didn't know what kind shoes to give him, so he just got black. ^_^;;; Be afraid of what an art major will do when bored. ^_~;;

Want Sano plush?

Now, me must sleep.... u_u .oO(*zzzzzzzzzzzzz*)
Doh! You put CAPITOLS on eastern washington so I thought you meant eastern washington university! Tho if one were to go to university's in the area, I wouldn't pick eastern. *koffghettokoff* But at least it's better than MONTANA!!

Ummm... Now I'm curious where you live... Perhaps this conversation would be best carried on in e-mail?

Hnnn... Can I be Yuki no Miko? (everyone must be miko of someone. I be yuki miko... *points at the skin below*)
Firefly's Art Corner!
(loves to meg!)

I felt violent ^_^;;;

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Grrrr... Well, I -know- that the index template for my comic has been updated. BUUUT, it still doesn't show up on the site. For one thing, I have a groovy title image and the code to the shoujo dropdown on my site. Grr.
Eastern Washington field trip? *blinkblinks* As in going to eastern washington or you go to eastern washington or what?

(I must ask because Cheney is not too far from Spokane no da.... Home of my home university ^_^-v )

PS.... If you wait until tonight I shall make you a Nataku plushie! Ha ha ha! <--evil laugh

Eeeek! it looks like I got in a fight. I got brown and yellow paint all over me. The combo looks rather bruise-like. And I have a big scratch that randomly appeared on my elbow. I don't think -I- put it there.... Ghosties in the library... 0___0

Beeep! And it's official, I'm gonna move my blog to so that blogger don't eat my blogs no more!!

Heyo! Renai Revolution Nijuichi Go go now! <--sings the music in my head (which happens to be Renai Revolution)
Grrrr...... I want my blog back!! Stop eating my blog! Eating posts is one thing but you ate my whole darn blog!

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

And after all that ranting about "Save the Domains" and finally having picked out a new name for guess which domain name is taken?
This and this and this!!
Pretty CGs from Flying Cat:
Angel... *_*
Multi-san desu!!
Oni (mild nudity warning)
Heavenward I adore this picture... *_*
Dog Amusment factor high...
Ai-chan, where are yooooouuuuuuuu?? I hope you didn't like pass out and hafta go to the emergency room or something.... *worries too much*

I really must lay off the caffeine. -_-;;; Makes me worry obsessively. As if I weren't this bad before, but....

I think I'm losing weight again.... I thought my problems with eating were over, but no... Soon as I get off prozac, guess what I find myself doing? Skipping meals. And now... I realize I've had only one meal all day and i'm dizzy if I stand up, but I still won't eat.

And WHY must roomie take a nap at 8 in the evening? I mean, she does realize she'd be able to go to bed an hour earlier if she didn't take all these stupid naps all the time...
Okay, so you don't feel too bad, Poe-chan... It's a running joke in Fruits Basket that no one can guess what gender Yuki is.
It's time to play.... Name that Skin!!!
Suggestions for naming the following would be appreciated:
Name me!!
That be the fantastic Yuki-kun from Fruits Basket. That's a boy Poe. ^_~
This site PISSES ME OFF! Mostly because it says everyone can afford $10 a month for a domain name. I can't. Kiss my ass, person. Hell, I even HAVE A FUCKING JOB! Most of last year, I held TWO (count them, that's more than one) yes, two jobs.

And then whoever this is, has the unmitigated stupidity to be a frickin' prick about it. I Quote:
The excuse for most of the free domain owners is that they can't afford a pay domain. No, buying a domain wont put your family into poverty. I'm sorry but nowadays domains are very cheap. If you can't afford the 10 bucks a month (yes, some servers do offer that) then in my opinion you're just CHOOSING not to pay because anyone can afford that. And if you want a domain so badly and don't have the money why don't you get a job, or babysit and WORK for it. My god! WORK?!?! Yes, it may be a surprising concept for some but people work for money and it's not fair that people pay money they earned themselves for a domain and other people are too lazy to earn some money and get one anyway.

I'm not choosing crap. I have bills. See, my parents aren't supporting me. So get your head out of your ass, stop acting like spoiled little rich kid. Try working in food service for two years and you will see there are people who cannot afford a domain name just because they are working. Some of these people are working to support themselves, which is a far cry from a domain name.

$10 is $10. It's a lot of money.

My advice for this person is to move out and get a dose of the real world. Don't be a feckin' snob.
I could really hurt keenspace. It decided NOT to update my comic. Anyway, now that that's all fixed...

Neee neee, Can I lick Daisuke? He looks yumyum in that pic. And usually he just looks dorky or little kiddie... KAKKOINDA!

There's more than one? Dood, I think I only played the first cosmo. I suck.

*hums something* Poe-chan...... Maybe there's a reason you get all those yaoi hits to your blog? *heh* 'Cause your glomping Sano plushies? Now if you wereglomping the Nataku plushie....

Sometimes that happens to me too... But I have ghosts in my house, so I blame it on them.
Ghost: "Jaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiieeeee!!"
Me: "Nani?"
Ghost: "I'm a ghost!!!"
Me: "Not another one... I should just get a psychological degree and be like the freak in Casper."
Me: "0__0 Candra-chan.... I'm not exactly yours..."
Ghost: "Uhm, I think I'll go haunt somewhere else... This is to difficult for a ghost... And I'm scared of the blong girl"

Monday, April 23, 2001

YAAAY! I finished up the new layout to shiawase!! It should be up as soon as I find someone to upload it for me!!!
Journeys Down starts today. There's somethinfunky going on with the page, so I hope Alex or dora-chan can help so I can get it fixed this week. Oh well, as the page currently stands, you can still navigate via the calendar at the bottom so I'm not panicked. (Except, there's no comic title at the top.... *sigh*) I'll get it figured out soon.

D'oh! All this Western Civ has filled me with a desire to do one thing... Play that game where you're in a plane and yoiu fly around europe and you go to the towns and you do little quizzes... I think everyone my age played that game in elementary school. It's like a whole four colors or somesuch. Does anybody know what game I'm talking about???

Since I didn't say this before and I meant to... Nice layouts, minasan.
You say "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" recently too? Oh my goodness, that is so creepy. I hadn't seen that movie in FOREVER and then I watched it a few weeks ago. (And drew a picture of Ni as a detective *hee*) And then Ai-chan watched it last week... 0_0 It's a conspiracy! Roger Rabbit is out to take over the world!

No what? I just might have a copy of Cosmo somewhere... I remember that I beat that game a few times. ^_^;;

Dood, anyone remember "Chip's Challenge"? *laughs evilly* I got to like level 114 on that game...

Where in the world do you find this stuff? The umm... chick readings were amusing. And scary at the same time. How can people actually think like that...? Anyway, as a side note, when I bought a tarot book from the bookstore I got one of those lovely little inserts in it too! Yeah baby!

And I thought Japanese was complicated... Remind me never to take Old Irish. 0_0 Actually, I'm fairly good with languages, but... That was way over my head. (If you hadn't noticed, I tend not to blog on weekends, so thus... it is only now that I get back to you)

Funny Condom Story: When I was in drama, one of my friends was props mistress. There was a scene that required blood. Someone came up with the bright idea putting the fake blood into a condom. ^_^;; And that's what we did. (This embarassed my friend greatly... And a lot of the condoms went missing. Wonder why?)

WAI! 95.5% teenybopper pure! And it'd prolly be higher if I didn't have a little sister in that category. (I have this dark secret in that I like old navy and find the commercials amusing.. especially the old ones. Oh yeah, and I liked those gaps commercials where they DANCED!)

Other news: I heard this DARK RUMOUR that Fruits Basket is scheduled to be animated! KYAAAAA!! I *heart* YUKI!!! *__*
Some search engine hit fun stuff:
Test Review Killing Mockingbird --> Okay, this person really needs some review. That isn't even the title of the book.
Okay, the picture I said I'd put up. Tada!! This is the base pic I used for the Yume II skin.
YAAAAY! Everyone rejoiced!! Shiawase has been updated!! ^_^

Sunday, April 22, 2001

Okay, I don't even want to know what's going on with my arhchives today. @__@
Tada! It's my new skins!
Neon Lights
Or "Help, mommie! This skin is making my eyes bleed!!! Turn down the brights!!"
WHOO!  Pretty!