Saturday, March 24, 2001

Oh yeah, and I called a truce with Otakuworld. I gave my biggest complaint to them... That I felt as if I were losing the rights to Questors and they assured me that I retained ALL the rights to Questors. Well, my artistic quandry has been squished.

And poe, you can argue with me all you want, but I don't think OW is inherently evil.
Whoo! You shouldn't let me spend time in Hastings alone. (For those of you who don't know it's a book/music/video/computer game store.) Well, I spent too long of a time picking over their techno section and got two new CDs... ^_^;;;;(nearly god by tricky and one of Dave Seaman's global underground CD sets)
I have wierd taste in music which apparently no one but me can stand...

Friday, March 23, 2001

Okay... I think I've beat up poor Otakuworld enough.... However, I did start a set of pretty KiSS dolls using kyara that I tend to RP a lot or RP with. They're all SD and use the same body template, but that means the clothes are interchangeable!! So far done -- Cam, Mark, and Carter. I should post pics when I am done with each of the dolls and put up a short profile. 'Cause I've been getting some new people on my blog and I'm sure they are confused as hell as to who I talk about all the time. (half of these people are in MY HEAD!)

Skin update... I'm still pondering a pic. I prolly won't get started until after this weekend tho. I have that Dark skin to work on at home.

And speaking of skins... Shiawase's anime link list is becoming unbearably long for the currently layout. There're more series than there is page and all the white space is driving me crazy. Minna, suggestions for a new layout? I could go raid dynamic drive's archives to see what kinda funky stuff I could do. Maybe redoing Shiawase will keep the layout on this page a little more on the consistent side. (so I change my blog layout like some people change their socks!)

I am pondering how to do a Suu (from Clover) cosplay for one of the conventions this summer. I've got st. tail and sakura's winter uniform all set up. Plus, I wanna put together either a mark or lexiel costume. ^___^-v I'm not sure which of her outfits would be easiest... to go with her white dress or the black tank top and shorts ensemble. I want mechanical wings, dammit! Mebbe I should dye my hair white too! WHIHAI! (isn't that called bleaching?)
An added thought to the letter poe-chan recieved. I am a kamishibai artist. I am also a KiSS artist. Admittedly, I am one of the olders kamishibai authors, but calling us all young and bitter is just... *blinks* blanket hatred. I'm not bitter, in fact, it breaks my heart to see OW go. However... It raises my hackles when someone else wants to charge money for my creations without asking permission. Especially since I had created all of them for free distribution....

I, personally, do not think subscriptions was the only plan of action, or even the wisest. For example, blogger recently ran a fund-raising drive for money to get a new server. They got an overwhelming response. Other sites ask for donations in return for their services. Neopets doesn't ask for money, but it does ask you to sign up to sponsor services. Anime Turnpike gets COMMERCIAL sponsorships. In other words, all these are free sites to the user, or monetary gifts are voluntary.

And the claim that they are like PBS or NPR asking for donations is complete and total BS. (See the letter they gave me....) They are not asking for donations, they are asking for subscriptions. If we were to make a comparison here, we could consider bandwidth and server space similiar to a broadcast station's broadcasting equipment. The programming on a public station would be similiar to the files that OW hosts. The difference between a subscription and donation is that PBS will not cut off it's broadcasting to your house should you not donate, however, you may not download files if you do not subscribe to Otakuworld. I might also note, PBS hasta pay some fees to get the rights to broadcast programming whilst OW gets all their files for free.

A donation wouldn't bother me at all, if what you were subscribing to was something to which they had legally purchased the rights. After all, when you subscribe to a magazine, that's what you pay for. The magazine (let's say it's animerica) purchases the rights to be able to publish certain manga. However, when I GAVE my kamishibai stories, there is no clause in the submission process that says what I've given to them becomes theirs. (had their been, it might have saved them a lot of trouble.) In essence, they are selling my stuff without my permission. Let's say that animerica prints "angel sanctuary" without actually purchasing the rights. Now, ignoring the fact that there would be a hell of a lot of legal trouble for this, there'd also be a bunch of pissed of fans because Kaori Yuki wasn't receiving any money for her work. Honestly, is it so wrong to disregard me because I'm not famous?

Someone might point out here that animerica is a business while OW is, well, not. That's the point. Otakuworld is NOT a business, but by taking subscriptions it becomes a business. Moreover, it has become a business by illegal means -- selling products which they have never recieved permission to sell.

So maybe I am bitter. Yes, I am bitter. I'm bitter that my favorite site is dying and making dumb choices. I'm bitter that I hafta argue with people that I have held in high regard for a long time. I'm bitter that it's even come to this. If there were justice in this world, we'd all be paid to do whatever it is that we enjoy.

And, hell, I wouldn't even be WRITING this if they would just fecking take my kamishibai down like I'd asked a more than a WEEK ago.
Note to Melissa (since she's now reading my blog! YAY!):
I'm a surfing dood, and I really am cool.
I think I'll wear these clothes to school.
I got my hat and I got my fins,
I'm so cute it oughtta be a sin.
I'm a surfing dood a chipmunk surfing dood.
Doodle-oodle-oo! *heeheeSQUEAK!*
Tada! Just a quick blog to note that I update the quicklinks to include my fave online comic "boy meets boy" and so that there's a link to shiawase and the riot ink site. (wanna know who's publishing deus ex? go there.) PLUS, I linked to Sandra's Live Journal. It's not a blog, but I think it's close enough no da.
Well, update in the fight againt OW... I just re-e-mailed them requesting they remove all my files.

Note: The subscription price went up again....

I also encourage other people to e-mail them and request that they take down the files that have been asked to be removed. Especially, if you are a kamishibai author whom they are ignoring.
email addies:
Stephen The webmaster and in charge of kamishibai
Jennifer She's not directly involved with the kamishibai page, but she seems to be replying to all the e-mail
Dov The dood in charge fo KiSS (In case you want a KiSS doll taken down or some such)

Just remember, these are real live people you are e-mailing, so try to be nice.
Bahnah! I can't believe I woke up early today so I could blog. I have problems.

Whihai! OTAKULAND! Admittedly, just trying to update Shiawase has proved challenge enough on my stupid school network.... ^_^;;; PS: Frank-san, I'm glad you like the picture. This time around's theme is serial experiments lain.

Oh, and I just thought I'd mention -- the quote isn't mine, I got it offa a lain pic. I maybe depressed, but I'm not THAT depressed. Dood, the quote I was first gonna go with was really creepy. o.o

Dood, and they need more female teachers at Hogwarts. I vote the next Defense againt the Dark Arts teacher be Urd as well. Has anyone seen McGonagol from the movie? KOWAI! She looks DAMN scary!!

WAAAAH! ai-chan!!!! No morning blog! WAAAAAH!! ;_;

*heheheheh* poe-chan.... Exactly what kinda reply were you expecting from OW? I told you, Stephen's a big fat poopie head. Personally, I was surprised I'd gotten any reply at all from then regarding my request to pull all of my stuff offa their site. They've become so.... anti-friendly... of late. Ai-chan wrote them a letter and got the whole reply of "so noted".

dora-chan GAMBARE!!! Spiritie back up isn't always a GOOD thing. Of course, it could just mean you're spiritie dood has ran off to go have sex with his boyfriend... *loooks at mark* But, since Ro and Kiih are both your spiritie doods, I don't think that's the case. *gives dora good luck stars*

Speaking of spirit people, Candra's been verra clingy of late. Dood, last night she showered with me. -_-;; I get no privacy around this girl. I finally got a pic of her scanned so perhaps I shall put it up.

Day 4: My kamishibai stories are still up. I might actually get the guts together to e-mail them and tell them to take my stuff down NOW. Take them down in the next two days MY ARSE! I wanted them down BEFORE people had to start paying subscriptions. I'm feeling very -used- here. I wonder if I can convince Okashira-chan to e-mail them and take my stuff down in the interest of Riot Ink.

It's the BIG GAME tonight! I hope we don't get crushed like we did last year in the Sweet 16. It's still good to make it 3 years in a row however. ^_^ I don't have any school shirts to wear (as the one I own I wore during the LAST game it's still in my laundry hamper at home.)

Yay!!! It's exposure night!! I can't believe I've gotten both of my PARENTS to watch this show with me as well. I think my mom just likes to say that she watches a tv show with her daughter.

Ple.... Think I ran out of things to say....
World: *cheers*
I guess that's a good thing as I now get to walk o'er to the library and begin another fun day of getting paid to highlight papers!

Thursday, March 22, 2001

I went to hastings and looked over their used CD department. (as far as used CDs go, the Hastings here has a pretty good selection.) *in shock* They had a Junior Vasquez CD.... o.o They wanted $15 for it, but they had it. (I wasn't paying $15 for half of a two CD set no da.. ^_^;; )

Just a warning.... People who don't update their blogs regularly are likely to be taken off my link list... That's one way to keep this list fit and trim.

Oh, and BTW, Frank-san, if you read my blog, I finally put a link up to yours no da! ^_^ I figured I had to since Poe-chan kept talking about stuff from your blog.

And on another note, this sounds like a TOTALLY interesting magazine. 'Stain Technology'. Gee, wonder why the library doesn't carry it anymore? *heh*
Dood, I just remember this totally wierd dream. Anyway, it all started out in this alley type place where there was a car. If you were standing in JUST the right spot when it hit you, you could go to another dimension, otherwise when it hit you, you would die. As if by a miracle, I was standing in The Spot when I got hit by the car, and thus, I went to another dimension.

Once I got to this other dimension, I met some old fried on mine whom I thought was dead. I was really happy to see him, and I remember I had very strong feelings of affection for this dood, but it was strictly a friendship thing. I decided I wanted to stay in this other dimension, but my friend explained to me that if I were to fall asleep, I would go back to my own world.

I stayed for a few days, but I started getting really tired. My friend made for me a key, so that I could come back to this dimension whenever I wanted. (see, getting hit by the car meant I would go to some random dimension, and not necessarily back to this one. The key made it so that I was guaranteed to come back to this dimension.) I took the key and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was back in the alley with the car. Unfortunately, the key had been broken into a bunch of brid-shaped pieces. I tried to gather up all the pieces of the key, but the car kept hitting me and killing me before I could finish. I'd gather a few pieces, the car would run into me and I would die, and lose all the key pieces. Then I'd wake up and start all over again.

That was my dream. ^_^;;
Many, many thanks to Poe-chan for helping out with the new layout. Also, thanks to Ragabash for the quote idea. ^_^

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

If I could do a toonami-type program, but show anime uneditted and preferrably in Japanese, then I think the line up would go something like this:

Cardcaptor Sakura (note: not cardcaptors)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (I like the original, so sue me)
Fushigi Yuugi
Flame of Recca
Cowboy Bebop
Shinseiki Evangelion

I think the previous post (and a conversation with poe-chan) inspired that.
Hmmmm.... Am I allowed to fall over dead if evangelion ever gets put on US television? (not that we are in imminent threat of this or anything) I can see them trying to clean it up for american kiddies.
I can see the revision of the ending... No one understands the end of the series anyway, so they'll cut out the last two episodes and replace it with the movie. (minus the scene where Shinji visits Asuka *heh*). And then, after the "third impact" or whatever, they'll cut out all the thought provoking stuff and just cut to where the end of the series where everyone is clapping and telling Shinji "omedetou". We can't have our little kids thinking abything that would *gasp* abnormal.
Not to mention they'd cut all the scenes of Kaji molesting women... And Kaworu would be not borderline yaoi. Wasn't the fact that he loved Shinji (romantically or not) the point of his appearance? Oh yeah, and any of those wierder Angels (like the one that sucked shinji into the shadow and so forth) would be changed so that simply all they wanted to do was kill and destroy.
And Touji.... Well, he'd be different. (Those of you who've seen the whole thing know what I'm talking about.)
Ple, well, I think I'll stop here before I completely spoil everyone who hasn't seen the entire series. I've still not seen one of the movies no da. I think the local comic bookshop is getting some rip off stuff in for $15 that's got both the movies on it. I might hafta purchase. ^_^;;; Not like the copies I have now are all that legal.

I wonder if Hideaki-sensei ever read any existentialism?
*beats the phone* How come the only time -I- get phone calls it's stupid people trying to sell my credit cards!! Oh well, I'm nice to them because my best friend's fiance usedta be a telemarketer. But he also taught me one important thing -- when they call tell them "I'm not interested, please take me off your calling list." Then, they are required by law to do so. I get less telemarketing calls then roomie does, so I guess it's working.

Dear ai-chan... I MISS YOU TOO! *heehee* But I'm making a pretty present for you, and I should finish it up sometime today. (It's a present for myself too, but....)

Ple, I have nothing interesting to say. Except that I noticed I managed to get paint all over my pants. I don't think oil paints wash out. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Firefly's Current Musical Theme: "Never Ever" (tears of aquarius mix) It's a Candra song....

Hmmm.... Today was moderately interesting. We actually started painting in painting. *gasp* And I learned that give my painting teach the brush and might as well sign the painting off as his. Anyway, then I decided to stay out at the art building and work on my comic. I got most of another set of pages down, I'm about up to where I stopped last time, except with a complete dream sequence. I've got two more spreads to do then I'm back where I was. I might also add, that I've actually got two extra pages in there from the last time through to help with the pacing.

I really want Gabriel to say "Saa ne... Lian...." in this one frame. CAN'T USE JAPANESE NO DA! ;_; I'll try to do something similiar in english, but it all sounds cheesy.

I'm thinking of starting another skin. I wanna do something dark, as my last two skins have been all pastel-ish. (shibby and punk pink.) I really need to get that Dark skin on my mum's computer all finished. ^___^ Saa ne.... Maybe I'll do an X skin.... Or angel sanctuary....

Tomorrow I get to take care of my prozac prescription. I have one pill left and technically I'm s'posed to take two a day. I started taking only one so's that I could actually get to a day of the week in which I'd be at a phone long enough to deal with it. I don't want my parents to "bail me out" since my dad seems to think they always are. -_-;;
They have until Thursday to take my stuff down. That's well outside of their two day deadline. Otherwise, I'm going to start getting bitchy and tell them to pull my stuff and NOW.

Monday, March 19, 2001

Well, I think Candra has finally reached the point of fed up-ness with Carter. Not that she doesn't like him, it's just that I think she finally realized he can't really be what she wants him to be. And really, expecting him to be something he's not capable of seems to be doing nothing but making the both of them miserable.
And now... A disturbing quote...
Lucas: Now you're just being stubborn. How can you not see how crazy everyone is about you? I don't understand it.
Candra: Maybe you've just got rose-colored glasses. No one's crazy about me.
Lucas: I am.
Candra: You are what?
Lucas: Crazy about you.
And neither Meg or I can figure out what Lucas meant by that. Meagan-san, you may have some competition!!
I feel like Atreyu in "never-ending story" when he's trying to get through that funky swamp and keeps sinking....
Latest search query: "young teen nude swede"
What baffles me is when did I use the word swede?
Reading too much into what, ai-chan? That does it! That's the LAST time I have one of my kyara change history no da. (Which we all knows that it means we're in for a slew of that... -_-;; I always do what I say I won't).

Help help! I'm being attacked by the hole punch from hell!!
Morning Blog Time!

Lian: That's Meg's thing!!
Firefly: Ai-chan! ^.^
And then Sanity hits...
Firefly: Ow! It hits hard! ;_;

Once upon a time, there was this dood named Benjamin Carter. He got zapped to the future via the magical trash can of time (which I am applying for a patent). Once in the future, he met Miss Candra Bennett who was nice to him. She also gave him her ring before he went back to the past. Little Ben turned into Carter, whom Candra has a perrenial crush on. My question is: Did Carter always have that ring? Or did Candra really change time? And if Candra changed time, does that mean that Carter's always had this realy huge crush on her just she doesn't remember it do to the fact that for some reason or another her time didn't get changed?
Ponderances.... Actually, I think the easiest explanation (so we don't hafta re-write past RPs) would be that Carter has always had the ring. However, the time travel he chalked up to a bad hit in the head or somesuch and it was a dream. (ooooH! dreaaam!) And magically he got a ring outta the process. Anyway, 500 years later when he actually gets to meet Candra certain details of the dream have become Obscured with Time (tm) so that he can't remember what she look likes and so forth. Anyway, zap to the magical trash can of time (still no patent) and Carter gets sent back to the past, Ben gets sent to the future. Tada! Carter suddenly realizes that it WASN'T just a dream. And thus he is allowed to start crushing on Candra without having to re-write RP history.
In other words, Firefly got a little hyper last night. IT's too bad the magical trash can of time exploded. Mark makes a funny Lexiel though, and Lexiel is a terrible Mark.
Lexiel: I swear Mark's had a lobotomy.
Mark: *walking into walls without his glasses on*
However, we did get Cam to admit he liked his sponge on prozac. And then, advice for the wise, don't play truth or dare with Mark. -_-;; I swear, anything is an excuse to get it on with Cam for him.

And then, in the land of reality..... Spring break is over. Yes indeedy. My biggest thought is where the hell shall I be working for the next few weeks. I don't want to be shelving stupid cards for the next 3 weeks. Boring, boring, boring stuff and if I'm gonna do boring stuff I'd rather be stationary so I can listen to music. And I forgot to read my assignment for Philosophy, and I'm sure we'll have a reading quiz on it. *hiccup* Well, I'll BS my way through that no problem! Despite the fact I know nothing about existentialism.
And in the eternal quest to update Shiawase I hope to continue sending the files to dora-chan today so she can upload them for me. Plus, I added three more skins into the update, bringing it to a grand total of seven. Only one of them is mine tho. ^_^;; (Dat's okay, I've been busy working on "deus ex" no da.)
Oh yeah, and speaking of "deus ex", I've finished up to page 11. Finally past the cruddy dream sequence. Yay! Enough violence outta Firefly. Plus, I made a pretty little poster of Lian, and now I am in love with my marker paper. It doesn't bleed! Just as it promised! (It reads: "No bleeding No penetration" which I might add, the people I was with when I bought it had a great snicker over)
Well, as I was s'posed to leave for work 5 minutes ago, I think I should get shuffling off.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

The Poe Ranger song:
Go, Poe Ranger.. Go!
Go, Poe Ranger, Go!
Goldar's gonna get you.. tonight..
Destroy the Power Rangers, and Destroy the Earth..
Don't let Lord Zedd put a spell on your miiiind...
GO, Poe Ranger, GO...
Go, Poe Ranger, Go!
Go, Poe Ranger!
Go Poe Ranger!
Go Poe Ranger!
Go Poe Ranger!

*guitar riff*

Go, Poe Ranger, Go!
Go, Poe Ranger, Go!
Goldar's Gonna get you tonight!
Send down the Monsters! Destroy the Earth!
Don't let Lord Zedd put a spell on your miiiind!
Note to Meagan: Ummm... Cam isn't benton destroying the world. He's just ambivalent. I DO know who has a world destruction bent in him tho. *heehee* But it be my secret no da! (well, mine and meg's at least)
WHOO! We made it to the sweet 16! GO ZAGS!

Anyway, expect a few rants on the media zoo around campus in meantime. I do hope we do well, however.

It was a close game too. @_@ But we totally crushed them the last half of the last half. *heh* Man, I think I realized why I don't watch sports... I get WAY to involved and too loud. I think my family would kill me if this was a common occurence.

And in other news, I painted my nails blue for team spirit!! All I gotta do is figure out when the next game is. I think I'll bring some red with me, and then I'll paint my nails red and blue for the game. I remember last year there were five million reporters asking all the girls if they'd painted their nails in team spirit.