Thursday, March 08, 2001

Well... The long awaited overhaul of my homepage has begun. Now I've got this terrible decision ahead of me. Do I or do I not put up all my kamishibai pages? I have a feeling that the death of kamishibai is imminent (what with all the authors pulling their stories and the fact that those that don't will have to have someone pay to see them). On the upside, Riot Ink will be the new home of Questors. Maybe I should just do a Questors page there instead of on my page?
Opinions, minna?

PS. For those of you who care, I finally got the ad page together for deus ex. It's looking good. Oh yeah, ai-chan, if you want me to make a pop-up type ad page for AH, just send me the image you want me to use and the text and some idea of layout and I can take care of the HTML. And can you do me a BIG favor and mail that zip to Okashira-chan if you still have it? I can't get anything to attach to my mail. Grrr....
I think my allergy is not being so allergy-ful today. I feel so much better! *throws confetti*

Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Okay, don't breathe the dusty stuff in anti-histamine pills. It tastes bad and it burns!
*gets out the Harley-fangirl-pompoms* YAY! BMB! Playstation 2!!!
Whoo! For those of you who have been wondering why my imood is itchy... As it turns out, I'm allergic to the anti-biotics they put me on. So I'm itchy all over and my stomach is upset. -_-;; I did however, go to the store and get some benadryl and chocolate cookies. ^____^ Maybe I'll feel better once the benagryl kicks in. I think I'll go to work for an hour today, and skip drawing class tonight. I'm feeling kinda pleeeeee today. Itchy and stomach ple-ish.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Ah! Thanks a LOT, Meg! Now I'm totally addicted to BMB AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!
Neeee... Ai-chan, do you think we should redo the AH kyara quiz to add in the new kyara and fix the questions so it's a little more accurate?
I think that previous (but I suppose it shall show up post) rant on the e-mail was a prime example of why we do not tick off Firefly. I don't recall myself writing anything that required a response that seemed to make me out to be destroying the free internet as we know it.
To tell the truth, when I first looked over the e-mail I felt honored that I'd actually gotten a long response from them. Recently (say the last year and a half or so...) the people at OW have gotten less and less friendly. But as I read it over, I got the sinking feeling that somehow, I'd managed to offend someone for whom I had a lot of respect. (Jennifer has always seemed a nice person to me, and I simply adore unijeli). But on reading it a second time through, I got angry. And thus we get my rant.
Should I e-mail them? I don't know. They seem committed to their views and I equally committed to mine. It just seems that if my e-mail gets a reply we shall be stuck in an endless cycle of bickering. I'm mourning the passing of a great site. OtakuWorld, I will miss you.

Monday, March 05, 2001

I think I peeved the OW staff when I asked the to pull my stories. Hell, I got this looooooong letter from them.

Of course we will take your stories down, Jamie, but perhaps you are
unclear on exactly why we are doing what we are doing. We don't care about
money, and we will not be making a dime off of any of this. The only reason
we are charging for Otakuworld is to keep it online. That's it. There
simply is no other way that we can find. We cannot get a free host, because
Otakuworld is too large...we have asked every such site. Otakuworld is
HUGE. Additionally, the entire free hosting business is slowly shutting will not exist by the beginning of next year. We cannot get
advertising. It's dying out. The death of advertising (except on things
like AOL) is actually the reason the free hosting sites are going away
too). In short, there is no money to keep Otakuworld alive.
Our regular jobs cannot pay for Otakuworld, and we are not we had
to come up with a plan of some sort, or else we just have to pull the plug.
It's as straightforward as that. Otakuworld costs 1200 bucks a month to
keep running. We used out savings to keep it up this last month so we could
do this payment program. We are out of money. If people don't pay like they
said they would when we did that poll..Otakuworld still dies anyway.
We are not charging money to make profit. We are like a Public Broadcasting
System station asking for donations. That is what it amounts to, that is
what it is. Just so you know why all this is happening. As it is, we are
not sure if enough people care about keeping Otakuworld alive. Maybe we
should just pull the damn plug.We are not the only site with this problem.
In fact, knowing that there will likely be no more anime sites, no more
free sites of any kind by the end of this year...maybe middle of next year,
thus no more anime, no more kamishibai anywhere.... tell me...should I just
give up and kill Otakuworld now? It's all going away anyway, and so many
people, like you, are pulling your stuff over this...should I just give up
and let the whole thing just die? I mean, if folks keep doing this, there
will be no Otakuworld anyway, and soon, no other sites either. Maybe the
whole idea of anime and an outlet for artwork is stupid. I am beginning to
think that I am stupid for having created Kamishibai, or putting up a site
nobody cares about.
What gives? Is art that stupid? Perhaps all that should rightfully exist is
big corporations. Actually that is a moot point...within a year, two at the
most, with no more free home pages and sites....that's all there will be
anyway...I just really thought we could beat them at that with Otakuworld.
I guess I was stupid. I thought the users of Otakuworld were like me, and
cared about stuff.damn.
Jennifer Diane ReitzCreator,

Umm, maybe I should write a reply to this? After all, part of the reason I want my stuff pulled is because I am a member of a small, independent "art company" (ask Quinn calls it). No big corporation owns my art. My art is my art after all. The deal is, I don't want the downloading of my story to be dependant on paying money. I'm hoping I will be able to re-host the riot ink site. Hooray!
And NOWHERE did I sign over the rights of Questors to them. NOWHERE! They have absolutely no right to be charging for MY creations. This just rubs me the wrong way. Exactly where do they get off charging for my stuff?
And that stuff about public broadcasting systems is a bunch of BS. I'm sorry, a public broadcasting system asking for donations does NOT cut off access to those who don't donate. Whereas, in OW, you don't give them money then you don't get access.
And let me do my math here... According to your site, 3000 agreed to pay the subscription fee (which was said to be $5 when the poll was done, BTW). Well, they are charging $5.95 a person. Assuming everyone signs up who said they would OW stands to make $17, 850. And in this letter I just read, it says it cost $1,200. That leaves you with a profit margin of $16, 650. So cry me a river.
And honestly, if free hosting were going down, then places such as blogger (and blog*spot) would be in an imminent threat of going bye-bye as well. I will admit that your choice for free web places has been diminishing (as they get swallowed up by big corporations) but that doesn't mean that by the beginning of next year they will be gone. See, in Critical Thinking we call this appeal to fear. "support us or all anime sites will disappear." Hardly true.

So, my five cents on the issue.
Lookie what I found on my hard drive! I think someone (*coughchris-kuncough*) said they wanted to see my review of his kamishibai without it being cut to fit in the alotted amount of space.

Story Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion Special Episode "Child Zero"
Author: Christian Schonlein
Artist: various

Story: 3
Art: N/A
Music & Sounds: 4
Fancy Stuff: 5

Icons: Fanfic, Comedy

Short Description: The tale of the mysterious "Child Zero".

This was mildly amusing. It starts out as a total serious Eva fanfic. So when it switches to a comedy, it's quite surprising. The humorous aspects are reall quite good, especially if you are moderately familiar with MKR.
It would have scored a little higher on the story section if the characterizations were a little better. In some cases, they were totally ignored for convenience's sake. (such as, the good ending would have NEVER happened) Or for comedy purposes (a little more tolerable). However, GAINAX does a wonderful job of doing comedic sketches while keeping the characterizations intact (check out the eva radio drama), so it's not an impossible feat.
As for sound effects, they were reall quite good! The picture selection was nice. And some honest work has been put into making those animations. Nice.
Overall, check it out for laughs not for story content.

Ah, don't feel too bad. I'm REALLY, REALLY picky. You should see the way I ripped on the other guy's story.

Story Title: Touji Suzahara: Evangelion Side Story
Author: Ngan Tran
Artist: GAINAX

Story: 1+
Art: N/A
Music & Sounds: 2
Fancy Stuff: 2


Short Description:
A retelling from Touji-kun's point of view of the days after he found out he was the fourth child and his first day piloting.

GAINAX did a better job telling this story. It doesn't really add any new insights into Touji or any of the other characters of Eva. Secondly, the fight was a VERY bad retell of what happened in the episode. I didn't really need to see that again, especially NOT with comic sound effects that've been stolen from other kami.
The pictures the author chose for this kami are a little odd. Adding an extra picture just to show that the person is talking does nothing but add filesize IMHO. However, ya gotta give them kudos for adding stuff to the edges of pics if they didn't exactly fit in the entire screen.
Sounds! ARGH! There is NO REASON for the funny sound effects where they were placed. It kills the mood entirely! ARGH!
My biggest rant: Last I checked, Touji-kun's last name was spelled SuzUhara! If you're gonna write something, at least get the main character's name right!

Me? Opinionated? Never!
Current imood stats:
4 people feel beautiful
5 people feel fat
no one feels pretty
5 people feel ugly

I find this disturbing.
Quote for the Moral Animal (which is a paraphrase of another book):
"The clasic example is the non-zero-sum game of "chicken". Two cars head toward each other. The first driver to swerve loses the game, along with some stature among his peers. On the other hand, if neither driver bails, both lose in a bigger way. What to do? Schelling suggest tossing your steering wheel out the window in full view of the other driver. Once convinced that you're irrevocably committed to your course, he will, if rational, do the swerving himself."

Sunday, March 04, 2001

Tada! The long awaited picture of Cam and Mark's daughter, Candra. Yeah, yeah yeah... It's mouse art (and crappy) 'cause my scanner is busted. But no one knew what Candra looks like (or rather, LOOKED, since she's stuck all grown up now). But, here's the general idea. Although, I have much cuter sketches in my sketchbook. Darn you, scanner!!!!
I think Vilhelm should change his name to Villian. I mean, he attacked Candra!! *gasp* You know, I think I should make a cast of kyara that I talk about on my blog so that people who might stumble upon it might have a clue.
Anou... Meagen-san.... What exactly did I write on my blog that has you calling me ill? (maybe it was the survivor comment? *shrugs*)