Saturday, March 17, 2001

Whoo... My results from the word test:
your own personality.

your partner's personality.

your enemy's personality.

what you think about sex.

what you think about your own life.

I took out which word revealed what about me.... So that if someone here wants to take it they won't cheat!
Here's a funny thing... I changed my imood to schizophrenic and my recommended book became the sailormoon supers manga #3. ^_^;;;;;;
Fun fun news... Most of the people who have visited my blog so far are Canadian. But my biggest referrer is dora-chan. (and she's well... not canadian). Hen desu yo ne...

But I feel so honored because someone from Japan visited my blog! *waves* I hope they don't mind my bad tendency to use a bad mish of Japanese and English on my blog.

Dood, and I totally apologize for the eyesore that is that counter, but everytime I try to fix it my puter freezes on my. Hidoi counter!

Friday, March 16, 2001

That's twice now... Two people have hit my blog searching for cowboy bebop pics. I hate to tell ya that in spite of the fact that my blog is named "no black and white in the blue" there are NO cowboy bebops pics here. (I wish there were 'cause Spike's so cute no da! ^.^)
This is the title of that book! It's verra verra good, but also very sad. It's the journal of a girl with AIDS. *sniffsniff* True story even.
OH MY GOD! That games was so fecking close!!!! *wiping sweat off* We were a flippin' point behind until the last 18 seconds or so, then Calvary managed to score (after Dikau missed the basket! argh! tense moment!). So we won a point ahead!!!
*throws confetti*
I wonder if the banner on how to pronounce Gonzaga is up on the site again?
Just a quick blog to say: GO ZAGS!!!!

(A little school spirit)

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Ne, ne... dora-chan... if you want to get pop-up windows, go to and they've got a link that'll generate the script for pop up windows for ya! It's quite handy. However, if you don't wanna include java, you could just simply include the target="newpage" tag into your links no da. Then you get a new page when you click on the links and no silly pop up window to worry about.
Ode to a Brush Pen
Brush pen, my lovely micron pigment brush pen
With you I have colored the Manning Prep School pants of many different men
Although mostly Lian,
Who needs the colorin' in
You, darling brush pen, are my eternally beloved frien(d)!
My ankle hurts and I can't walk straight. It's kinda funny, it's like I'm drunk or something.

This morning I woke up and I thought it was monday and spring break was over. Therefore, I hopped out of bed and was wondering why in the world I was still at my house. I got half-dressed before realizing that it was THURSDAY and spring break wasn't over yet. So I went back to bed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Oh yeah, we had a VERY mild windstorm yesterday. The only thing of note that happened was that I witnessed the giant mcflurry on top of mcdonald's get blown over. Now THAT was cool.
Random Quotes:

"You know, I never knew you could have a rainforest in your bathroom."
~Steve (of blue's clues fame) For some reason, I thought the quote was funny this morning when I heard it on the telebi.

"Dood, I live in reality, I don't need TV to tell me how it is."
~Anonymous, I overheard this on a conversation about survivor. (me? eavesdrop? never!)

Monday, March 12, 2001

Okay, but other stuff.... I finally finished up the dream sequence from deus ex. Boy, it was fun drawing Lian shooting himself. I kept covering it up when I was working on it so my parents wouldn't see. It's terribly icky looking. After all, I don't need my parents thinking I'm suicidal or anything.

(hey, no laughing, peanut gallery)

D'oh.... I got so much blogging to catch up, that writing about my boring life isn't verra interesting at the moment. I'm doing this for you, ai-chan!
Late breaking news: Carter is a fashion reject from the 80's.

Note to Simon: Hey, while you're brain-washing Carter into being a murderer and so forth, do you think you can teach him to dress better?