Saturday, February 24, 2001

Oh yeah, and the other thing I wanted to blog.... I found this really nifty text-game maker thingie called adrift 3.90. I've started a game at the dorm called "journeys". It's kinda a test game to see how things run, and I doubt I'll actually do more than play around with it. I kinda like the program, it's fun and easy to use!
*siiiighs* I remember in the good ol' days and zork! *_*
Otay, and now, back to reality!
I'm thinking of doing a fanfic-based project... But I don't know which series.... I'm pretty much torn between Cardcaptor Sakura (and then I'd do cardcaptor N) or doing sailormoon (and then I'd do an older fanfic of mine that never really got finished). But then the world of Clover is just absolutely fascinating, and it would be fun to play around in or Takamagahara is cool with it's world travel and all! You could be a magatama holder! (Unfortunately, I don't think anyone besides me reads takamagahara. *sniffsniff*)
So any who read my blog, which series do you think I should make an interactive fanfiction for?
I love cough syrup with codeine, yes I do. *feels whoozy*

Anyway, I said I'd write about the book I'm reading and so I shall. It's called "The Moral Animal: Why we are the way we are". It's a book about evolutionary psychology -- or rather, that the way we are depends on our genes and how they developed over the course of evolution. It's quite interesting actually. This dood knows how to write! He makes science seem interesting, which is quite a task as far as I'm concerned. And I can honestly say that I can't remember the last time I had to read a book for class that I actually enjoyed. Moreover, I actually LAUGHED at the funny parts! How many school books make you do that??

Friday, February 23, 2001

Well, I gotta make this a quick post, but I know some people want to know how my doctor's appointment today went, so I thought I'd poost it here really quick. I have good news -- I've gained tens pounds since october. I don't have bronchitis. Bad thing -- I stil have a sinus infection, and a cough. They're giving me drugs fro both. However, they can't tell if I have a sinus infection for various reasons. I'm just gonna be a druggie for a while. So I'm not dying, I'm just not altogether healthy at the moment. ^_^;;

I'll find some time later to review the book I'm reading and talk about some other stuff I've been doing recently too! (I might actually blog over the weekend!! *gasp*)

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Come to think of it, I prolly could program a zork type game in C++ no problem. Big problem is that I don't have a compiler.
Ne, ne... Ragabash-sempai! I'd help with CYOA-style fanfic! I usedta read those things like crazy when I was in elementary school!! Assuming it was from a series I knew anything about.... @__@ CCS, Clover, kinda X.... As somehow I don't think you're much into shoujo, that'd prolly be the only things we'd have in common reading wise. Hm, my programming skills are kinda limited to basic HTML and 1.5 years of C++ (and I don't have a compiler.. 0_o) So don't know if I'd actually be much help, but it sounds like fun!
Hmmm.... Or it could be done in kamishibai format. Music, pictures, and text all in one. However, trying to do any kind of inventory would be really difficult (and time consuming!)
Well, if nothing else, I guess I could test stuff... *ponders*
Sick again. I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. More anti-biotics. Yay. -_-;; I think I'm trying to run a temperature....

Ai-chan, I think you should go with either a Cam or a Lucas theme on your blog....

I'm starting to get peeved with neopets, as it's become too damn expensive! Plus, for those of us who don't want to play in the battledome much, it kinda sucks. I want to build my pet a house and have deck parties and try getting it the hook up with other pets. Not fight all the time... *sigh*

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Lookie! Lookie! I got myself an imood!

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Rachel Rachel Roo, where are you?

She went on a trip on friday and hasna been back since. I'm starting to worry.
My name is Good Luck Bear
I've got good luck to share
Good Luck will rub off on you
Just cuddle me very tight
I will make things seem bright
Lucky, lucky me and lucky you
Okay, that DOES it! I give up on the archives. They keep appearing and disappearing. *shoots the archives* HA! Mindless violence is what you deserve!!
Okay... And blogger just ate my archives AGAIN! What is wrong with you dumb thing?

Lian: *takes away firefly's genius award*
Whoo! Look at my genius! I fixed the archives! THEY ARE BACK! *throws confetti*

the rest of the world: hooray, I already know how to do that. T_T )

Hmmm.... Well, if that doesn't impress you, Lian in a dress!! *shoves lian out into the middle of blogger*
Lian: Ummm... I'm not in a dress.
Gabby: YOU WILL BE!!! *chases lian around with a pink dress*
Lian: *runs for his life*
I am swept up by a sense of hopelessness and loss. I don't know where it came from.

Monday, February 19, 2001

Waaaah! dora-chan, tasukete! Blogger ate my archives when I put up the new layout!!! TASUKETE!
Ne ne... tsua-chan I detested Himiko-den... Not to mention I have a crappy white cross copy of it. u_u;;
Okay, enough blogging and back to paper writing!
Ahh.... Otay, to add to the list of cute couples from varying series....
Sorata n Arashi -- I love Arashi, she's so damn cool. And Sorata is funny. They should get together.... (in x14 it looks like arashi was falling for him, but having this huge gap from x5 to x14, I can't really tell. ^_^;; )
Fuuma n Kamui -- Otay, otay. I just like 'em 'cause Fuuma's so cute when he's harassing Kamui. (or so dang scary... either way... he's a hottie!)
Lan n Tsuki -- Otay, so Tsuki-kun is a heck of a lot older than Lan. But-but it's so cute in the fourth book *_*
Cardcaptor Sakura
To~ya n Yuki -- SO CUTE! What more can I say?
Tomoyo n Sakura -- okay so sue.. I gotta agree with ai-chan that they're cute (and so much better than syaolan n sakura T_T )
Bishoujo Senshi SAILORMOOOOON!
Haruka n Michiru -- I could drool on Haruka's voice all day... *_*
Chibi-Usa n Hotaru -- not likely to happen, but... a girl can dream, right?
Kaitou St. Tail
Meimi and Asuka jr. -- To quote okashira-chan "kakkowiiiii!" I just love the scene on the bridge....
Takamagahara (don't make me write out the whole title, dammit!)
Souta and Nachi -- Or would it be Nachi and Souta? I'm not really sure.
Takaomi n Yuuki -- Der... They're the main kyara... And takaomi is a DRAGON!
Hotohori and Nuriko -- ALL THE WAY!!! KYAAAAAA!!!
Kaworu n Shinji -- I'm evil, I know it.
Koji n Misato -- I like Koji, even if he is a womanizer
Fruits Basket
Yuki n Tooru -- Yuki's so nice and Tooru's so... eeer.... happy! KAWAII!!!
Kyoh n Yuki -- Okay this one's not even vaguely hinted at, but it'd be CUTE YAOI!

And next... Love move onto my kyara.....
Cam n Mark -- This one really goes without saying, honestly....
Rukura n Gabby n Lian -- yes a threesome, but Lian wouldn't have it any other way! HA HA HA!!! *gets clobbered by lian* ITAI!!
Billy n Lian -- they look the same, they have the same first name! they were made for eachother!!
Gabriel (aka Gabby) n Lian -- I'm sick, I know it.
(okay, okay... I don't know why, but everyone goes after lian! so shoot me. ^_^;; Well, there are moderate differences in the way I play him between meg n dora... see rukura's lian is more towards the later half of deus ex and billy's lian is more towards the firster half of deus ex. and gabby n lian are in the story and they be so cute! well gabby's cute but he's a sick puppy!)
Sola(or soren) and Sybandial -- This is one of the few RP kyara I play that's actually the *gasp* seme!
Lucas and Candra -- I don't know why, I like these two....
Candence n Lexiel -- This is a mildly disturbing relationship. Which I prolly can't go into, since it's gonna be published. This makes me think that I should finish up the little writing project I be working on, and then post it on the riot ink site once we get to a certain point in AH....
Lucifer and Setsuko -- cute cute cute. and setsuko's so damn cool! *_*
Suna and Mira -- *heehee*
Spike n Faye -- Actually, we weren;t even thinking of cowboy bebop when we made he names up nor were we planning on getting them together. spike was supposed to be just another thug and I thought spike was a thug-like name. *shrug* just so happened the person he stole something from was named faye and the two of them ended up getting together.....
Bryce n Celeste -- Or would it Celeste and Bryce? Thoughts to consider.....
Lucien and Narius -- that would be one sick, sick relationship... 0_o
c3 and cam -- another sick, sick relationship.

Other stuff...
Kiih n Ro (from three) -- CUTE!
Sirius n Remus (from harry potter no da) -- this is the one yaoi couple I actually see in the series.
Haplo n Alfred (from the deathgate cycle) -- it could happen! (or not)
Doug and Carol (from er) -- I WATCH TOO MUCH OF THAT SHOW!!!
All of the Backstreet Boys -- that would be funny

eerrr... If I think of more I shall let you know!!!!!!!!!!(did I put enough exclamations in there?NO!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy president's day! And wierd of wierd... I'm working on a paper 2 DAYS!!! before it is due. Not only that, I'm mostly done with it as well! *gasp* The world will end!!