Saturday, April 14, 2001

Well, apparently, yahoo ATE my stupid confirmation of set up of my keenspace site. *grumbles* HIDOI YO! Anyway, I e-mailed the tech-nice-nice-person and I hope they can help me.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Oh yeah! Here's a drawing of Laurie-chan.

Whether I actually had glasses or whether I added them 'cause I thought they looked cute is up to debate. YES, this is what I do during class.
HAI! Go ahead and call me Firefly. It's the net-nick I've used forever!!

I wanted to get GHOST from bookmart. However, I'm leaving for Toronto in six weeks and it wouldn't be here by then. Besides, once I get to Toronto I'm going to Anime North. *grin* Who knows what fun I can find there?

AAAND my going to Kinokuniya before I even go to Canadia. SUKI NA (eeeh, I forgot the word for store... ;_; english my super powerful but nihongo is NOT!)

That'll be my first con. Scary thought.. Oh well, I got a sakura-chan tomoeda winter uniform and a st. tail cosplay all set up. ^__^ Ai-chan's gonna dress up like Tomoyo and we gonna do karaoke! *bounces* Ah well, Riot Ink has a table in the art alley. I getta sit around and draw for three days. With people around. o____o

I'm going to clear my tarot RIGHT NOW. I need to do a reading... o.o *shuffles off to do so*
Dooood. Me jealous. Tha's good news, dood!

Did you know I'm like getting 1/3 of my referals from your blog lately? YOU POPULAR!

(I sopypast for you because english my super powerful!)
Fun fun fun. Back in the 1800's I was a little boy named Lawrence. (Everyone called me laurie tho.) I had a mum named Abigail, a sis named Veronica, and stepdad named Sebastian. Stepdad was eeeeevill!!!

I think I had a dream relating to this life. Some guy (with dark hair and a hell of a lot taller'n me) was ordering me around. I was trying my best to do what he was asking of me but failing entirely. I kept trying to get my mother to help (who didn't look a thing like my mum now. @_@ but in my dream this was my mother). Mother kept walking away from me. And I was very sad because I couldn't do everything the dood was asking me too. *cries*

In other news: Mark finally came home. He refuses to set foot inside of my dorm room tho. Why? 'Cause Candra is being all super-protective of me. From what, I'm nt sure. I mean, Mark's about as harmless as a spiritie person can get... o.o Unless of course Candra is trying to keep him from hitting on me. Something is wrong with Mark-chan. ;_;

(BTW, newer readers to my blog.... Mark and Candra are both spiritie peoples who hang around. Usually around me, but Mark took a vacation to Ai-chan's house. ^_^; )

Moehve is damn cool. Sadly, one of my friends fatherly persons told me that you could make one but it wouldn't fly. ;_; I hafta trust him because I know NOTHING about mechanics.
Do remember the show Tailspin? It had baloo and some other doods outta jungle book in it. Anyway, one of those things that kit rode around on would be cool too! (does anyone remember the name of those??)
'Nother good Miyazaki movie: Laputa. They had nifty little bug flying thingies in that one! And robot was cool! (plus, I managed to follow the stoy without it being subtitled. sugeeee!)

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Waaah? Didn't know shannon had a blog. @_@ Hen yo ne. Dood, keeps getting bigger'n bigger. All I gotta do is keep up the winamp page. *heh* me Lucky. Speaking of which... dra-chan!!! I have files for you!!!
Question: Should I move my blog to Bigger question... Will poeple bother to update their links?
Ever tried bookmart? I should go look up the address. I quite like that store... *drools*
Whoo-hoo. It's been a day. I've not much to say at the moment, I just thought I should blog so everyone didn't think I'd fallen off the face of the earth.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

And Miyazaki-sensei is a socialist too. @_@ Wierd, ne?

Actually, I've seen the movie twice. Once raw (THAT was fun, I could not for the life of me figure out where the god warrior had come from) and once subbed. It was a hell of a crappy copy, but I *koff* rented it from the comic bookstore and copied it *koff*.

One of the things that impressed me about the manga is that I don't think Miyazaki uses tone sheets at ALL. (CLAMP uses like five million of them. @_@ ) All the shading and stuff is done from line work and a tad bit of grey. (Well, the grey might be sheet tone, but it doesn't really look like it. ^_^;;; )

The ending is pretty creepy too. 0_0 I guess, do not read the end of nausicaa when you have insomnia and it's late. Oh yeah, and it is viz who translates it. (I kinda like viz as translators... better'n my behated mixx.)

WAI! My evil plan has worked! Link to blogs you like and you get more hits. (*biiiiiii* Is a bit more productive than silly blog war. *giggles*) I've gotten twice the hits I usually get today. Shibby.

But what I want to know is why this page refered someone to me. I'm confused.
Graphic pending on the bio title... ^_^;;
I wonder if I'd get busted for making a touya/yuktio dj? *giggles*

There simply can never be enough dj between them.

SAAAA. Work time. *cries*
WAI! NAUSICAA! Did I miss the point of that completely? You're punny!!

If you keep the bad puns up, I'm gonna rename you exoth. (go read irritability if you wanna see who I'm talking about.) He's punny too. Oh yeah, and if you start with skeleton jokes, then you're REALLY gonna be renamed exoth.

BTW, I LOVE Nausicaa. That's the bestestest manga ever! And the movie isn't too bad, but I happen to like the manga better.
THANK YOU, IMOUTO! This pretty, pretty layout picture is from her!
Yum, yum. Breakfast time. Not much to report on my end, except that no morning blog from ai-chan. Sadness.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

New layout time! Yeah, I know that the background doesn't match exactly the image, but it's the closest I could get. I didn't really want to go with straight white. Setsuna is looking so GOOOD today! *licks my blog*

Next on my list... To put up a "meet the cast" and some shtuff about me. (this is my blog after all. @_@ )
*reads frank's bad pun of the day* *facefaults* In some places, puns like that are punishable by death. ^_~
For those of you who cared, I've still not gotten my keenspace yet... But it's week... 3 I think, so they've got a while. I've also drawn week two in finality (it just needs lettering).
Oh yeah! Before I forget.... I had the craziest dream. Don't really have time to blog it 'cause I got work in ten minutes... But it involved a flying carpet, a little hand-held TV that told the future, something that looked mysteriously like one of the power ranger's power coins, a gigantic spaceship, a woman bent on world destruction, her child, a mass suicide, a mine, a glass mall, and a city by the sea. Doesn't that sound like a good dream?
Added so more blogg-a-riffic links. Well, one of them is pal from high school's live journal but it's all good. Makes me remember all kinda high school-ish goodness.

Note to ai-chan: I'm giving up marrying random people for you no da. I still want kirk's girdle.

Monday, April 09, 2001


I was randomly surfing through blogs and discovered this blog. Nothing against the blog.... But I read the 10/6 update and reading the manga blurb made me so anxious I threw up.

Now all I'm left with is why?

watashi wa anata no ningyou ja nai. watashi wa anata no nai mono.
I'm putting you on my blog so that everyone can publicly laugh at you.

Explanation: This is regarding a really old, really lame sailormoon fanfiction I wrote back when I was a dubbie. (there was this horrible time, I don't like to talk about it.) Anyway, it also pre-dated the sms dub, but I wanted to use the outer senshi anyway so....

I dont know what you've been watching but on Toonami here in Arizona Saturn's
name is Hotaru Tomoe and Uranus's name is Amara Tenoh. So I'm not sure where
you live and if they changed it but the S series the names are all the same
as the ones in your fanfic Neostars, except that Erica is Amara and Helen is

Um, come to think of it... Someone might laugh at me for once upon a time being a dubbie... But that first line kills me everytime.
That does it. I'm no going to randomly declare I'm going to marry people anymore.

Goodbye, Captain James T Kirk.
*laughs* Search Engine Hit ---> yaoi game download

Poe-chan... You mean those sewer sanitation engineers don't want me to kill my family? *gasp*
BAH-NAH-NAH! I'm finally back from DA HOUSE and in the dorm. Which means I blog again.

Um, I think I'm scarred for life. VERY scarred. I shall blame this all on SIMON!! And Meg has disowned him. *hee*

HUNGER PAINS! I forgot my cereal at home like a total idiot. Now I'm going to live off of other stuff for breakfast. *sob* How can I live without my cereal?!?!?!

And in other news, no I didn't really kill my family.