Saturday, April 21, 2001

Grrr, my connection is fecking slow today.

Well, I'm going to do bodily damge to one of my family members (*koffmotherkoff*). See, I'm in charge of designing the Midway Elementary website and my mother is also working on this project with me. Unfortunately, as compared to an internet nerd such as myself, her knowledge of webapges is miniscule.

And to make things worse, she's now trying to take over. And she doesn't really have the "lingo" or the knowledge to express what she means. (the phrase "link away" means nothing... -_-;; ) AND it takes her five hours to explain anything. If I try to correct her or ask her what she means by phrases like "link away" and other such nonsense, I'm interupting.

So it's no wonder I'm flippin' frustrated with this stupid page. She decided that after i'd already gotten the layout DONE it would be a fucking good idea to make it match the other Mead websites. (mead is the school district to which midway belongs) I refused to do the whole damn layout again. Besides, I thought my layout was cuter.

Okay... But onto other subjects... Riot Ink is linking to "Journeys Down". ^_^;; Oh well, starting monday there will actually be comics there!! ^_^ I shall put up the link on my blog then, just you wait!!!

Sorry, freckles-chan, I said I'd put that picture up for you, but it's not on this computer and I couldn't get spree to let me put it up afore I left the dorm for the weekend. Gomen nasai yo!!!

Friday, April 20, 2001

Once I was in chior. (Don't laugh, it's true.) This was back in elementary school as a matter of fact. As I recall, the chior was fairly decent, but nothing spectacular.

But apparently, according to one of my friends in high school, we'd won some awards. And apparently this ended when we got a new chior teacher.

Ironically enough, the chior had never been to any competitions, let alone win awards. Of course, the award thing also came from the girl who claimed she could get a 1600 on the SAT (which is perfect, oh canadians). Whatever. It's amazing what some people "remember" about their past. And even more amazing that people AGREED with her.

Hmmm, don't ask what brought that up.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Recent search hit: Sorata Arashi Love ---> Yum yum!!

I don't get enough hentai hits. That is SO sad!! (note sarcasm) I should obviously write about that kinda stuff more. *rolls eyes*
Well... Being as I'm a pro artist (ha ha ha!!) I thougt I'd post some layout tips for making manga....
#1: Look at other manga to see how they do it. Take notes. It can be rather inspiring. *hee* Especially manga within the genre you plan to draw. Shoujo especially can have rather "artistic" layouts.
#2: Set your panels up in a "line of site" This means... Make your panels move from left to right. Why? 'Cause that's the way we read. (unless you're planning on making the text in Japanese and then by all means, set the panels up right to left). That way it's easy to read and the story understandable. ^_^
#3: Don't make all the frames the same size Why? 'Cause it's boring to look at. Put in some big frames, some small ones, so long ones.. You get the idea.
#4: Change the "Camera-angel" In the same thread as the previous suggestion.... If you have all the same shots in every frame it's damn boring to look at. Put in some high-angle shots, some low angle shots, eye level, close ups, full scene shots, long view shots, full body shots, etc...
#5: Take the time to get your point across Kinda obvious. Don't rush the story or the dialogue. That's kinda plot thing too, but...
#6: Use a set-up shot for every scene change Some kinda set up for every scene is needed. It's nice to know where the kyara are!!

I think that finishes my suggestion list. ^_^ Gambare, minna!
*giggles at freckles-chan test results* Candra desu ka? She's my spiritie buddy!! Do you follow people into showers too? ^_~ I like my Candra-chan! (and you said I never read your blog. USO DA YO! Cha cha cha!) You're results are awfully close to mine... I accidentally closed the window afore I could post them but my top three were

Test Results yo ne!
#1 Lian Kannel
#2 Candra Bennett
#3 Laurie Henley

None of which is really surprising considering.. Lian's personality is largely based on how I am when I get depressed. Candra is my spiritie being and we're rather close in personality (and she's damn cool!) and Laurie is a past incarnation of mine. ^_^;;

Don't ask why I'm putting this in this particular post... i'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to Inochi permanently. It's so much easier to type than the real title. Thoughts, minna?

What's the base image to that skin? I have a skin of that pic already but it has a blue background. Ncha.... Now i'm curious. (No, I've not seen that pic uneditted.) BTW, skin is looking good!! Just send me the file and I shall upload for you. Speaking of sending stuff, you're now on my AIM list so it should be easier. ^_^;; It only took me 5 hours to figure out. *heh*

Mithras is cool dammit! I'll tell you about him sometime not on my blog 'cause his identity is kinda spoilerish. ^__^ BUt I do like him and he's cute!

Yes... This is my blog catch up post... *grin*

What does isfogailsi mean? And do you know how freakin hard it is to spell??

IT's official!! Journeys Down is starting on Monday. IT's gonna run m-f and it's all cute pencil SD from me. ^_^
GRRR.... I updated my template and blogger ate it. Oh well, now I'm too lazy to fix it again. ^_^;;
Oh yeah, and speaking of sending stuff to Canadia... Ai-chan, do you want me to put some drawings in there for you?
Firefly's Current Music Theme: "Girl's Psychology" by Morning Musume

I had a wierd art experience once. I was mailing some pictures of mine to a -friend- (*heheh* she was at the time....) in Canada. I had to filled out one of those nice little customs slips... being as I don't live in Canada. (Sadly, YES, I'm an American.) And part of filling out the customs thing is determining how much the stuff you are sending is worth.

Those drawings were worth a lot to me and Meg, but not to the world at general. And how do you put a price on art anyway??

Alas, I get to send more stuff to Canadia this weekend and I get to put a price tag on my art again. But, since I'm planning on selling it at conventions, I think I shall insure for $100. I don't think I'll sell them for that much but I sure as hell don't want them to get damaged. Some of those posters took me hours and hours to finish. 0_0
Well.... I now have the first three weeks of my comic all uploaded. ^_^ Yay!

On other notes, I think I'm on a klutzing binge. Last night, I cut my lip licking off the top of my pudding cup. (Pudding is too good to let all that stuff on the top go to waste!!) And today, I managed to cut myself on the bagel cutter at the coffee place on campus. 0_0 I mean, how dull are THOSE?

Neee... Alex-chan... I finally started reading your manga. Sorry it took so long, but it's verra cool! I like it! I can't wait for Haato no Kagami no da! ^_^ I don't know why I wasn't reading it before actually. @_@;;

I've been on a comic reading binge, so that's why I haven't been blogging much. Speaking of which, this is a really cool comic! ^_^

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Well, it wasn't her. I wish to hurt the asshole that it was.
What do you do when one of your friends goes all wierd on you and tells you that she hopes you get raped behind 7-11? I don't know... But I'm worried...

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

YAY! I finally got whatever the hell the problem is with keenspace straightened out. Sooo.... Assuming keenspace is nice and lets me upload my strips, I will start "Journeys Down" next week. Happiness!

Monday, April 16, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Butterfly by smile dk

Sam-chan, is this a japanese band or what? I've no clue. Except I've got this song eternally stuck in my head now. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!

"ayayayai! I'm your little butterfly!"
Gabriel Brinley lookin' good and yummy. (edible, even)
Meagen, you got like 500000 errors messages on your blog.
And no, POE-BAKA, Sebastian WAS NOT a CRAB! (Irregular capitals is fun) But he was crabby. And a control freak. And I don't think he did reggae...

PS. Poe-chan, if you want the whole story on my fun family, just message me on ICQ and I'll tell you. It's a little icky to be posting on my blog. 0_0

AAAh! Poe, I can't believe I forgot to read your blog this morning! Forgive me! *cries tears of AGONY*

Speaking of disturbing yaoi pairings... Roomie made me watch "jesus christ superstar" and this kept running through my head --- judas/jesus.
Dragonfly Takeoff!
My newest skin.  joy.  ^_^
Happy 1800's Family!
Laurie - Me and my full name was Lawrence. Sadly, I think I died at ten.
Sebastian - my stepdad (he's a bastard T_T )
Abigail - my mum, she was kinda sickly-ish
Veronica - my elder sis... she was a nutcase
*wrestles with keenspace* DAMMIT! Well, I was hoping to get comic running THIS week. Unfortunately, me must jump trhough more hoops until I get my password so I can do anything. This is fuuuun! I'm going to brutally murder y! for eating he mail in the first place. (frank, dost thou have weapons I could borrow?)

I read a buch of blogs and thought I would have more to say... Ncha! Except Nataku no Miko is linked to my blog! Shibby.

I'm approaching the momentous counter number of *drumroll* 1000! Pretty good work for 6 weeks of counter-ness.

Perhaps if spree is nice I shall put up my pictures of happy 1800's family. (unless talking about past lives is bad...? I dunno... *shrugs*)
Nothing beats a nice hot shower. And one of the good things about going to a catholic college is that I get today off. ^_^ Easter is my friend!