Saturday, April 07, 2001

Oh yeah, and to Speller-chan (should she ever chance to read my blog) if being female means I gotta shop at the gap, please sign me up to be male.
They usually don't smile upon you killing people. And in cases of family members, they really dislike it. *sigh* Who is this THEY anyway?

Friday, April 06, 2001

I want to know what the feck is up with my connection. It's slower'n molasses. And molasses is slow, not thatI've ever seen any.

Here's a stupid thought: Today, as I was walking to class, I saw a beautiful dumpster. On the side of the dumpster it said: Slow Vehicle. And then I imagined someone driving a dumpster down the street.

....Okay, I thought it was funny.
*heheheheheh* Never give me the option to write an essay "in character". I went a little bit overboard, but I actually did manage to squeeze some studying for the exam in there.

Irony... After all this discussion on boys and girls... i'm downloading girlish. @_@ (over course it's also the scanty sandwich mix. who the heck names these remixes?)

I guess, I'm anti-guy. I don't really like "masculinity" (aka agression and so forth.). I'm perfectly happy with being little girly me. I wouldn't be a guy if someone paid me.
And as to guys being shallow, I guess it's just in a different way than girls. I went through most of my life with nary a male giving me the time of day because I didn't want to play the dating/flirting game with them. Flirting is just so urgh. So I'm not drop-dead gorgeous and I'm not a whore. I guess I'm not worthy of male attention. Seems pretty shallow to me.
Hey, and just 'cause I'm in college doesn't mean I don't witness social shuffling. Infact, this week, the setons and the knights (which is kinda our version of greek societies) picked their new members. I'm not sure exactly what the qualifications are, but I do know you stand a better chance of getting in if you are good looking and popular. Social shuffle.
Perhaps it was because I tended to hang out with the social outcasts in high school that I think popularity is the birth-spring of stupidity as opposed to gender. I tend to think shallowness is a life choice and not something that you are born into. As I said, social pressures to be popular are stronger on females, so more females would fall sway to the ugliness that is social climbing.
Did I mention my group of social outcasts were mostly female? Oh yeah, and though we were strange, the school liked us. ^_^ I remember trying to convince one of my male friends to wear eyeliner to school *giggles* No wonder I like doods in make up. ^.^ I was good friends with those who the school voted "most unusual". *all proud* Of course, I ended up in the senior slideshow a hell of a lot that year, despite being only a junior. (I'm easy to spot, look for the one in bright colors among the black.)
Eeeh, well, I just thinking saying that to be a girl is to be shallow is pretty dang sexist. I knew lots of nice and caring females. I knew lots of dull, shallow boys. I knew lots of shallow girls, I know guys that were sweeties.
I guess I was lucky enough to have friends who cared about me. I've always felt rather lucky that I got involved in drama, which kinda became my family. A large, demented family, but a family none the less. I actually enjoyed high school, it was fun. I guess I'm lucky.
I only have one class today and I don't want to go. ;_; Stupid western civ. Oh well, at least this week I did the reading. Let's not tell my family what a bad student I've become. But this class is like, history for retards. Or maybe it's 'cause I supposedly have an IQ of 153 (*falls over laughing* Yeah right.)

Ummm... Oh yeah... Ne, Ai-chan, I hata disagree with ya's. I don't think it's girls inparticular that are back-biting, fashion obsessed and shallow, I think it's a condition of the class called "the popular". Guys can be just as shallow and self-absorbed. My littlest sister belongs to this class of "popular" so I get plenty of exposure to it from all genders. Guys can be just as dumb.
Plus, I've known some girls who've been just as uninterested in climbing their way to the top, not obsessed with fashion, and pretty dedicated to friends. Maybe that comes from being a drama geek in high school. (who knows?)
The difference is that media exposure and so forth, makes girls more disposed to seek popularity. It's acceptable for guys to have other hobbies, but if a girl doesn't like hanging out and talking on the phone and clothes and the like then she becomes a nerd (tm).
I think everyone should be a nerd (tm). Not to say that nerds are inherently nicer, but at least then no one cares about clothes and Tommy Hilfiger would go out of business. (I hate that brand. u_u;; )

*heh* Wanna hear something funny? The only name brand stuff I own is a pair of Saucony shoes and some l.e.i. jeans. WOW, now THAT'S name brand! *gasp*

Wanna hear something else funny? I get hand-me-downs from my LITTLEST SISTER, whose thirteen. She goes through clothes fast 'cause they aren't cool anymore. They're still in good condition and I'm a broke college student. Free clothes are good clothes. (like free food is good food.)

PS. Ai-chan, did you notice I know longer have a link to SOMEONE'S blog? What can I say, I'm skittish around girlfriend's ex-friends. (Especially when they get all wierd on me. 0_0)

GRRRRR. Work calls. More stupid boxes to make. I forgot to eat breakfast. I'm hopeless.
Ne, ne... Frank-san, can you do me a favor? Can you put this link on your blog? I think they're ripping off ragabash-sempai's skins and I know ano hito reads your blog more frequent then mine... (I guess it's 'cause they got some really nice skins and the author is n/a that I'm suspicious) Anyway, if they do, everyone can just chalk me up to susupicious. ^_^;;

Saaa nee.... At least no one rips off my skins... I'd prolly die of heart attack if they did. Oh well, at least I still got pretty Setsuna to put up. *licks setsuna* Hey, I woke up early to study. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!

Sartre: -You- made the choice to play on blogger instead of study.
Me: Damn you, existentialist! Go away! This is your fault!
(reasons I'm not an existentialist. ^__^ )
I didn't blog at all yesterday. Bad, Firefly, BAD!

YAY! My guest strip is up! *boogies*

BTW, in te second panel it's supposed to read "halo, wings, well-placed strip of cloth" but you kinda can't read the last because my handwriting is so messy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Neee, Sempai, does this site have permission to put up your skins?
AI-CHAN!!!! I'm gonna runaway with Lucas!! HE LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD IN THAT LAYOUT! *wipes up drool* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *fangirlish squeal*
Updated me links. Can ya tell? Whattaway to spend my time at work. ^_^-v
A magazine name: Angelicum

It's either a nice name or a perverted one. ^_~
dora-chan, should I promote you to shiawase's webwench? I mean you upload everything for me no da....

Speaking of ano site, I think I should put a link to my blog there. Unless I get objections from the other peeps who contribute. *waits for objections* Heee... Really oughtta change the standard "we don't own this shtuff" blurb at the bottomof the page. 9.9

A saying I don't think will catch on: "Well, rip my backbone out and call me Kamui."
Frank-san, come to think of it... I spilled water on my keyboard. ^_^;; (I don't drink soda so's we can rule that out.) That'll teach me to ever drink water again!
And in other happy news, I finally figured out how to keep ghostie's locket closed so I can wear it. ^_^
YEAH BABY!!! I have a BIO! (Just look under Jamie. ^_^;; )

Tuesday, April 03, 2001 s'arrgh, me maties!
Ne ne, dora-chaaaaaaan!!! Is it still to late to turn in a guest strip? I didn't get ta see ya because o' keyboard problems, but now I can type again and all is happy.

PS. dora-chan, the new lay out is yum-a-liscious and much less pink than the old one! ^.^
ARGH!!! BLOGGER ATE MY ARCHIVES AGAIN!!! Why does blogger keep eating my archives? Now I hafta republish them all and they pop up with my current layout. *swears*
Well, I fixed my keyboard. Not really FIXED per se, but I bought a new one. Hooray! Now I'm gonna feel really stupid if my dad manages to fix it and then I have this extra keyboard laying around. *siiigh* Oh well, sadly, I'm addicted to ai-chan and couldn't stand NOT talking to her.

BTW. The below is supposed to read "My keyboard is mentally retarded and until I know why, I prolly won't be blogging much. See? Dysfunctional."
My keyboard is mentally retadd and until I kno. hy, I po.lly o.n't b blo.gging muech. S? it's dysfunectio.nal.
Firefly's Current Musical Theme: Never Ever (original mix even *gasp*) by Hamasaki Ayumi

For those of you who didn't know, Hamasaki-sensei is my favorite singer ever and this is why most of my songs of the moment are by here! *Biiidah!* Never Ever is so KAKKOIIIIII!! I love it. (Tis also Candra's theme.) I want the single. PAYCHECK WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!

Hey, did you know that if you put neosporin on a puffy eye it looks a lot better. Or maybe this only works when you've managed to scratch that particular face up with kleenex. I thought kleenex was supposed to be soft. They LIE! It's not soft!

They say that if you want to be a writer, you should set aside a small part of everyday for writing. How come I seem to spend all that time on blogger? Dang blogger.

Roomie REEKS like roomie at the moment. *cries* Why is she going to bed so early today? (tonight... this morning... whatever)

Sidenote: Shiawase has been updated! SANKYUU, DORA-CHAN! My eternal gratitude unto you!

'Nother Sidenote: I'm working on a kireeeii na skin of Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary. He looks like he's wearing eyeliner in the pic, but I have a weakness for doods in makeup, so I'm not gonna complain! ^.^

Monday, April 02, 2001

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!!
I overslept. I have black circles under my eyes and one of my eyes is all puffy.

I did have a really cool dream about a dragon, a pheonix, and a talking worm. ^_^

This should prove to be an interesting day.

Oh yeah, I finally got mail from Okashira-chan. Yay! ^.^

Sunday, April 01, 2001

*pokes* You should link to me, sempai!
PS. I guess that's a decent enough excuse to like Yuuto. ^_^

I should scan some pics outta my CLAMP in wonderland artbook.... What brought that on? o.o

I'm gonna do a guest strip for Yn! Me proud!
Ignore the previous post.
Let me gouge my eyes out and die a slow terrible death. God, I hate depression.
Poe-chan... I hafta agree with Frank-san. If you didn't write about yaoi so much you perhaps wouldn't get so many yaoi hits. ^_^;;

Dang, I want more people looking for yaoi on my blog. YAOI YAOI YAOI! *bows*

BTW, Poe-chan... Go, Poe Ranger, GO!